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by N.N. Ashe

Part 20: Alternate Path: Underground Railroad

Alternate Path: Underground Railroad

You're the first people to come here in weeks. You getting on?
We need to get to Liberty Island as soon as possible. Is the Underground Railroad faster than the ferry?

than the Railroad. If its bad though, and you're best off with the Railroad. Never can tell about the weather nowadays though. So, you getting on?

Alright, board up on the subway. Old Harriet'll take you where you wanna go…

It's my son. Listen, can you just get us there as fast as you can?
Oh I could if I would. You can't rush the rails though, sonny. They don't take to that. You just gotta let em take you where they can take you.
Don't give me that-
Also I don't really control it, you just push a button and it goes.
Oh… Ok.

There's a faint sound of a metallic 'ping'

You hear that too? Probably just a bugbear… you get those in the tunnels sometimes. Usually they don't get on board, but it's happened. Could you folds check it for me? It's probably in one of the rear cars.
No problem, miss. Come on Barkley, Cyberdwarf. Let's see if we can find this bugbear.

Oh fuck

Goddamn it… I knew it wasn't a bugbear.
That's him - Charles Barkley. Remember our orders.
Cyberdwarf, Balthios, stay back! I'll take care of these chumps…

QTE laser dodging action. Same deal as every other QTE in the game, there are
three events, if you fail two , it's game over.

Barkley dodges the laser and throws a b-ball at the troop, knocking self destruct button on his vest and exploding him

Give it up Barkley! You got no where to run!
Heh… Who said I was gonna run?

B-ball corner pocket. Another dead trooper.

There are probably more in the next car. Let's go!

The party rushes forward

Barkley dodges some lasers and gets another kill.

Nice little toy you got there, but how 'bout we settle this with fists?

You guys ok? The last car's up ahead.

So, you got past all my men. Doesn't matter.
What, you think you're going to stop us? You B-Ball Removal Department scum just don't know when to quit.
Jordan gave me specific instruction not to let you leave this train. Consider this your final stop, Charles Barkley.

Clispaeth dammit… Outta ammo.
Taste BBall, chump!

Charles throw the ball over the sargeant's head. It ricochets off the back wall and hits him in the spine with a sickening crack

Ugh… you think you've won, don't you? You still won't leave this train… <flick>

He triggers a small hand held device with his last bits of strength.

A bomb…
Fucking Jordan. As if the diabetes wasn't enough. I swear to both of you… I swear to
There's no time for that.

Cyberdwarf pushes past Barkley heading towards the bomb. After a quick inspection, he turns back to the party and says

Can either of you disable the device?

With blank stares coming from his party members, he proceeds

Then we must detach this car from the rest.
You mean… disable the coupling?
Yes, the coupling
I don't get it.
Couplings are what connect each train car to the next, Barkley. But what Cyberdwarf's talking about doing… I don't know about this.
Nobody's detached a coupling while moving, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. It's all we can do now, and besides…
Hoopz… Ok Cyberdwarf, what do we do?
You two just stay back… finally my hardy constitution and dwarven knack for machinery will be put to use.

He moves towards the wall, where there are three switches

Likewise, the rightmost switch should detach this car from the rest. Do you hear that? We need to disable the [rightmost coupling].
Barkley, disabling the wrong coupling will spell death for all of us. Is he correct? Is that the [rightmost coupling]?

Do it. Pull that switch. Disable that coupling.
Here it goes…

The train blows up. Let us turn back the clock, shall we?

Nope, that's the left switch, for the left coupling. That's not the correct coupling.

So is this the correct switch for the coupling?

(If we say yep it's the exact same dialogue from before)

Nope. That's the middle switch, for the middle coupling. That's not the right coupling.

I'll come after you the moment I flip the switch.
We can't leave you here with the bomb, Cyberdwarf
He knows what he's doing, Balthios.. Let's go.

Barkley and Balthios both exit. They hear the sound of the rightmost coupling decoupling as Cyberdwarf runs from the switch and jumps the gap!

The rightmost train car explodes and Cyberdwarf scurries away from the door

And just in time too, Let's go tell Harriet what happened. Oh, and Cynbrdwarf… Thanks.