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Part 11: The Male Harpy

Update 11: The Male Harpy

Looks like the agreeable option has been chosen!

Incidentally, Kalas doesn't respond to either option; Xelha is always the one to acknowledge what you say. I'm not sure if this affects Kalas' opinion of us or not.

If at all possible, I'd like to accompany you. I can't bear standing here dong nothing.

Thanks. We need all the help we can get.

All right! Looks like we're ready to go, but first there are some things I want to take care of in the castle, now that it's not under siege.


Well, Mapson pointed out, there is a temporary shop here. It mostly sells Shish Kebabs and other boring stuff, but it also sells a rare piece of equipment.

And when I say rare, I mean this is the only one, and once you get to the Shrine of Winds, the shop vanishes and you can never get this again. It's also quite cheap for an equipment Magnus and gives a pretty decent boost for the upcoming boss fight.

There's also a temporary inn, which is kind of pointless because everyone should have gotten a level up to use by now (which also refills HP/recovers status). Speaking of which...

This is the first chance we've had to look at Lyude's stats, and...they're, um...kinda shit. He's dead last in everything. However, bear in mind that he's using his scrubby default equipment while the others have some pretty decent stuff, and he's also two levels behind. I think that as the game goes he maintains being fairly average in everything (perhaps a bit above average in defense but a bit below in agility).

Sadly, Conditioner =/= Shampoo. I didn't even remember this Magnus existed.

Now it's time to head to the Shrine. It's just a quick jog over the Diadem map, but on the way, Kalas asks an important question.

Didn't they take it when you were caught?

Well, Giacomo thought he took it from me at Lord Rodolfo's mansion...but I was one step ahead of him. The one he took is a fake. I made it just in case, as soon as I left the Imperial City. You never know, right?

Right on, Xelha! But it's hard to believe they didn't notice. Giacomo isn't as stupid as he looks, you know.

I asked an old witch to cast an intricate illusion spell on it. You wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Not that easily, anyway. I'll bet Geldoblame and Giacomo are furious by now.

Hehe, that's a hilarious thought. Okay, let's find this Shrine of the Winds and see what's going on.

I like Kalas happy portrait. It doesn't make me want to punch him as much.

Video: Shrine of the Winds

Funny thing about the Shrine of the Winds...It's just this one screen now, but twenty years ago in Origins it was an entire dungeon. I guess Ladekahn made a shortcut through it or something.

Music: Bottom Out

Umm...Suddenly I'm wondering if this was really a good idea...

What the hell is up with that thing's nipples? Is that hair? Some sort of fabric? If it's an accessory, what's attaching it to them? I need to destroy this thing so I don't have to look at that anymore.

Powers of the god long deceased, once awakened...can never again be set to slumber.

What?! What do you mean?

You know well enough...Your pain will lead the world to the abyss of sorrow and despair...Yet you refuse to relent.

We can't let Geldoblame lay hands on that shining magnus!

Then defeat me in battle, and claim it as your own.

Nothing personal, but we'll take you up on that offer. We don't have time to haggle. Let's do it!

Says the guy who will be sitting this battle out.

Music: The True Mirror (Guitar Version)

The Lord of the Winds is kind of like Ayme's Beetle; he's not really difficult, just annoying. Thankfully, he's much less annoying, since he can't heal himself and only has 200 more HP than the beetle did.

He's capable of using an entire turn to poison one character, but it didn't stick on Kalas (note that I used a poison cure item as my defense magnus – not sure if that actually works, since it's poison recovery and not resistance, but the point is Kalas stayed poison-free).

The Lord of the Winds is – get this! - Wind based. HEAVILY Wind based. I believe he has something like 80% wind resistance. Gibari is practically deadweight in this fight, so thanks for not having me lug him along. Kalas' finishers are crap here, but the rest of his equipment makes him viable anyway.

The boss is also very weak to Chronos magic, but I don't really have any way of exploiting that yet.

Lyude reminds us that stats don't matter by dealing and receiving just as much damage as the others.

Slashing Winds is such a joke. The boss sometimes follows it up with three normal hits, sometimes just with one. Either way, it's trivial.

Miraculous Gale is kind of painful too, but still nothing major. It does have one rather frustrating aspect, though...

It puts the target to sleep. Which isn't too annoying, but...

he picks that character again, wails on them some more – and since they were asleep at the start of the attack, they can't use any defense magnus...and then...

He puts them to sleep again!

This would be a vicious cycle, but like I said, he's not that powerful nor is he all that durable, so as long as you've got all three of your characters decently equipped you should be fine.

Like so.

NO, don't touch it!

*Lyude touches it*

...nobody listens to me.

Yep, that's a bunch of tiny naked light people.

I really should have gone with the “Trip Report” icon instead of wimping out and picking the GC one.

I don't know why, but I really like having the Magic Pen as a filler magnus in someone's hand (usually Kalas, since he tends to class up soonest and thus needs more cards sooner). It's not like it's effect is especially useful or anything, it's just a neat idea, I guess.

The world is one step closer to destruction. I will find you all...None will escape!! *giggle*

Yep, we done fucked up.

The Blue Eyed Lyude (no relation to Blue Eyed KOS-MOS) (probably) does not listen. Instead, he chucks it in the air...

Oh, for fuck's sake!

Wait patiently like a good boy! I'll be back for you!

Get back here!

Kalas' desire to eviscerate Ayme is put on hold as Lyude proceeds to pass out.

Music: Feudal Guardian

We return to Castle Elnath, and curiously we are given control of Kalas. There's not much to do – to progress with the plot you have to talk to Lyude.

This line is a perfect summary of how the plot will be treating Lyude.

Should be fine now. It looks as if no other spell, curse, or the like was cast on him.

The moment I saw the Magnus, everything just went black...I'd lost all awareness of my surroundings. My sincere apologies. This is all my fault...

Don't be so hard on yourself, Lyude. This was none of your doing. What's done is done. It seems as though the Empire was indeed after this shining Mangus. They withdrew their troops as soon as it was in their possession...

Your Majesty, if this isn't asking too much...Could you perhaps tell us in more detail about the legends surrounding the shrine, and the stolen Magnus?

The power of Malpercio, god of death and destruction, were said to be sealed within them. They came to be known as the End Magnus. Cursed entities that would bring an end to all things by the power of Malpercio. The evil wizards fought fervently in a battle with those known as the “Guardians”. Eventually, the Guardians emerged victorious. Yet neither blade nor fire could destroy the End Magnus. So they were sealed tightly with powerful magic and buried deep underground.

Ladekahn has such an eloquent way of speaking. None of the other world leaders manage that. He's like the embodiment of all things man-pretty.

The shining Magnus we saw at the shrine...It must've been one of them.

Two of the five End Magnus have been unearthed and taken by the Empire...I'm sure Geldoblame will do whatever it takes to get his hands on the remaining three.

But the Empire doesn't wanna get tangled up in a war with the other nations. If they push too hard, they'll end up facing a coalition. Especially once the Emperor's plans are exposed.

I agree. Geldoblame is no fool. Hence his deployment of sneak attacks to obtain the End Magnus. Yet if all five End Magnus should fall into his hands, I quiver at the thought of what will become of our world.

We must stop him, Your Majesty.

Yes. His ambitions must be foiled! Diadem will be ready to face the Empire if necessary.

I have no idea who came up with the name “Anuenue”. It's pronounced “A NEW eh NEW eh” in case you were wondering. Yes, it sounds really dumb every single time anyone says it.

-edit- I have been informed that it is a Hawaiian word, which can be translated as "Rainbow". That's actually kind of neat...I have to give some serious props to the linguistics team of this game.

But His Majesty needs time to recover.

Diadem needs to prepare before all else, My Lord. They need you here. The injured must be treated, the castle repaired. I ask you to let me go, along with Xelha. We'll head to the other nations and track down the rest of the End Magnus.

Hey, guys, I have an idea! We've got the only magical pendant that can unseal the Magnus. Whaddya say we break it, or throw it off the edge of an island, or hide it in some stranger's underwear drawer? That way, Geldoblame will never get a hold of it, and he can't get the other End Magnus, and we don't have to risk our lives unsealing them just to then risk him getting his hands on them anyway!

Your words ring true. Very well, Gibari. Go and find the remaining End Magnus. The ray of light that shot out from the shrine seems to have stretched toward Anuenue, the Rainbow Nation. First you must depart for Anuenue, and take my letter to the Queen. My ship is at your disposal. I'm counting on you, Gibari.

We won't let you down, My Lord.

Of course, you're comin' too, right Kalas?

Ayme...the one who took the Magnus. She was one of them. They came and killed Gramps, and Fee. Giacomo and Ayme, looks like they're after the End Magnus, too.

I'm glad you're coming!

I'm tired of making jokes, snarks, and other commentary on Xelha's obsession with being friends with Kalas, so I will instead take the time to note that Xelha is sort of evil looking in her ultra-happy portrait. Dunno what's up with that. Maybe it's just the context of that one line.

By the way, Xelha...I haven't had the pleasure of hearing your story. How did you get caught up in all this?

I was working at the Imperial Manor, home of Emperor Geldoblame, when I accidentally came across part of his scheme...I took a pendant from the mansion which seemed to hold great importance, and then fled as fast as I could.

I see...It was fortunate you were there to delay their plans. You must have been through a lot...I appreciate your courage, Xelha.

Thank you, Your Majesty.

You must all be exhausted. Take a well-deserved rest before you depart for Anuenue.

And so we do. We get thrown to the guest room directly underneath this one, and finally get to control the group for a little bit again. Now, maybe I can finally do that castle stuff I wanted to get to earlier!

Music: Imperial Dynamics

Sidequest time! There are two hallways which are filled with rubble. Helping clear it up will get you a few goodies. Easy, right?

Clearing up this side is indeed easy, albeit a little tedious. There are ten or so units of rubble which Kalas has to collect into his Quest Magnus. So you just run around “magnetizing” them.

The reason it's tedious is that you have to sit through the “item get” animation every time, and each one will get you a Pebble. You will have to empty your magnus out a few times to get everything (and then once more to empty your inventory).

...I'm not really sure how that's supposed to work, though. Shouldn't emptying the Magnus just spit the rubble right back down on the floor? Hmm.

The Tempest Shield, gained by clearing out the east wing, is a fairly good defense Magnus, but also by far the least interesting of the rewards offered here.

The western hallway is more irritating. You have to physically push the rubble aside and into little pockets along the hallway – basically, move it out of the center. Since this isn't really a main mechanic of the game, the pushing is kind of awkward, and there's not a whole lot of room so it's easy to accidentally move rubble up against each other and make it harder to separate them. Also, any time you get close to either stairwell leading away, the guard will ask you if you're quitting and it takes seven seconds or so to get through that dialogue.

Worth every second

I've heard that these are permanently missable, because the castle is fixed up if you come back too late in the game. There's some sort of surrogate quest you can do, but I've heard mixed things about whether that gets the same rewards.

Not that this is easy to miss or requires you to go at all out of your way. But still, it would really suck if this Constellation Magnus turned out to be permanently missable, thus screwing you out of completing a sidequest.

rest upon the throne.

No, I'm fine. I can't just sit around doing nothing while everyone is doing their utmost restoring the castle. Besides, I'm not that fragile. Compared to the injuries of my youth, this is barely a scratch. You know that well, don't you, Gibari?

Ha ha ha! You haven't changed at all! Diadem will be safe with you on the throne.

I didn't know Ladekahn had anything interesting to say if you visited him, but I think that was worth the trip. Also note that the blue save flower that was in here was just as temporary as the shop and inn.

Hey, not bad. That's a nice defense Magnus for Xelha, who could always stand some more.

Here is one of the downsides of classing up. You get a bigger deck, and a bigger hand, and can play more Magnus per turn, and it's all very nice. But the thing is, you don't always get enough Magnus to keep up. Kalas in particular suffers from this; he classes up, and then I have to dump ten crappy old Magnus into his deck because I haven't found enough good swords to make his equipment all up to date.

Not that that offsets the incredible usefulness of the extra attack per turn or greater deck versatility. Just something to complain about.

Well...I guess we've put it off long enough. Let's get out of here and – oh, yeah, we're short a party member, aren't we?

But they used me...Manipulated my thoughts to make me a tool for their vile plans. Why would I even want to go back?

Lyude, I was thinking...Why don't you come with us?

I beg your pardon?

C'mon, Xelha...are you serious?! I mean, there's no guarantee he won't stab us in the back again. You never know-

Okay, Gibari...It was a little funny the first time because Kalas is such a jerk, but you really need to stop raping him into submission whenever he steps out of line.

The more the merrier, right? We could use ya, Lyude! Hey, don't worry. If you start getting' weird on us again, I'll pop you one in the jaw...You'll snap right out of it!

Remember, we're not trying to start a war with the Empire. It's about stopping Geldoblame and his malicious plans. Please...we could really use your help!

If you really need my help, I'd be more than happy to accompany you.

Thank you so much. I'll do my best!

Okay, now that we've got our orchestra sniper back, I think I'm about done with Diadem.

They say a bunch of generic goodbyes that frankly don't merit transcription, and the Mindeer takes off.

The Taintclouds...A bottomless sea of poisonous gas...Those that fall in never return...alive.

I'm curious how someone that falls in and dies would manage to return. I like the idea of there being some sort of Taintgeyser that spits dead bodies out at Sadal Suud.

This place always gives me the creeps...For those who make a living flying the skies like myself, it's known as the pit of hell, my friends.

It certainly looks ominous.

Music: Temple of Celestial Flowers

Well, that was a thing. Anyway, here we are at Anuenue! We land at a little port which seems to only exist for there to be a “ship zone”. However, there is more to it than just that...

Looks like we're just in time for some sort of celebration. This will, of course, be a significant factor in our heroes' ability or inability to get things accomplished.

I really don't like Gibari's finisher setup early in the game. I mean, a fire-based finisher? For a water based character? Gross.

Is is. It is!

To make up for the disappointment that is Explosive Paddle, we have this sexy piece of equipment. It gives a whopping thirty points to agility, making Gibari actually quite fast, able to keep up with or surpass Kalas and even occasionally match Xelha. This baby is going to say with him for quite a while.

And so we will enter the capital city of Anuenue and entreat with it's time, on Baten Kaitos: EW&tLO!

Decision time!......

…...actually, there's no decision to be made. The next segment is going to be a giant mythology/exposition dump. See you then!