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Part 26: Rescue

Update 23: Rescue

Well, quite a bit has happened...but for now, we need to help Xelha get out of the Imperial Fortress and rescue the others.

We are currently stuck on the fourth floor – there are elevators, but they are inoperable. There are also no enemies around, so we don't have to worry about Xelha getting herself killed here.

There are three cells other than the one we started in. Each one has an item in it. Fire Burst IV will be nice for when we get Mizuti back.

Pot of Air? Seriously? I can't believe I searched a toilet for that.

Much better! This finisher works great with Xelha's current setup, too.

I'm not sure if you have to search every cell or just the Whispering Wind one, but when I left that cell, a mysterious explosion rocked the prison, from near where we started.

(not pictured: me ignoring it to go grab a Spark Hat, a nice armor magnus for girls)

Is that a dragon?


We are relieved to see you are safe. Please follow us.

Where are my friends?

It seems they have already been taken elsewhere. We can worry about that later. For now, we should concentrate on our means of escape.

Suddenly, searchlights flood the area. Guess we'd better get out of here!

Sadly, we aren't given an option to ask Xelha what the hell is going on here. Instead, she just gets on the dragon with these three strange ladies.

The world would disappear without a sound, swallowed by a maelstrom of chaos.

...Wait, come back for him like we're going to rip him to bits, or come back for him like we're going to save him? Cause I'm voting for the former.

That's what you meant, right?



Music: Falling Hail

I failed, Your Highness...I failed you all...

Don't talk like that, Xelha. You did all you could.

You did more than anyone else could have...For that, you have my thanks.

What happened out there is not your fault. You shouldn't feel guilty for what happened. Is that clear, Xelha?

Yes, Your Highness. Thank you.

At this point, you have to speak to all three world leaders to proceed. Let's start with Ladekahn.

Melodia and her men seem to have brought the Imperial capital, Mintaka, under their control. Minions of the darkness have poured into our world through a dimensional vortex. They're only attacking in small groups, but causing havoc nonetheless. Luckily, our ample defensive preparation has kept the damage to a minimum. The three witches have been helping us counter as well. Lord Rodolfo of Sadal Suud has holed himself up in his mansion, in a sate of panic, no doubt...

Which is understandable in a way, given the circumstances...

I never imagined that my Melodia, of all people, would have such horrible ambitions...Surely I'm to blame for this mess. I know of no apology befitting such an oversight, yet I ask your forgiveness.

Now is not the time for lament and regret. We must determine what to do. We will have plenty of time for mourning and reflection, should we survive, and prevail...

The Queen's words ring true. We must join forces, and resolve this crisis as soon as possible. We have no time for feelings of guilt, Duke Calbren!

...I understand. I must get Melodia to realize the destructive consequences of her actions. I promise to do my utmost.

I kind of doubt that sitting down and talking it over is going to work with her. But then again, it would be interesting to see Melodia and Calbren confront each other.

Most likely because the seals on the End Magnus have not been completely removed, and Malpercio has yet to be fully awakened. The End Magnus contain the power of five ancient gods. Releasing this power is not an easy task.

We must act immediately. For soon Malpercio will be fully awake, and his minions in Cor Hydrae Castle may launch a full-fledged attack.

Indeed, that we will have to see to. Still...I wonder how Melodia intends to release the End Magnus? She would need powers rivaling those sealed within.

Xelha. Go and rescue your friends. The sooner the better.

Queen Corellia is right. We can't leave them in the enemy's clutches.

The appearance of the Cor Hydrae has created small Interdimensional Cracks – five in all – near each island. We have received sightings of ships from Mintaka heading for each of the cracks. Your friends were likely taken on board those ships, and are probably held in or around the cracks. Xelha...regretfully, we cannot spare any troops to aid you in the rescue. I wish it were otherwise...

I understand, Your Highness. I'll be fine.

By yourself? Are you sure, Xelha?

I am, Your Majesty. My Guardian Spirit will accompany me.

I see. So the Guardian Spirit is with you now.

We wish you a safe return.

Please be careful.

I will, your Highness. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Phew! Finally, I get meaningful control of the game again! With my newfound freedom, I shall...

Get a Celestial Flower Seed. You never know when you might need a seed.

The five Interdimensional Cracks are near where we found the End Magnus. The one in Sadal Suud is a red herring (although I didn't actually go check it out – I'll be sure to load up a save file and go there so I can show off if anything interesting happens).

It doesn't really matter what order you visit the cracks in. Since we're already in Anuenue, we might as well get this one out of the way.

Climbing the Celestial Tree can be rather tedious with just Xelha, but there's very little danger. She can quite easily handle the creatures here by herself. The only issue is that the enemies here can inflict Flames, but even is more of an annoyance than a proper threat.

All right, let's get on inside.

Music: Twisted Time and Distorted Sky

This is a lot than I was expecting.

This you feel what I feel, Legion? Something in the air, maybe. The same sensation I felt on the island nearby...

Confession time: we're actually given a prompt to answer Xelha after she asks if we feel what she feels. I forgot all about it with the excitement of the last update. For what it's worth, I agreed with her despite not knowing what on earth she was going on about.

The interdimensional cracks have a mean gimmick. Each one requires you to have a Quest Magnus to proceed. In this case, it's a Celestial Flower Seed. This one is particularly cruel because there's a good chance it's the first one you'll do since it's closest, and you have to do the most backtracking to go back and get that seed if you don't have it. Not cool, game.

Music: Rumbling of the Earth

Each Interdimensional Crack is also guarded by one of these centaur monsters. You always fight these guys in the same order, regardless of what order you visit the cracks in.

The first one is pathetic. I killed him in two hits.

I got a level VI finisher and equipment for Gibari, plus a constellation, which would be very nice except I'm rescuing Savyna right now. Oh well.

By the way, I hope you left a camera in Xelha's deck or the inventory. Oh, you didn't? Well you're fucked on 100% magnus completion, then, because without one you can't get this boss's photograph.

Oh, it was nothing. I just happened to pass by on my morning walk.

Hmm...must have been quite a walk. So, how's the battle situation.

They're holding up. Lady Corellia, King Ladekahn and Duke Calbren have joined forces, and are doing all they can.

Be honest with me Xelha. We need to face reality head on, or it may stab us in the back someday. be honest, things seem to be getting worse. Our forces are barely holding their ground.

I'm not surprised. Apart from the knights, almost none of the troops have any combat experience. They're really no match for the enemy forces.

Can I just say how happy I am that someone in the game is acknowledging that Diadem is the only (ally) nation with an army that doesn't suck?

We have to do something!

I'm with you there! Let's go. The battle of truth lies ahead...And Kalas still needs our help, right?

Yes, he does.

NO HE DOESN'T dammit Savyna I'm cutting your cool points in half okay

The game is nice enough to pop us back out on the world map. Time to head for Diadem!

Cor Hydrae is cool looking, even in it's tiny world map size.

The second of the four centaurs isn't much more dangerous than the first. He can do actual damage (like, 200-300), but he's still weak and frail enough that he's not a credible threat.

He's also water based, so I had Savyna kill him with a string of water attacks just to humiliate him.

...Of course, with a little elbow grease, I could've broken outta here myself...heh heh...heh...

I know, I know...

So, how are things going on the outside? I mean, how bad is it?

They're hanging on somehow, keeping the enemy at bay...

I see...Well, no time to waste. Let's get back to business and save the world!

And now, to Mira!

Now we're up against the third centaur, who I consider to be far and away the most difficult. Things start off well...

I am the darkness, dispeller of light!

...Wow, he really didn't like that.


This guy has an instant death attack. And unlike Geldoblame, he will use it at will instead of just using it once and then forgetting he has it for a while. I honestly thought I might get my first game over here, but he decided not to use it on Gibari. He might be programmed not to use it when there's only one person left standing, or I may have just been lucky. Either way, Gibari wound up saving this fight, so props to him I guess.

Forgive me, Great Mizuti, for taking so long to come. But you trusted in us. You knew we would come, right?

Hm? Of course the Great Mizuti knew. We be friends. The Great Mizuti senses that Legion is with you, too. Well, we be going, Xelha, Legion! The Great Mizuti feels Great Hunger!

I missed you so damn much.

In keeping with the universe's general hatred for Lyude, he is the most difficult character to get. It's possible to get him with just Xelha, but it requires going back through the lava caves with her alone and it's very difficult to avoid getting into at least one battle there.

The final centaur is the most difficult in terms of stats, but without a Death attack he's not really a threat.

Of course, Lyude. I'd never give up on my friends.

Thank you for coming. To tell you the truth, I had almost given up hope. I thought I was done for...That all our efforts were in vain...I can't thank you enough.

It was nothing, really. Are you okay? Can you walk on your own?

Yes, I'll be all right. Let's rejoin the others! We must do what we can before it's too late.

Yes, finally. I'm so relieved that we're all safe.

So, what do you propose we do now, Xelha?

I want to let Queen Corellia, King Ladekahn and Lord Calbren know that I've found everyone. We also need to ask about any new developments.

Right. Let's move out. Time to kick some outer dimensional butt!

Well, it looks like it's time to get back onto the main rails of the plot. What new place could they lead us to?


I finally was able to get into Lyude's house and actually explore it.

Huh. I actually wound up getting his level VI finisher before his level V one.


Decision Time!

: Since we just tried out a lava dungeon, how about going to an icy one next?

> Sounds great!

> Nah

???: Thanks for helping my friend who we will call Stella!

> No problem!

> Yeah, it was kind of a pain.