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Part 12: Level 12

Level 12


Now is the moment you've all been waiting for. Level 12 is absolutely brutal and unforgiving, but we must complete it in order to finish the game. If you thought riding on two rails was easy, wait until we have to ride on ONE rail throughout most of the level. This is also a very long level with a lot of tough bonus points, but they are reachable. If you are patient, you'll have a high score - and honestly if you're not and you fall off a few times you should still make it to a top 5 score. The very last checkpoint to me is the toughest, but there is a sort of knack to it.

Regarding Level 13 - let me see what I can do tonight and tomorrow and if I make a video that's full of errors and failures then so be it. I may be able to work something out I suppose even if I can't finish the level.