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Part 27: Blue and Pink

Update 24: Blue and Pink

- - >Shadow Gate, Intermezzo, and Crescendo< - -

First things first: What happens at Sadal Suud?

Suddenly there is a flash of light, and Xelha stumbles...

I just...felt a little dizzy for a moment. I'm okay now. Guess I'm just tired.

Doesn't look like there's anything here. Let's get going.

...huh. I'm jot really sure if that's supposed to have any significance or not. I personally interpret it as Xelha realizing just how close we came to her being locked up here (and subsequently the world having no hope of survival).

Back where the last update left off...I'm supposed to go visit Corellia at her palace to see if she has any insight on what we should do now, but there are a few things I want to do in Alfard while I'm here.

Even though they worked so hard for us, they were killed. I...when I heard about it...I couldn't stop crying. I wondered if it's really okay for me to live in a peaceful place like this without any worries...When I get older, I was thinking of working for this nation. I wanna make this place a peaceful nation free from conflicts of any kind...My reason for living is to help others. I think I was born here just to serve the people of Azha.

I don't think I've really touched on this yet, but you can store some abstract things in magnus.

Music: Castle in the Sand

Remember this angry little boy who wouldn't let us into the Azha residential area? Let's show him the Girl's Thoughts.

You came a long way just to tell me that? You're...actually a good person. Here, take this as a token of our friendship.

(he gives me a Red Oak, a nice paddle for Gibari that I already have a bunch of)

The people in here are a little friendlier than those outside (since you must be okay people because the boy let you in), but still say the same old things about how the Empire sucks and life in Azha sucks. There are some neat magnus in here, though.

This is a curious item. This is a healing item, but it periodically ages into a dark-based attack magnus, and then re-ages back into the healing item. It seemed like an appropriate addition to Lyude's deck.

We can jump down this hole and use it as a shortcut back to the entrance of the building. Let's try it out!

Wait, what was that?

Sadly, we can see but not reach it while falling.

Ah, definitely worth it.

I've gotten quite a few constellations by now. Let's go turn them in.


Though I know not what happened, my blessings are with you. Please don't look so glum. Your friend will be beside you again. Soon...very soon.

Okay...Thank you, sir.

While I find the “rescue Kalas” thing to be overbearing, I still think it's need that they added this flavor text for the constellation guy. Nice touch.

Lyra, Libra

The fortunes are like an even crazier version of that Sunflower Coin from before. There are several different fortunes, some healing, others offensive, and they age so fast it's difficult to rely on having a particular one going into battle.

I return to Azha, and – oh yeah, there's something else I meant to do.

Lava once again comes to the rescue! Lava turns into a Hot Rock after thirty minutes. I tried to be clever and keep a Lava with me when I went to fight Geldoblame, but by the time I got back here the Hot Rock had aged into a Pebble so I had to start over with a new Lava.

...I get the feeling I was supposed to do this earlier.

(Also, Xelha is not a young man).


Okay, time to go visit Corellia!

...Wrong way, Xelha.

Music: Dusty Wind

Sorry if we worried you, Your Highness.

I echo the thought, Your Highness.

*chuckles* It's truly a pleasure to meet you. Xelha, you have done well.

It was the least I could do, Your Highness...How are things going?

The Cor Hydrae has yet to break its silence. Releasing the End Magnus is not that easy of a task. The Imperial Army and the forces of darkness, both under Melodia's command, have been launching attacks on each island. Duke Calbren and King Ladekahn are on the frontlines, leading our forces. Somehow we've managed to keep them at bay, but our soldiers are showing signs of exhaustion.

It's kind of remarkable that the xenophobic Imperials are following the orders of a teenage girl who isn't even from their country. Granted, we know that Fadroh, the pink/blonde-haired Imperial officer is pals with her, but even so, you'd think more of the soldiers would question what's going on here.

That doesn't sound too good...We can't continue on like this. Fatigue is bound to take it's toll on the soldiers sooner or later. We must do something, and quickly.

Yes, but what?

I wish I knew...

We have little choice but to sneak into the Empire again, and try to recover the End Magnus.

If you did, you would likely fall prey to Melodia and Kalas. We need a miracle...Without some breakthrough, it would be fruitless to infiltrate the Empire.

We need some kind of plan here, people! I ain't goin' down without a fight!

Th-the Ice Lands...

What was that you just said, Mizuti?

Wazn, the Ice Lands. The Great Mizuti has heard rumors...Rumors that the queen of Wazn be a witch with tremendous magical powers. With her help, we might just make it.

A kingdom of witches. A land of perpetual blizzards, hidden away in ice. An island cut off from the rest of the world...Could our last hope be waiting there?

If I remember correctly, there hasn't been any contact between Wazn and the five islands for several hundred years.

I hate to say this, but we can't risk losing time and manpower in an attempt to contact someone that may not even exist.

You know, it would be cruel but kind of funny if Wazn turned out not to exist and the world ended while the group was looking for it. Or if Wazn turned out to be an illegal gambling den or a really out of the way diner. I'd like that.

But Xelha, we don't have much time...

Please allow me to try, Your Highness. We need a miracle, right? Wazn may be our best bet.

Xelha, are you sure about this?

Yes, Your Highness. I'll find something or someone to aid the cause.

If that's so, Xelha, we'll be tagging along too.

Indeed. Through ice and fire, if need be.

Turning back is no longer an option.

The Great Mizuti will accompany you. You may sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

Thank you, everyone! What do you think of our plan, Legion?

I've always been a sucker for icy dungeons.

Yes...together, we'll find something in Wazn.

All right, then. We can handle matters here. You go on ahead, Xelha. I pray that you will find the help you are looking for.

Thank you, Your Highness!

And off we go, to the icy lands of Wazn. The ship heads straight there, almost as if someone on board knows exactly where Wazn is.

Music: An Icy Fog

The Ice Lands are a huge pain. There's a constant wind which makes it a little hard to see, and which will make Xelha move at a snail's pace if she's trying to fight it. It shifts every fifteen seconds or so, and as far as I can tell there isn't any particular pattern to how it moves, so this next part is a bit of a slog.

Our goal is to reach four of these glowing lights. Touching all of them will release a seal blocking the exit.

There's not much to say about the enemies here. I can't believe I'm actually starting to get bored of the boozer turtles.

All right, that should be all of the lights. Now let's get out of here. Well, this section of here anyway.

Mizuti's class up item. Can I get a ?

But it be a dead end here. Look for another passage?

Hold on a minute.

Y'know, for a place that's entirely made of blues and whites, Wazn is a beautiful place.

Hey, Xelha! Where are you going?

We should follow her!

Music: Limpidly Flow

Did I just imagine that?!

“Your Majesty”? Does that mean...


We'll talk about this later. First thing we have to do is to find a way to fight back against the End Magnus and the forces of darkness.

This is Barnette, Xelha's adviser and “Royal Nanny”. She's one of those characters I dislike, but don't quite know why. Maybe it's just an ingrained bias against chancellor-type characters.

I'm fine. Yet...Gram and Leon came to protect me from a Sabre Dragon in Sadal Suud. They...didn't make it.

I'm sure their souls are at peace, knowing they did their part, as Her Majesty has thus returned safely. I will notify their families...

Please do. Has anything happened while I was away?

Nothing worthy of your attention, Your Majesty.

I see...that's good to hear.

You must be tired. Please take a rest. We'll prepare hot food for our guests.

Barnette, we don't have time to relax. We need your advice!

Hmmm, hope I can be of some help...

Since I am only here in spirit, I'm not to worried about not getting warm food. But I still think it was mean of Xelha to deny that to her friends. I'm surprised Gibari isn't a popsicle by now, and Mizuti's been trying to eat spiders the whole way here.

I thank you all for your help. And I appreciate your involvement in helping Her Majesty, Legion.

Barnette, stop it. You're embarassing me. We have more important things to talk about.

Yes, yes, Your Majesty. About these “End Magnus” you told me of...I could never have imagined that the calamities predicted long ago would turn out to be something so horrific...We certainly cannot allow this cursed god, Malpercio, to be awakened unto our world. However, to face the power of the five End Magnus, the various limbs of ancient gods...You would need something equally powerful. The only thing that comes to mind is the Ocean Mirror, passed down from generation to generation. The Mirror should be able to reflect the god's vile powers, and provide some protection.

I think you're right. Very well...I'll go down to the Lake of the Dragon and get the Mirror.

Lyude could have finished a cup of soup by now. I can't believe you're not letting them eat while you have this discussion.

Will you not reconsider, Your Majesty? Countless Queens have taken this path, yes none of them, not a single one...

I know...To tell you the truth, I'm scared...But we both know this is the only way. I can't back down now. Besides, I have Legion with me.

Then I will say no more. I will begin preparations immediately. It may take a while to get everything ready.

I suppose I should have seen this coming.

We have to trip a few event flags before we can proceed. This actually gave me a lot of trouble the first time I played, because most of the event flags are actually inside the castle, and not in town like Xelha implies.

The Young Wasabi Root is another probably-but-not-for-sure Death Recovery item that heals for 1 HP. I guess it's okay, maybe?

Whoa. I never thought I'd see a room in this game that could rival King Ladekahn...'s throne room for sheer beauty.

at Kaffaljidhma. Your average sculptor definitely wouldn't be able to engrave like this around the edges.

Does anyone know how to pronounce Kaffaljidhma?

H-hey, what are you doing?! You're not going to tear down the castle, are you?

Hmm? Ahh, Queen Xelha and her friends. How are you all? Umm, I was studying the engravings of this castle. They're absolutely splendid. I was trying to come up with a new engraving technique by studying these old engravings. To prove it, I'll show you the new ideas that I came up with. I have a workshop in Cursa, so please drop by anytime.

Shut up! Stop talking like you know everything! I'm busy now, so be a good kid and keep it down!

That's no way to treat your son. At least not in front of royalty. Anyway, that's one flag down, so let's go find the next. In the room across the hall from this one...

It's amazing! A creature of legend, still alive...

Ah...The Great Mizuti relishes the thought of riding it someday!

Please be ready.


That's it for the castle. Let's head outside and fill in some backstory.

Yup, great place. A little nippy, though. Anyway, tell us your story, Xelha. Tell us why the Queen of Wazn would need to embark on such a dangerous journey?

Hmm...Let's see...where should I start? It was about nine years ago, I think...Barnette, my Royal Nanny, felt something strange was going on in the outside world...

It is but a pebble in calm waters now, but its ripples will grow...until, someday, it will swallow all...The people, the world...Everything...

So she decided to send out three witches, to keep an eye on the outside world. Kodelle, Galmyss, and Catranne...All of them are younger sisters of Barnette.

Three witches, you say? Could they be the ones who wove the magical shield encircling Anuenue?

Indeed, it was them. We actually bumped into them several times during our travels.

For quite a while, the world saw little change. We began to wonder whether we had made too much of a fuss about it...But then, two years ago...Barnette suddenly had a strong premonition, an ill omen, speaking of ruin and destruction.

Those not meant to meet have indeed met. An ominous, terrible tragedy is in the making. The end of the world is drawing near...

”Those not meant to meet” must be Melodia and Kalas. That fits in with Giacomo killing Kalas' family as well. I wonder if her premonition nine years ago was also triggered by a major event?

We heard ominous rumors about the Emperor. I posed as a maid and found work in the Imperial Palace. Eventually, I found out about Geldoblame's secret scheme.

We get a sepia picture of Geldoblame's room here, but...I think I'll wait until you get to see it in full color. It's quite a thing.

I stole a pendant, which seemed to be the key to his plans, and ran away...The Emperor spoke of something being sealed away in Sadal Suud's Moonguile Forest. It was there...that I met Kalas...

...which leads to us here, now.

Xelha's battle started long ago, while we were still living the simple life, with no idea what was about to happen.

Well, that's enouh reminiscing. Let's take a look around town until Barnette's done with the prepatations.

Oh good, it looks like we're ready to go on to the Lake of the Dragon to maybe find a holy artifact that can combat the End Magnus and Kalas.


There's nothing to vote on this time, so I thought I'd show off the Star Map. Looks like we're about halfway through by now.