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by N.N. Ashe

Part 6: Catacombs Beastiary



Zomballer - An undead type b-baller. Zomballers are the corporeal forms of b-ball stars from the b-ball purge. Suprising well preserved, these creatures have high attack, but low accuracy so are almost no threat.
Battle Ranking: D

Slamspectre - An spectre type b-baller. Unlike most other monsters in this dungeon, Slam Spectre is hardly more than ectoplasm and b-ball magics. With this in mind, use blunt weapons, like b-balls or baseball bats. Their move set consists of throwing one to two b-balls with very good accuracy, infecting the player with diabetes , and teleporting under the party and attacking one person with shadow slay.
Battle Ranking: BB

Ball Brain - An undead type B-baller. Poor preservation, or a career full of injury cause the decay of lesser b-ball stars to become mindless, headless zombies. B-ball magics have animated these shambling enemies into nuisances. While there normal attack barely hits the player, they may inflict a party member with motezuma's revenge or lower their own speed by throwing their b-ball head for an accurate attack.
Battle Ranking: D-

Dread Ref- A B-ball type enforcer. Dread Refs have long been spoken about in lore. Few have seen them in action, and even fewer have survived. Their attack set utilizes their buzzsaw to do 100 to 200 damage between one or two targets, cuase a party member to be fouled, or stopped for a turn, or call on other refs for back up.
Battle Rank: S

Kobe Bryant- A Dreadnought class b-baller. The angry zombified remains of Kobe Bryant provide a suitable adversary for any adventuring part, even without specific anti undead capabilities. His tends to use his bulk to throw a fury of blows at his opponents, or to charge them like the raging bull. The flurry attack is accurate, the bull rush is not. He also may deflate his body into a pile of b-ball receptive materials to regain most of his health.
Battle Rank:E