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Part 12: Mini update: Adventures in Voice Acting, Teachers Edition

Mini update: Adventures in Voice Acting, Teachers Edition


This one's short, but I had some free time and I have a special bonus video I want to share. So let's get to it!

Music: Temple of Celestial Flowers, the whole way through.

Must be the Festival of the Celestial Tree. There's a gigantic tree here. They say it's flowers only bloom once every thirty years.

A timely arrival, I'd say.

Look at them...celebrating with no knowledge of the coming crisis...ignorance is bliss, lemme tell you.

Welcome to Komo Mai! This is the very, very festive capital city of Anuenue. It's also home to the famous School of Magic, which is where most of this update will take place. But first, let's do a little exploring.

The people here are a curious mix of festive and apathetic. I don't mind Anuenue itself too much, but I can't say I care for the NPCs here.

That guy is right, though – I really should go spend some money on new Magnus.

Okay, that's just terrifying.

Awesome! I can't wait to spend it la-

Oh, I guess he wasn't talking to me. It was just an introductory cutscene for a new character.

home in Waterfall Village.

...A really, really awkward introduction. Am I supposed to care about this strange woman? Whatever, let's just keep going towards the palace.

Komo Mai cookies? No thanks.

Hmm? You don't need any?! But Komo Mai are legendary sweets with a long and delicious history! Don't say I never offered you any.

Guess what we're going to need later?

Oh, Kalas, you're such a card.

Sadly, Xelha stops him from wiping the portable shrine out, but doesn't remind him that we could just fly around. Instead, it's time to go dig up some event flags!

There are two doors on either side of this screen. Each one goes to a different wing of the School of Magic. We will need to explore this place before we can proceed into Corellia's palace.

This is never referenced in any of the lectures, but Anuenue is the obligatory Fantasy Switzerland. The magical shield is a new spin on it, though. Neat.

Video: Adventures in Voice Acting, Teacher Edition (warning: may cause irreparable damage to your soul).

The ancient land of Sadal Suud. Diadem, Land of the Clouds. Our very own Anuenue. Mira, the City of Illusion. And Alfard, Empire of the Flame. All have prospered as independent states, giving birth to unique and varied cultures. There were a number of border skirmishes in years past, but none of them ever lead to large-scale wars. Our forefathers have toiled to keep the peace that we enjoy today. Let us offer a prayer, that this peace should last forever.

How do floating islands have border skirmishes?

This would be such a shoe-in for getting Kalas to like me, but unfortunately I was not allowed the option of scribbling on the other kid's homework or anything.

Actually, it turns out you can bug the kid in front of this one, and indeed it is rather profitable!

I said don't disturb me.

Hey, look! You made me misspell a word!

Hey. Do you have something against me?

Talking to the kid behind him yeilds RESULTS!

I never had a piggy bank as a kid. Which is probably for the best, because I'd be one of those kids who was fiercely loyal to the piggy and stabbed people who suggested I break it.


Aww...that's kinda cute. But the caption and the Aging Magnus system make me wonder if this is perhaps going to change over time...

A long time ago, when Sky and Earth were still apart, when the five continents were not yet afloat, a huge puddle of water, called the “Ocean”, covered most of the land. Continents at the bottom of the sky. Water covering the land. Somewhat hard to imagine, isn't it?

Well, this place is kind of a letdown. Neither of these teachers have said anything particularly useful. This must be the pre-K wing. I think we should try the other side out now.

It's been here since the School of Magic was first established. No one knows what it is, though. I suppose there's always some mystery in a facility with such a long history. I'm very curious about how it smells, how it tastes...

Well guess what? I have an unwilling pawn who can help you out with that!

That's surprising. It doesn't smell half bad.

Damn! I thought it might taste better than it looks. But it tastes as bad as it looks. I thought I was gonna keel over and die!

Goddamn right I'm gonna be killing you in a sec.

For nearly killing our hero protagonist, we get a goodish healing item. I guess I've made worse tradoffs.


Let's start with the Taintclouds. Poisonous clouds down below that make up the bottom of the sky. No creature can survive in those clouds, which is one reason why they are often said to be the boundary between this life and the next.

Moving on, here's another tale you may have heard before. It's said that there is a kingdom of ice far to the north. Some claim that it's so cold there that the air you breathe out or even your wings will freeze solid. According to legend, this frigid land is ruled by witches. Fearsome witches that wield powerful magic. Of course, this could just be a fanciful tale told by superstitious sailors. Similar to rumors of phantom ships, and mermaids luring sailors into darkness.

Mermaids? How do sky mermaids work?

There are so many mysterious in our world that have yet to be solved. Perhaps someone among us here today will find answers to these perplexing questions.

Whatever, this place is boring. Let's loot it and get out of here.

...uhhhhhhh...I'll just be bleaching my mind if anyone needs me.

Crap, I used it all up after the Bjurman incident. Okay, moving on.

Viewing the two lecutres, talking to the teacher about the Ocean, and (I think) talking to the Principal is what you need to do to get the people in front of the Palace to leave.

If I were a king or queen, you can bet that there wouldn't be that many stairs leading to my throne room.

Video: Surprise!

I don't quite get Corellia's neck. Or are those just really, really prominent shoulder blades? It's like some sort of shell around her neck. It creeps me out, but I'm not sure if it's actually there or not.

We came from Diadem, Your Highness. We bear important news form King Ladekahn.

From King Ladekahn? What could this be about?

The old guy she was talking to before dismisses himself because he realizes he's an irrelevant NPC with nothing interesting to add.

Please take this letter, Your Highness.

This is indeed the Royal Crest of Diadem. The Five End Magnus, sealed away in times long past...the powers of cursed Malpercio, evil god of chaos and destruction...So you believe one of these “End Magnus” is sealed away somewhere in our lands? And that the Empire...Emperor looking for it?

Without a doubt, Your Highness.

click, clack, click, clack...

We must find the End Magnus before he does.

click, clack, click, clack...

Pardon me. I did not realize you were in audience with your guests.

...Oh, shit.

Decision time!

This is pointless, I wanna go home.

>Let's look around some more.

>Let's go back to Diadem.

And don't forget that you can choose my party for the next area!

Bonus Video!

We are Legion! Hear our voice!

I have to say, you guys seem to be picking the right choices, becuase it didn't take me nearly as long to collect these as I thought it would.


Thanks to C-Euro, I picked up an unassuming little Magnus with great potential.

Oh, my beautiful peach...will you grant me a miracle?