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Part 3: Hunting

Update 3: Hunting

We waited until the cover of darkness before setting out to hunt the Ogre. Unfortunately: Hunting at night has its disadvantages, it seems more nasties come out to play at night. We were attacked by Gibberlings, but managed to dispose of them, although Jaheira copped a nasty blow in the process.

Jaheira can cast healing spells as well as use a scimitar. She's certainly going to be very useful to have around. That said, she's an uptight self-righteous battleaxe with a spine made of a steel, unbendable rod.

We head East and are set-upon by a pair of wolves. Xzar and I didn't cast any of our spells: We wanted to save them for the Ogre. 6 vs 2 is good odds in any language and they fell without much trouble.

A large, green sillohuette stomped through the clearing, wielding a club the size of a small child. Note to self: Looking for Ogres is a very stupid idea.

Xzar and I both started our magical onslaught. Imoen took aim and fired while Montaron, Khalid and Jaheira charged into the fight.

Xzar and I launched our second salvo of magical energy. The Ogre swung with fearsome brutality at Jaheira.

Out of spells, Xzar ran into the battle waving his dagger around. Like that puny thing could do anything against an Ogre? Khalid took advantage of the Ogre's miss and finished it off. We looted the stolen belts off the Ogre's body and continued.

Note to self: Do not hunt Ogres.

We rested until morning but were rudely woken by Xvarts. Xzar instantly shreiked and launched into the nearest one, plunging the dagger into his neck. The rest of us sighed and got up to save the bloodthirsty Necromancer. This prick was becoming more of a liability each day. Fortunately: The Xvarts fell without any trouble.

We continued South to Beregost. We wanted to clear the spiders out of Landrin's home before heading off to Nashkell. On the way, we found this destroyed caravan. We thought it was the Ogre, but then we noticed the arrows and damage made by peircing\slashing weapons. Bandits were here recently.

This kid confirmed our suspicions. The Bandit Threat hasn't been exaggerated. We'll have to be more careful of them than I originally thought.

We continued south and ended up in the small town of Beregost. Home of the best Blacksmith in this region. Also home to the most lavish Inns. This is an expensive town to be Inn .

While searching for Landrin's home, we encountered this Bard with a "pretty proposal" for us. 300 Gold is good in any language and since we were here: We thought we would investigate.

We were introduced to Silke. It was impossible not to notice her arrogance. Hopefully we wont have to tolerate her too long.

I get the impression that she didn't really think this one through very well.

She lashed out in frustration and was quickly taken down by our team. Good riddance.

We loot her coprse and I find a well-made staff. She wont be needing it anymore so I keep it for myself.

The innocent men were greatful and gave us some potions as a reward for saving their skins. Better than nothing I suppose. Garrick then asked if he could join our party. I could think of nothing more annoying than a Bard who walks with you proclaiming that " glorious!" so I sent him on his way.

While walking past this house, we hear chittering inside. It looks like we found the right place.

DEFINITELY found the right place. I thought he was joking when he said he had spiders "the size of his cat". This is going to be a LOT harder than I thought.

I cast sleep which knocks 3 of them out. Khalid and Jaheira take the spiders to the left and Xzar and Montaron take the ones to the right.

"Sleep" kept the spiders knocked out for the battle's duration. They never woke up to poison me or my party. This Sleep spell is more powerful than I originally thought. We collected the items that Landrin wanted and then headed back to the Friendly Arm Inn to collect our rewards.

Before entering the Inn, a deep, omnipotent voice tells me that I must gather my party before venturing forth. I have no idea where that voice came from, but I know that that voice is going to piss me right the hell off throughout this adventure.

Unshey was glad to see his belt back (and strangely enough: So were we). He gave us some gold and identified the second belt that we looted from the Ogre's body.

A belt that changes your gender? What bollucks! Like anything could change THAT. Look: I'll put it on to prove him wrong.

...Oh dear. This has all gone horribly wrong.

I run to the nearest temple and get the curse lifted. Once the priest could stop LAUGHING I managed to get the curse lifted that is. Note to self: Do not doubt magical items, now matter how incredible they seem to be.
Note: I accidentally saved over the picture of me talking to the priest. Not really vital, but since my character is once again male: I assure you that I did. Also, for those who wish I remained female: There's no real point since none of the characters treat you differently, so there's no real comedy to be gained from it.

I returned all of Landrin's posessions. He seemed happy enough and gave us a fair amount of gold.

After such a long day's worth of adventuring, we decided to stop at the Inn and rest. When we woke, Xzar suggested we move on to Nashkell. A tense psychotic Necromancer can only equal pain to those around him, so I thought it best to take him up on his offer.

We left for Nashkell as the sun was rising, but a resident of the Inn beckoned me into her room. Not one to refuse the invite of a woman: I accepted.

The classic "Damsel" in Distress. Since the Hobgoblins are within the immediate area: I thought we might as well check it out. Besides: Hobgoblins usually carry some valuable gems.

We find the Hobgoblins just north of the Inn and quickly dispose of them. We get a reasonable amount of gems and jewelery including her ring.

She doesn't really need that ring does she? We need money more than she needs items of "sentimental" attatchment. I hock the ring and set out for Nashkell.

Coming up next: The road to Nashkell.