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Part 21: The universe hates Lyude

Update 19: The universe hates Lyude

Music: Feudal Guardian

Welcome to Alfard. It's actually a bit prettier than I would have expected, but sadly we won't be finding an excuse to go visit the scenic parts of it. Melodia's ship sets down right in the capital, Mintaka.

Thank you for receiving me, Sir Fadroh. My apologies for visiting on such short notice.

Oh, please. You know that you are always most welcome here. Regretfully, the Emperor is out at the moment. But I'd be delighted if you could stay for a cup of tea.

Melodia and blond stripe guy wander off, leaving the ship unattended...

Let's find out what the Emperor and Giacomo's men are up to.

What if we can't find them?

Then we should go to my residence. Both my brother and sister are soldiers. They must know something...

Are you sure it's okay? We don't have to go if you're not comfortable with it, Lyude. If something happens, your family will get into trouble...

It's fine. Besides, time is growing more scarce as we speak.

Then what are we waiting for?

I disapprove of this idea on account of the fact that an ex-enemy soldier visiting his military family never, ever goes well, nor is there any reason to believe that it would. Lyude's attitude here also sort of bothers me; he's basically saying that he doesn't care if his family gets hurt because of his actions. I don't think it was meant to sound quite so callous, though. Maybe he's just trying to reassure Xelha that he trusts his family will be willing to help them.

Overanalysis aside, we can now explore the Imperial capital a little. Let's see what people have to say.

The soldiers, predictably enough, are elitist assholes.

Huh...this is the second or third Quzman relative I've found completely by accident. Good thing, too, I was starting to miss those bracelet-wearing lunatics.

The Viking Helmet is an armor magnus AND an attack Magnus, and is usable by any of the guys. It even has decent parameters for both.

We can stumble across two women cooing over Fadroh here and discussing whether he or Giacomo is sexier. Considering how worshipful this nation is of their leader, I'm sort of surprised they don't start talking about how magnificent Geldoblame's jowls are.

...Hey. You okay, little guy?

...Why do uncivilized citizens such as yourself even set foot in our glorious Imperial capital? Oh bother. Might you quickly step aside, as I am a very busy person, unlike you. Or are you thinking that I should step out of the way? Is that it? Ha!


Those with the most power always come out on top. That's how the world is. You're all adults. Don't tell me you weren't aware of that simple fact. People like me who are highly educated and naturally talented must rule the inferiors when we grow up. It's not a right we've been granted, but a duty we must fulfill as the chosen people. Hopefully this little talk has made you realize why I am so busy. Can your kind comprehend such talk?

And that's how Gibari got verbally abused by a five year old boy. Let's check out the building we're next to.

The equipment upgrade for Mizuti makes it worth visiting this store, but just barely. I'm going to do my best to never be in the same room as this shopkeeper again.

By nature, it is out duty to guide the foolish people of other nations and rule the world with great authority. Behold our scientific achievement and superb military force! Only the strong survive, and only the powerful may rule! All other nations will bow down to the chosen elite! Hear my words, citizens of the Imperial capital! I am Geldoblame, ruler of this mighty Empire! Devote your absolute trust, loyalty, and obedience to me!

Well that was creepy. Why do citizens listen to this sort of thing?

The crowd is blocking the northbound section of that road, so I have to go trigger some event flags to get them to disperse. First, let's take a different road north to another house.

That doctor designed the very first Imperial Winglet and the famed Battleship Goldoba to boot. But as you may know, there's a fine line between pure genius and absolute insanity. He became obsessed with some sort of dangerous research. Night after night he would perform this research in secret. On one of those nights, a huge explosion enveloped his laboratory in flames and took the poor doctor's life. This was over ten years ago. His obsession was said to be some dreadful and forbidden type of research. Even today, no one is supposed to talk about that doctor.

Well good job not talking about him, dummy. I wonder how long it will be before this doctor's research gets elaborated on/ends up being integral to the story?

Now let's head off to the building next to the creepy speech machine.

Wow, Mintaka has excellent magnus lying around!

1 I hear a lot of people got hurt pretty bad.

Yeah, the Royal Knights were supposedly preparing for battle with the Empire in secret. Remember that young punk who caused a lot of trouble and was exiled to Diadem? Seems he turned his back on the Empire and works with the enemy now.

You mean that idiot caught up in the Azha incident a couple of years ago? The one who turned on his superior officer? Oh, man! What got into him? It's just unbelievable. How could he betray his own country and side with the barbarians?

Some people just don't have what it takes to keep up with the Empire. Either that, or just a bad apple. Plain and simple. That's why they exiled him.

In case you haven't picked up on it yet, this update is not going to be very nice to Lyude.

Lyude? Why exactly were you transferred to Diadem anyway?

Didn't you hear the soldiers? There's a small village called Azha just south of Mintaka. The unit I used to belong to was ordered to raid that village. I objected to the order, and confronted my commander. I refused to take part in that mission, and was supposed to be court martialed because of it. But because of my family, which has served the Emperor for generations, they demoted me instead. Hence my transfer to Diadem. My brother and sister were high-ranking officers as well.

Operation Sweep in Azha...

Okay. That's enough chitchat for today. No time for tiddlywinks if we're going to save the world before supper.

And that's all of the event flags. I want to explore this area real fast, and then I'll take the road that was blocked off before..

An Imperial citizen who is friendly and capable of independent thought! I hope you survive whatever disaster is coming, buddy.

Hey, that's what Savyna called the attack on Azha. I would like to know a bit more about it. Unfortunately, this guy won't actually tell me anything more.

Are you ready for this?

Video: Family

But I caused a lot of problems. My brother and sister may never forgive me...

What about your parents?

They died when I was very young. My mother died just after I was born, and my father died in action.

I'm sorry to hear that...

Don't be. I was raised by a wonderful foster nurse named Almarde. She was always so kind to me...

Hi, Almarde. Long time no...


Come over here. This is your chance to rejoin the Empire. Just hand them over to us, and you're back in.

What are you waiting for? Come to us, Lyude! You know what to do!

Lyude? You set us up, didn't you!

Despite Kalas' interruption, Lyude succeeds in having his dramatic moment by raising his own weapon...

Brother! We only stopped by to get some details about the Emperor, what he's been up to. Please...let us go!

No. If I let you go, our family is finished!

Have you lost your mind, Lyude?!

If we just up and let you go, Vallye and I will be executed for treason. If you insist on going with them, you'll have to get through us first.

No...I can't do it...I can't shoot my brother and sister...

You maggot! You haven't changed a bit! It must be the stone carver's blood in your veins.


You've disgraced our family name beyond redemption. How could you be such a coward?! It's time to erase the stigma. Goodbye, Lyude!

The screen goes black, and a shot is fired...and...


Next time I won't miss! I'm serious!


Emperor Geldoblame is aboard the Battleship Goldobe hovering in the sky above Mintaka at this very moment. Go, my dear child!

But you...

Don't worry about me...Hurry!

Music: Falling Hail


Skeed and Vallye run off to rejoin their squad...

Don't be foolish. There are things you must do...


Since you refused to attack my village, Azha, for me...This whole mess...

No, Almarde. It's not your fault. Don't talk like that!

Go now. Hurry.

Lyude...My darling boy...

We hear a few seconds of nothing but Lyude's muffled sobs...

Lyude...we have to go.

They...they have the entrance to the house covered. We have to sneak out through the back.

Music: Flighty Spirits

So on that horrible note, Mintaka has turned into a battlefield. Imperial soldiers wander the streets and will attack us. I tried to return to Lyude's house to get that treasure chest, but Kalas wouldn't let me.

The soldiers themselves are just stronger versions of what we've seen already, so there's not really anything to say about them except that they have some nice drops. This is a good place to grind, especially'll see.

I've already done all the grinding I needed back in Mira so I fight a few battles to show off loot and then make my way back to Melodia's ship.

I don't even remember the last time I visited the church. I can't wait to see all those numbers flying upward even if they aren't all that meaningful.

Music: Divine White Bell (I usually don't bother linking this but it's been a while so why not?)

The Magic Beans are an interesting magnus. They are one of those magnus that age in a cycle. Basically, they provide a hefty resistance (I think it's total immunity, actually) to one status effect when used on a defensive turn. They cycle pretty fast, though, so you have to time it right if you want to go into a battle to use them for a specific status block, especially if you have to sit through a cutscene first.

Xelha's a bit more powerful/durable than I recall her being. Maybe it's just because she has a great piece of equipment.

Savyna, Lyude, and Gibari are starting to look rather interchangeable statistically. Lyude is still the best due to his crazy good light-based offense.

Kalas is still overpowered.

Hoooooly shit.

Hey, remember how I said that leveling up all at once (e.g. choosing Level9Up) gives better stat boosts than leveling up each one separately (e.g. using Level1Up nine times). And remember how I have all these stat/exp boosters?

I am pleased with this outcome.

Some people don't save their game on a separate save file right here. Saving your game on a separate save file here is a very good idea. If you don't have room, make some.

In case you didn't make that separate save file, Kalas is here to remind you.

I did, so I tell Kalas it's time to go.

You gotta keep your head up and move on. There's no turning back now, for any of us.


Why has nobody given Lyude a hug yet? I'd do it myself if I were corporeal.


Well, we made it! We're thrown into a battle with these robot enemies. They are capable of self-healing and putting characters to sleep, and they hit moderately hard, but are overall nothing major. My newly powered up characters eviscerate them.

Music: Embark on a Journey

This dungeon has a gimmick: the enemies drop passcodes (all of the enemies are those same robots, by the way). One of these passcodes will unlock that door at the top of this screenshot, while the others will do various other things. So I need to fight enemies to get their codes until I find the right one.

This is the correct code. It's worth noting that the codes are fixed – each enemy will always have the same code, and the codes will always do the same things. So if you know the code you don't have to fight the robots.

They might be worth fighting anyway, though, because they have some nice Magnus.

That's one of the common complaints about this dungeon; since you can't return to Mintaka and there isn't a blue save flower, you have no means of grinding LEVELS. You can, however, grind Magnus, which are generally much more helpful, so if you're underpowered for the boss you can still catch up a bit.

Of course, it's still tedious and dangerous. Since you have no means of fully healing yourself, you have to either heal in battle (which is unreliable) or heal with consumable magnus which will run out. So the dungeon is still pulling a dick move, especially considering that the boss fight here is already a huge step up in difficulty, and it's definitely a dungeon that's easier when you know what to expect.

The dungeon also has some excellent magnus lying around.

...and some less excellent magnus.

This is where we enter the codes. Some codes summon enemies, some fire off the cannons (that is, they do nothing), and some give us magnus.

I enter 4653, unlocking the door by the red save flower.

I wonder what could be inside?


Huh. I guess it makes sense that Lyude would use the red side first. Maybe I should hand this one over to Kalas now.


Decision Time!

Who gets to participate in the boss battle aboard the Battleship Goldoba?