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Part 24: Eternal Wings...

Update 22: Eternal Wings...

Before we get started, I want to confess to another grinding spree. Specifically I grinded a bunch of Green Tea from the mosquito enemies here. Green Tea restores 770 HP (for reference, my next best healing item heals 500) and, unlike most healing Magnus, it won't eventually age into rotten fruit or mold or something. It's always tea.

Now, on with the game.

Savyna? What are you doing here?

I have no idea why Azdar is here. The scene completely forgets that he's here after his line.

Hmph. As expected, Giacomo and the others have failed. But I'm afraid you're too late! The final End Magnus has been released!!

At last! I've obtained all of the End Magnus! Take a good look!

Guys? We should probably...y'know, stop him. Or something. I'm open to suggestions.


Open, great door of darkness! Awaken, ancient god of destruction! Shower your eternal power upon me!

Xelha's pendant explodes...

...This place is awesome. I have decided we are going there. SO PRETTY.

It's the storm castle of the ancient gods.

Cor Hydrae!

All of the five End Magnus must have been released...

What has become of dear Kalas and his friends?

I have a question for you.

Do you think Geldoblame's kinda ugly?



Okay...I think I'm good now.


It'll be okay.

Music: Doomed in the Netherworld

Video: Alternate Geldoblame Fight (warning: includes cutscenes after the battle)

As a twisted...whatever of darkness, Geldoblame naturally has a weakness to Light. As such, Lyude is excellent for the battle. Kalas can also do tons of damage with Solar Sabers if you care to bring them (I didn't).

Geldoblame has one major gimmick. You know how I've mentioned a few times that status ailments in this game are mostly trivial? Well, there's one exception.

Instant death.

As you probably realize, there is no simple “use item” ability. You have to wait for a Death recovery item to pop up. These are uncommon to begin with (I usually only have two at this point between everyone, although I have a couple of Japanese Rice Wines in this one). And what's more, status recovery items don't always have a 100% success rate. Only Mizuti's Sacred Wine is guaranteed to recover a character from Death.

Furthermore, Death recovery items tend not to recover much health. The Sacred Wine recovers 500, which is reasonable, but Japanese Rice Wines recover a mere 100, and the Holy Grail only recovers ONE hit point. As such, Death recovery items are best used in combination with other healing items, like those nice Green Teas I've been collecting.

The bad news is that Geldoblame will always open with Forfeit Your Life, so you're very very likely to lose one character at the start of the fight. The good news is that he doesn't use it again for several turns, so you should be able to kill him (possibly reviving the fallen character) before he does it again.


The other thing about this fight is Divine Seal. Geldoblame uses it automatically at the beginning of every turn besides his first. It heals 110 HP. It's more of an annoyance than anything.

Lyude manages to revive Kalas...

And the ugly tit monster is defeated.

Okay. The next scenes are really, really significant and I don't think I really have much to add, so I'm going to sit back and let the game speak for itself here. I personally recommend that you watch the video AFTER you read the screenshot part – it has some pretty decent parts and the VAs do a mostly good job here, so it's worth seeing, but there's a part towards the end where one of the VAs gets absurdly hamfisted that kinda kills the mood.

I can't control my body! It's moving on its own!

Hee hee hee...As much as I hate having to tell you this, dear Emperor, the five End Magnus don't really add up to a dead god.

Wh...what are you talking about?!

Each part was taken from the body of a different god...Malpercio, reborn in this world from the five End Magnus, is but a gruesome patchwork of divine limbs and body parts, fused together in torment. Would you have thought, Your Magnificence, that a mere mortal could withstand the touch of such a being? That the madness and anger of the gods would leave you unscathed?

You...out of all people, betrayed me!

That's not a very nice thing to say, my dear have only yourself to blame for assuming too much. Your help was invaluable in releasing the five End Magnus. There's no need to worry. I will take good care of the End Magnus, and the power of Malpercio.

You have done well. Everything went as planned. Step forth, and claim your reward.

Eh?! What?!

So there was a traitor in our midst!

Who lied to the Great Mizuti!?

Step forward, whoever you are.

It was me. I worked together with Melodia.

You're not serious, are you?

I'm dead serious.

You were responsible for the loss of the End Magnus in Mira.


I pretended to help her up, and handed her the End Magnus...

No...Legion didn't no about this at all. What's even worse, Legion was opposed to my plan, and refused to cooperate. So we cast a memory loss spell on Legion. We cast it back in Moonguile Forest, in Sadal Suud. Xelha, you remember the place, right?'s too late, Legion. I can't go back anymore. I would've done anything to avenge Gramps and Fee...anything. I needed the power...I wanted to be stronger...I needed the power of a Spirit. I needed you, Legion...

But it's all over now.

Snap out of what? I'm just fine. You're the one that needs to snap out of it. Isn't it time for you to accept reality and go back to where you belong?

Step forward, Kalas. Become what you have always dreamed to be. Free your mind, and let the power of the End Magnus take control. Allow yourself to be touched by the breath of God...and you will finally be reborn!

No, Kalas! Don't do it!

What is it you fear? I'm certain you will be fine. Your Guardian Spirit will protect you. You need not fear the madness and anger of Malpercio. You must believe, Kalas...Believe in the power of Malpercio!

There is a metallic thunk as Kalas' Winglet falls to the ground...

Look at my beautiful wings!! I'm complete! I've found myself! I feel the power flowing inside me...the power of mighty Malpercio! Flames of life from the gods!

You must see by now, Legion...I no longer need the Spirit's power. I've obtained eternal power of the gods!


Unfortunately, there's no place for you in this world...nobody needs you anymore...Your game is over! Go back to your world now! So long,'s been fun!

This is the beginning of a new era! A holy war shall be upon us...Malpercio the cursed, is awakening from his eternal slumber!!

My over?

...It can't be over.

You see, Kalas...we both forgot something very important. Perhaps if I had remembered, this wouldn't have happened, but...

You see, Kalas...

YOU are not the main character.

I am the main character.

And I think this story is going to continue, whether you like it or not.


…?! Who is it? Is someone there?

Who was that? Did out to me? It feels as if someone is nearby...

I know that voice! Is it you, Legion?

No...I can't...You voice is too faint. I can't hear you.

Legion...If you're there...Please come to me...Don't leave me alone. I have to do something! I can't just leave Kalas...Please, Legion! Give me strength!

I can hear you now, Legion! I can hear your voice, just like Kalas did!

It feels like there's a warm light deep down inside of me...It's a wonderful feeling...

Thank you for coming, Legion. I'm so glad you came!

Yeah...I'm glad I did, too.

All right, Xelha...

Let's kick some ass.