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by Hammer Floyd

Part 4: The road is long

Update 3: The road is long

After a long walk to Beregost, we decide to stop at an inn. Our first attempt? The Red Sheaf.

Whoops. Another Bounty Hunter. This dwarf definately meant business. He had obviously fought several targets before and he easily dodged our blows.

Well...most of them. Fortunately there's no way you can dodge Magic Missiles. I think I'm getting the hang of this killing-of-bounty-hunters business. Maybe I should start my own Bounty Hunter guild where we hunt Bounty Hunters who are hunting...bounties...

...Or maybe I should get some sleep.

We have a look around and judging by the clientele, this isn't a very good place to stay. This little fellow saw us take out the Bounty Hunter and told us he had a job for us. He offers us 50 gold for the sword. I'll keep an eye out for it. Although I wonder what would happen if I just gave him a normal short-sword?

...I just realised the humour of a halfling using a short-sword. Floyd needs some sleep now.

So we went into the Jovial Juggler hoping to find a nice place to rest. Just because we're adventurers and wade through swamps and villainy doesn't mean we're not entitled to a bit of luxury every now and then! Besides, we can afford it after hocking Joia's ring.

On the way out, we ran into Bjornin, a Paladin who warned us of some half-orcs nearby. While there's little interest in his "taste of justice", Paladin's normally carry good stuff so it might be worthwhile seeing what his little reward is.

Just before leaving Beregost, we met Zhurlong. The little theif pinched some gold and has basically bribed us to find his boots for him. We agree if only to see the 50-odd gold he swiped from us.

Anyways, we head South, towards Nashkell and rest until nightfall. Whlie there are more creatures about, we are harder to find so we can avoid them easier.

Well that was the theory at least. Two Ogrillons trundled down the road towards us. While not as strong as Ogres, they certainly pack one helluva whallop behind them fists.

Fortunately: They're as slow as molassas. We killed them without even a glancing blow
Note: Yes, I know there was only one in the first picture and in this one, you can only see one corpse. That's because both Ogrillons died in the exact same spot. I'm not bullshitting, it's just how it turned out.

One of them was carrying this note. It seems these Ogrillons were some sort of Bounty Hunters. I'm starting to wonder how much power the authorities actually HAVE around here or if this region is just run by the bounty hunters.

We found a group of Hobgoblins near the road. I actually enjoy killing these pigheaded fools. They walk in full of bravado and then die with a suprised grunt.

Fortunately: These fellas were the same blokes that stole Zhurlongs boots. Next time we're in Beregost, I'll give them back for a small reward.

Halfway through our walk to Nashkell, we met an overzealous guard who attacked us. How pleasant. Not only are Bounty Hunters attacking us, but now guards are too.

He falls, much easier than the previous Bounty Hunters. I remove his helmet and hand it to Khalid, now I can tell who he is in the middle of a fight.
Note: He's the dude with the fluffy thing on top of the helmet. It's brown

We continue along the road for another 4 hours. The sun rose. It was time to get a move on.

We came across this Hobgolin camp. 6 Hobgoblins attacked us. Things weren't looking good, but then again: A Hobgoblin is still just a Hobgoblin. A few whacks with a sword and they fall, suprised that their food fought back.

We also encountered our first bandit group. If these corpses could speak? All they'd say is "Ow"

And another group of Hobgoblins and Gibberlings. We weren't exactly walking to Nashkell, we were carving a path of destruction to Nashkell. If only somebody was paying us to clear the roads instead of to look into some stupid mine.

We meet a hermit who spoke in riddles and bollucks. I was starting to get REAL sick of his kind.

I gave him a peice of my mind. Something which he and other vague bastards had failed to do.
Note: This is exactly why I haven't tried to write in-character much or write my own dialogue for the characters. There's not much I could come up with that could top that little rant right there. The most I can do is try to tie all these sidequests together to form some sort of plot.

So apparantly Neverwinter Nights are popular. I dont see myself ever getting to Neverwinter, but sometime in the future it might be worth checking out.

We continued south. Until FINALLY

We reach Nashkell with an apparant Kobold infestation. At the moment: I could care less about the Iron Shortage, Kobolds or psychotic Necromancers. I needed a rest and a good drink.

Next time: The joys of Nashkell