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Part 30: The Angel of Darkness

Update 27: The Angel of Darkness

Notice: A lot is going to happen in this update, and some of it is not conveyed particularly well in snapshots. To view the following events in uncommentated video format, Watch Me!

We move on to the screen past Fadroh's battle corridor, where...

It's so kind of you to join us in celebration, to hail the birth of a god!

We came to put an end to your freakshow, Melodia!

You think you can just take control of my homeland? I refuse to allow it!

Kalas, please! Come to your senses! Come back to us!

You wake yourself up, Kalas!

It's no use. Once touched by the divine light, there's no turning back. He would never even consider reverting to his former self, I can promise you that.

Melodia...why are you doing this? If Malpercio awakens, our world will be -

That's all there is to it. Long ago, he was destroyed at the hands of mortals, torn apart and buried in pieces...I'm redeeming that act, on behalf of all mortals. No one can stop me.

...So you're like some sort of satanic apologist for humanity? That's...uh, that's a new one.


Kalas walks forward, and suddenly rushes at Xelha...

Augh! Kalas!

I don't wanna fight you...But I must destroy those who defy Malpercio.

You're gonna die here!

Looks like we don't have a choice! Xelha, knock him off his guard first. Then use that mirror on him.

Prepare to die!

This is going to feel great.

Legion! What are you doing here? It can't be...are you...

That's right, Legion is with me now.


Get ready, Kalas! I'm going to get you out of this you from the evil god!

Not a chance!

Music: The True Mirror (Guitar Version)

Welcome to the showdown with Kalas. I'll describe the battle in a second, but first,

Spirit attack. First turn of my first attempt at the battle. Oh, yes.

In keeping with his personality, Kalas isn't directly powerful, but makes up for it by being really, really irritating. Like Ayme, his attack strings aren't overly damaging but consist of several individual hits, meaning you can use his attack turns both to defend and to just discard cards you don't want.

He also has two finishers. Binding Winds can paralyze, which is a little more dangerous than normal in this fight for reasons I'll get to in a moment.

Kalas is very dark based and a bit wind based, so Lyude's Light attacks can really rip him apart. Sadly, Lyude decided to get some shitty magnus setups so he didn't do nearly as well as he usually does.

Mizuti does better.

Kalas will frequently attack twice in a row, especially as his HP wanes. This is why paralysis can get frustrating: He will often end his first turn with Binding Winds, paralyzing a character and making them unable to defend his second attack string...

...and on his second attack he will bust out Fangs of Darkness. Undefended, it will always do 596 damage, and since he frequently will get someone paralyzed, that means he is basically guaranteed to regain 596 HP per turn. Of course, I can easily outdo that, and the 600 HP my characters are losing is perfectly manageable (even on top of the 300-600 he tends to do with the Binding Winds attack chain), so it's like I said; Kalas is annoying, but not especially dangerous.

Every battle should end this way.

Music: On The Throne

Yet, thanks to all of you, the End Magnus will finally be released...Yes indeed, with your help!

The End Magnus are responding to you all.

What do you mean?

Releasing the End Magnus requires power rivaling that of a god...Five islands, five gods torn apart, five unsuspecting mortals...It is your unity, your trust that binds you as one. Pathetic fools...You yourselves are the key to the resurrection, to the birth of Malpercio! gushing out from inside?

Does this be the power of the god?

Xelha, this doesn't look good.

No! It can't be!...This can't be happening! We have to go!

Each of you is bound to the residual powers of each god, bound to each island through the Interdimensional Cracks. The power of the gods remains strong in each isle, even after the End Magnus had been awakened.

Like the Shadow Magnus in Mira?

Exactly. And the five of you, born as separate individuals, are held together by a web of trust and camaraderie. Five different hearts, feeling and hurting as one...Strengthened by countless battles and hardships...Don't you see? You have collectively attained a power rivaling that of the End Magnus, a power providing the ideal fabric for merging them into one!

Well, that...okay, that's technically bad. But you know, Melodia, if we're THAT powerful, I bet we can defeat Malpercio when he awakens.

Just a thought.

And here, within Kalas and I, are the will and determination to complete this circle! The unsatiated craving for new life! The time is now, Kalas!

Kalas, no!

Are those even different options?

Take your first breath, come into being! You, who are both mother and child...Malpercio!!


No...not so fast! I won't let you!

FUCKING FINALLY. I thought I was going to have to drop into the world and use it myself.

Augh...No! Stop it, Xelha!

I thought the Ocean Mirror would only free him from Malpercio's power...Oh, no, Barnette! Did she lie to me?!

She pulls the beam of light off of Kalas, and the glowing circle begins to get brighter again...

Oh no...Kalas!...What should I do? What could I possibly do, Legion?

But if I did that...Kalas would be!

Use it, Xelha...use the mirror!


Do it, Xelha! Before the End Magnus unite...before it's too late...

But you'll be -

Don't worry about me! Do it, now!

Melodia fires a laser at Xelha, knocking her to the floor and breaking the Mirror. Great job, Xelha.

Enough of your petty tricks. You are but a mere mortal. An insignificant bug when compared to the power of gods. Cheap magic tricks will do nothing to help you. Accept your fate and be crushed, powerless, beneath the heel of Malpercio!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

Music: Chaos Awakened

Hello, my darling!

Oh no, Malpercio has been revived!

Am I the only one thinks he's not intimidating at all? It's pretty bad when your evil halo looks more like a sausage ring

Go ahead, Malpercio! Let us begin our celebration of your birth! Enjoy yourself to the fullest!


Kalas attempts to charge at Melodia, but his wings force him to a stop before he can reach her.

You poor fool. I thought I told you. If you bathe in his light, there's no turning back. You are already a servant of Malpercio, one of the brethren of darkness.


Now, we must punish the unwise, those who dared to oppose our god's awakening. Crush them all, Kalas!

Kalas slowly turns and approaches Xelha...


Ha ha ha! Go on, Kalas. Squash the insignificant bugs!

No please don't hurt Meemai us as we...

O Mighty Ocean, Guide us as we journey through the darkest pit of night...

By the way, Kalas, you said you're from Mira, right?

I believe in you...

Good night...

Music: Time of Decision

H...How could it be possible? Removing the power of a god? By your own will? What are you?!

I swear I'll drive Malpercio and his minions form this world! Plunge them right back into the depths of darkness!

In case you didn't follow

Kalas just tore his tainted wing right off of his body

Kalas charges once again...

...but Malpercio is having none of that.

Ha! How pitiful. You are but a mere mortal. What can you hope to achieve, Kalas, without a god to protect you? Enough of this nonsense. I'l grant you the honor of being annihilated by my darling. All of you, all at once!

Mizuti calls forth five pillars of fire, which burn away to reveal images of people...

The people begin chanting, and Malpercio begins...melting?...

No...what are you doing? His parts aren't fully connected yet!

Malpercio fires a beam at Mizuti, who falls to the floor, but the figures remain.

Malpercio! Take us to the inner sanctum, Cor Hyrdae!

And so Melodia and Malpercio flee. We actually made them run away! Score.

The apparitions fade away...

Please, fight this, Kalas!

And the scene fades to black...

NO! How dare you ruin my superior healing item! I demand a refund!


Decision Time!


> Hi.

> (ignore him)

Let us go to The Great Mizuti's home!

> Sounds awesome!

> I'd rather stay put.