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Original Thread: Let's Play Baldur's Gate #1. This one will ACTUALLY be finished



Welcome to Hammer Floyd's Baldur's Gate Let's Play!

Hey all. I've been talking about it for a while, so here it finally is. My Let's Play of Baldur's Gate. Before we begin, I'd just like to explain how this is going to work. This post will also act as a table of contents for all the updates.

Right, this LP will be a run through of Vanilla Baldur's Gate. There's no mods or anything like that. In my opinion, most of them are unnecessary (except maybe fixpacks) and Baldur's Gate is big enough as is. I have the Expansion Pack installed for those little tweaks and additions, but we wont be running through the Expansion Pack. At least not until after we've done the main plot.

Speaking of which: I will show EVERY side-quest that this game has to offer as well as finishing the main plot. There may be 3 or 4 little ones that I miss, but chances are, they're one of the many Fedex missions where you take <item> from <person A> to <person B> and get <reward>.

I'll be doing this in the same way that Scorchy did his LP of KOTOR 2 (Go read it. It's probably the best Screenshot LP I've ever read. It actually makes the game seem good). I prefer to let the game speak for itself rather than try to write my own dialogue between the characters. Mostly because there are some great moments of dialogue in this game that I wouldn't be able to match.

In terms of updates: There will generally be 1 update every 2 days. It's a screenshot LP and I'll do my best to keep it to roughly 30 screenshots per update. Once this thread starts rolling, I'll try to restrict it to about 3 updates per page for the sake of everybody's browsers not dying.

I think that covers it. Let's play.

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