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Part 28: How well do you know your armory?

Update 25: How well do you know your armory?

Music: Mystery Crystal

While I was wandering about the ice fields, a bird creature dropped this Constellation. I almost forgot all about it, so here's a picture for posterity.

When we last left off, we had just been summoned to Wazn's ritual room to go to the Lake of the Dragon. But you know, we never really did explore Cursa, the Snowy City. Let's see if there's anything of interest.

This Emblem bounces between Cloudy and Rainy, and subsequently between Dark and Water damage. It does not have a fire transformation.

This is a cozy little indoor fishing spot. I'm not really into fishing but I'd still come here to just hang out.

We had better be careful...Oh, sorry. Since my husband and daughter went to play with sleds...

Hey, it's been ages since I last saw a Bracelet-wearer. I tried showing her the Family Tree, but...

What is that? It looks like some sort of a family tree, but does it have anything to do with me?

Hmm. I tried going to the Ice Cliffs, but there's no sign of her family anywhere. I guess I need to do something else first.

Speaking of families, I guess I'd better finish a sidequest that's been eating Quest Magnus space for a long time...

The Birdie Fatale is kind of cool looking and I like the name, but it's really not very useful. It gives a respectable boost to Mizuti's already overkill defense, but little else.

G Barnette informed me...about my husband Gram.

I'm so sorry...Had I been stronger, this wouldn't have happened.

L Please, Your Majesty. He was doing what he considered his own duty...his calling. To die in honor, fighting for you. I'm sure he wouldn't have had it any other way.

G That's right. So please Miss Xelha, stop blaming yourself.

Thank you. They will always live on in my memories.

At this point, you regain control and can talk to the wives again. You will be prompted to give them a Quest Magnus, which obviously should be the Warrior's Mementos.

If you've waited a long enough time, though, the Warrior's Mementos will age into the Warrior's Memories. This affects your reward, and is naturally required for 100% Magnus Gathering completion.

I brought back their personal belongings for you...

G *sob*

L Your Majesty, please take these with you. These Magnus once belonged to Sir Gram and my husband. I hope they'll be of some help.

Ooh, that's a nice prize. Turning in the non-aged Mementos would have gotten me a Full Helm. Both are nice pieces of equipment for this point, but I'd take a weapon for Lyude over a defense Magnus any day.

Of course, the real reward is finally emptying that Quest Magnus so I can put other stuff in it.

While I was putting that in Lyude's deck, I found these. Who would have thought that handful of pennies I found would turn out to be so deadly?

We will, Barnette. I promise we'll be back with the Ocean Mirror.

Are you all ready?...Very well, then. I'll send you off to the Lake of the Dragon.

You must pass the test, to prove yourself worthy of receiving the Mirror. Are you ready? An ordeal awaits you.

Whoa, wait a minute. Shouldn't we have a dungeon first? Or, you know, some point where I can at least regain control of the characters? ...No? Okay.

Music: Doomed in the Netherworld

Do you like games of chance? Then this is the battle for you!

In this fight, the player is given a choice of seven face down cards. The goal is to pick the one that matches the face up card displayed on the upper right. The cards are distributed randomly. There is one card for each of the six elements, plus one card that is either “Chance” or a camera. You must pick the correct card four times to win.

If you pick the wrong card, you take damage and the card is removed. Xelha was taking a little under 100 HP per wrong choice (I don't know for sure but I think it's %MaxHP based, so you'll always die in the same amount of incorrect guesses, about 25).

If you pick the Chance card, all but two cards are removed, with one being the correct choice.

When you pick a correct card, the hand will reshuffle and you are given a choice out of seven cards again. If you go through all of the cards except the correct one (that is, if there's only one card left you can pick), the game will reshuffle without letting you pick it.

I do not care for this battle.

But be prepared. Your possession of this Mirror means the time has drawn near, when the mighty Ocean must be released.

Yes...I understand.

That's your mother? How is that supposed to work exactly?

Oh YES. I am quite pleased with this item. Granted, resistances aren't a huge deal, but total immunity to all ailments is still nifty, even if I need to draw the card first.

I...I have the Mirror...

People in this game faint a lot. Maybe it has something to do with there being less oxygen in the Sky.

Queen Xelha also had a terrible nightmare. It was then that she lost most of her magical powers. Something was happening to the the Queen decided to seek answers on her own. She told me she had made a promise with her mother, the previous Queen, to go and look for the cause. Queen Xelha would never listen to anybody once she'd made up her mind. Yet she was still afraid of the outside world, and what was happening around us. If was hard to know who was friend and who was foe. Not knowing who to trust, Queen Xelha decided to travel incognito.


I know she's waking up instead of falling asleep, but I still think that yawn is hilariously well timed.

Are you awake, Your Majesty?

Yes. Sorry for worrying you. I'll be fine now.

Drink some tea, my dear Queen. It should cure you of any fatigue or dizziness.

Thank you, Barnette.


What's wrong? I suppose I used a few more herbs than you're used to. Was it too bitter?

No, that's not it...Barnette, tell me. Those who bathe in the light of the End Magnus, one who is transformed after touching the power of the evil god...

Ohhh, this isn't going anywhere good.

I would say yes, Your Majesty. The Mirror should be able to free anyone struck with the cursed god's breath, taken by darkness.


Yes. Her Majesty should trust this old nanny. I know you want to save that young man. I figure saving him may be your top priority.


Music: Limpidly Flow

A race of beings with mysterious powers, the Children of the Earth.

We don't have time to sit around wondering whether the people of those old legend exist or not to help us.

Xelha need not be worried. The Great Mizuti be with you.

Yes, of course. I'll be all right, now. Thank you, everyone.

”Everyone”? Mizuti's the only one who offered words of consolation, and frankly is the only help you need. (Lyude can come too).

We should be heading back! Queen Corellia, Duke Calbren, King Ladekahn...All the people of Sadal Suud, Diadem, Anuenue, Mira and Alfard...And Kalas!...Everyone's counting on us!

Damn right!

Let us go back to them!

Yes. On the double.

At this point you might expect to go back to the Mindeer in the icy cliffs. This would be a mistake. You might also go to the White Dragon's chamber and try to ride him. That's closer, but still wrong. What you actually need to do is go chat up Barnette in the ritual room, and start an almost Mayfee-level obnoxious bit of filler.

Aha ha ha. Of course, Queen Xelha. For the battles you have ahead, and the destinations you must reach, the White Dragon is perhaps your only chance. Regular ships won't be able to last nearly as long. But before you ride her, there's one more thing I'd like you to do, Queen Xelha.

Though the White Dragon is very attacked to you, that does not mean it is yours to keep. It merely means it has been passed on to you, like it has been to the successive Knights of Wazn for generations. So I'd like you to watch over her as one of the successive Knights would, Xelha.

The four ice sculptures that are displayed in this ritual room are sculptures of Knights that have had the White Dragon stand beside them for generations. Each of them was a veteran that specialized in a particular weapon. But these sculptures...don't you feel as if something is missing from them? Queen Xelha, if you understand the souls of the successive Knights, make the weapons they're missing, and complete the ice sculptures. If you can develop an understanding of the knights, the White Dragon will allow you to be its master and it will bond with your soul.

If you didn't read all that (and I understand if you didn't), Barnette says we have to make ice weapons for ice statues before we can leave. I knew there was a reason I didn't like her.

You may recall that one of the event flags I had to trip earlier was speaking to an ice sculptor. I'll go visit him again to get some help, but first...

I'm going to get some Sparkling Snow from this very special spot.

You never know when you might need special snow.

Could you help me with something? I'd like you to make some ice sculptures for the knight statues in the ritual room. Could you come with me?

Right now? Hm, it'd be a little hard. When I went to the castle a while ago, I came up with a new idea for a sculpting technique. I'd like to test it out, but it takes time and research. I'm really sorry, Queen Xelha, but that's something I can't do at the moment. After all, I'm an artisan with a free spirit. Maybe this doesn't sound respectful, but my son right there can go in my place. I criticize him all the time, but he's actually pretty darn good. I'll bet he'd do a fine job, Your Majesty.

Maybe it's just me, but when your queen visits you personally and asks for a simple favor, you don't say “Nah, I'd rather stay home, but you can make my underage child do the labor for you.”

I'll meet you in the ritual room. I just need some snow to sculpt, but it can't just be any old snow. Only Sparkling Snow can make a sculpture appropriate enough for the castle. You can just visit me whenever you're ready, Queen Xelha. I'll be waiting for you!

Since I've already got some, let's just jump ahead to the Ritual Room.

Okay, this is great material. All you need to do now is check the ice sculptures and decide what weapons you want me to sculpt.

This is a simple enough puzzle...if you have a vague understanding of what weapons are (which you should because you're playing a JRPG). There are four statues, and four weapons to choose form (halberd, axe, bow, shield)

“My philosophy: deliver a finishing blow with precise aim. Nothing has escaped from me. This strained string is my heart and soul.” ...I see, this person must have specialized in that weapon...You know what it is, right, Legion?

Yup, it's definitely a cello.

This one tripped me up because it keeps bringing up defense, but I finally figured out that it's a frying pan.


Paper fan.

The young sculptor tells us to give him a night and he'll be done. In a curious twist, this does not equate to event flag tripping; it really just means to go to the store, Rest Your Wings, and come back.

I can't believe anyone would pay money for this picture.

As promised earlier, you will be the successor of the White Dragon. That ship you were on, Queen Xelha, is it the Mindeer? I remember that as being King Ladekahn's ship. We'll take it back to Diadem for you. Now, go to the White Dragon.

Whoa, almost forgot this one. I better go turn these in real fast.

Ursa Minor

I reached the 30 constellation mark, so I got this helmet as a bonus prize.

My standard prizes are a bit less impressive.

All right, it's time to get going! Let's get on the White Dragon and get outta here!

Even the Ocean Mirror couldn't possibly reclaim someone tainted by the breath of the evil god...someone taken by the darkness...In order to save the world, you'll just have to give up on him...

It's hopeless.


Decision Time!

Tell me everything's gonna be all right.

> Everything's gonna be all right.

> I have grave doubts as to the success of our mission.

In addition to the Guardian Spirit question posed, I must also ask: Who gets to fight the hardest boss in the game (except when it's not)?