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Part 20: Farewell To Mira

Update 18: Farewell To Mira

Music: Disorder

What's the matter, Legion? What's bothering you? We don't have much choice, you know.

...Yeah, I guess since Ayme stole the pendant that we really DO need to chase them down this time, but...I don't wanna leave Mira.

I'm with ya. We need to stomp out Geldoblame's ambitions.

Let's go...Off to find and protect the final End Magnus!

The Empire shouldn't be underestimated.

We have to reclaim all the End Magnus they stole, bury them, and put the god back to rest. If only we could ease his hatred...


Now that you're awake...Tell me, Great Mizuti. Who are you, anyway?

Hm? You with to know who the Great Mizuti be? The Great Mizuti be...Great. Simple. The Great Mizuti also happens to be a Child of the Earth, here to defeat the wicked god.

...Well, thanks for letting us know. Go back to sleep for a little while. You'll need your beauty rest. Okay?

...Kalas does not seem to believe the Great Mizuti's words.

Of course I do. I believe you. The Great Mizuti is going to defeat the wicked god, right? That makes six of us.

Really? Truly?

Yup! Really and truly. We're a team now.

I'm not gonna lie, this scene melts my heart a little. It's nice to see Kalas being...well, nice.

Okay then! Remember one thing: The Great Mizuti sometimes needs to tell lies. But you should never lie to the Great Mizuti. Never. Remember!

Okay, okay, Great Mizuti. We won't lie to you. Right, Legion?

Legion? That must be the name of your invisible friend...The Great Mizuti hears the voice, too.

The Great Mizuti acknowledges you, Legion.

It's great to have you with us again, Mizuti!

All for one, one for all!

I can take you there with my ship. I've made quite a number of visits to the Empire. They know my ship, and should let us into port easily enough.

Thank you, Milady. That would be a great help.

Wouldn't that be dangerous for you, Lady Melodia?

No need to worry. I'll pass the time somehow, and head back alone. There's nothing dangerous about it.

Sounds like a plan!

I have to say, Melodia's got some steel, heading right into the Empire on a social call (secretly espionage trip) just a couple days after some of its soldiers kidnapped her. I'm sort of surprised Calbren is even letting her go.

The scene now cuts to nighttime, and shows us the character's thoughts about the next leg of our journey. I have a lot to say about these scenes, but as they are rather well done and somber in tone, I'm going to sit back and let them go mostly uninterrupted.

Music: Silence

Sure. Something wrong, Xelha? Can't you sleep?

I've been thinking about the prophecy that old lady told us...The white-winged darkness...The long lost Ocean...


Yeah? What's wrong?

...Never mind. It's not important. Tomorrow we set off for Alfard, heart of Imperial might...What will become of us? I...I mean us all, the entire world, of course.

Huh? Yeah...Well...To tell you the truth, I just don't know, Xelha. What may happen, what future awaits us...I'm not even sure what'll happen to me...

Kalas, let's do our best...for everyone's sake...Okay?

I believe in you...Good night...

Xelha wanders off, leaving us alone...

Huh? Xelha?...

What do you think, Legion? You think someone stole our End Magnus? Is there really a traitor among us? Is someone lying?

You think so? Kind of sad, isn't it.


Say we manage to sneak into the Empire...then what?

We need to track down Geldoblame and Giacomo. They should be on their way to finding the last End Magnus. We have to catch up with them somehow.

I guess you're right. We'll be on enemy turf, chasing them down while trying to stay hidden. That'll be tough to pull off. What are the odds of us winning?

No idea. We'll just have to try and see.

Ain't that the truth.

It's very likely.

But who could have done it?

Don't know. It could be Lyude. Or it could be me. Or it could be you. We'll find out when we get to the Empire.


Will I be able to confront my own people, the friends and family I grew up with? Would I be able to face them in battle, if I had to?


Does he truly intend to unleash the power of Malpercio in this world?

That pendant...That must be the one my ancestor left behind with his records...How did it come to be in Geldoblame's possession?



To this world, he will summon the Cor Hyrdae, bastion of evil, banished to another dimension. And the countless creatures within, finally released from exile...The world will die a slow and painful death...It is almost here...Just a little longer...*manic giggling*


We must be ready to wage an all-out war against the Empire, should it become necessary.

There have been no reports thus far that the Empire is amassing it's forces. War must be avoided at all costs...

But once all of the End Magnus have been unsealed, and the power of the wicked god is unleashed, it would be too late.

I understand that...Yet, King Ladekahn...

Imperial capital.

Is that right? Hmm.

I suggest we wait just a little longer. If they succeed in recovering the End Magnus, it may become unnecessary to act.

You think they can take care of it alone? The fate of the world is at stake here. One wrong move could lead to grave consequences.

Then we should be prepared to act, and wait for word form them. I have faith in that young man, and his Guardian Spirit...

Corellia really annoys me here. If Kalas and company screw up, they won't have time to send word, and the world is screwed. So she really is pinning the world's fate on this group of six people (five if she doesn't know about the Great Mizuti), and not offering any support besides a vague moral cheerleading support. I know I should cut her some slack because war flies in the face of the beliefs her nation holds, but it's tough.

And Ladekahn, I see how you're letting her convince you not to help us. You're not getting off the hook that easy, either.


Melodia must be waiting for you in her room. Go talk to her when you're ready to leave. I know this journey will be very dangerous...Good luck.

We finally regain control of Kalas here, and can do some wrap up stuff in Mira if we like.

But...we're this close. Might as well go all the way.

We're going to the Empire, so we have to be well-prepared.

Yeah, it would be a shame if we're short on magnus when we get there.

This warning is a little early, but still worth heeding. I ignore it because I'm stocked up from grinding in the mirror maze, so off we go!

Goodbye, Mira! I swear, one day I will return!

Huh? Oh, sure, I guess.

Hey, look at that. We're theoretically halfway through the game!

...I get the feeling Alfard won't be the end.