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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

by Overrated Sage

Part 31: Take a deep breath

Update 28: Take a deep breath

When we last left off, the screen faded to black. What better time, then, for a memory scene?

Video: Return

And a big old fish called “the whale” swimming around in it? I heard “the whale” is soooo smart, it'll no the answer to anything you ask!

Hmm...I think there really is an Ocean, somewhere. The whale must be there, too! I wanna ask him something.

...And what is it you want to ask?

It's a secret. Can't tell anyone, not even you, Grandpa.

Oh, a secret, is it?

Hey, Fee...Whad'ya say we go out and find the Ocean and this “whale” of yours someday?


Sure. When you grow up, that is.


I promise. You and me together, on a quest to find the lost “Ocean” and its “whale”.

YES! I know we'll find 'em! I just know it!

One thing I'd like to point out is that Kalas' VA adopts a slightly higher pitched, younger voice. It's subtle enough that it isn't too jarring, and I kind of like the effect. Actually, I'd say this scene is one of Kalas' best voice moments, presumably to make up for how hamfisted he got in his last few appearances.

That's right, we'll find them, together, wherever they are!

Yesss! If both of us go, I know we'll find.......

...Huh? What's wrong, Fee?

No matter what, it'll just happen. I guess what we promised won't happen...ever...

*glass shatters*

This scene is difficult to convey in screenshots because there is no dialogue. Ayme shoots Kalas and Fee, and Giacomo shakes his head, indicating that he didn't want her to do that (which is kind of interesting since Giacomo is the one who ended up being the target of Kalas' anger).

Giacomo approaches Georg and seems to demand something from him – or perhaps he's berating the old man about something.

And in response...

...Georg throws himself into the flames, forever denying Giacomo whatever it was he wanted.

Fee, I'm right here! You'll be all right! I'm with you, Fee! It's just a'll heal in no time...We made a promise, remember? We're gonna go find the Ocean together! You've got a ton of things to ask that whale, right?!

Kalas...I'm sorry...I don't think I can keep my promise. Find the Ocean...Find the Whale for me...

Please...Don't leave me! Don't leave me alone! Fee...Fee?!

Music: Star Spangled Journey

Kalas, you're awake. Are you all right? You looked like you were having a nightmare...

Where is he? Where's Malpercio?

Gone...He flew away with Melodia.

I see...

I won't ask for you to forgive me...Once everything's over, I'll do anything to make up for what I've done.

But for now...I really need your help again. Will you stand with me? Melodia and Malpercio must be stopped! We can't put this behind us. Please!

And this is why, despite his faults, I will always love Gibari.

Well, it's true we have to do something about Melodia and Malpercio. As we'll have to face them eventually...we might as well face them together!

The Great Mizuti always knew! Basic. Elementary. That Kalas would come back.

...There's strength in numbers, but numbers are a luxury we lack.

How about you, Xelha?

Me? I-

Heh, you hardly need to ask her. You all saw what happened. Without her one-track mind, we wouldn't have gotten this far.

You can say that again.

I agree.

The Great Mizuti agrees wholeheartedly! Xelha's reckless rush to the rescue said it all! Banzai!!!

Come on, what are you guys talking about?! It's not what you think it is!

You all right there, Xelha? You're beet red in the face.


Ah, yes...I mean, ah, no. Heh...

I thought you just might need it again.

...What'ya know, I'm back in action, Gramps...

What about you, Legion? You'll come with us, right?

This is another one of those things that presents itself as a choice but if you say no Xelha just bullies you into saying yes. But hey, we've come this far, I'm not going to give up now that everything's starting to look up. Right, Xelha?

Well, here it goes.

Here what goes? Xelha, what are you-

Heh. All right, you win...You're the boss.

All right, everyone. Time to save the world! Let's show 'em who's boss, huh?

I have very mixed feelings about this scene. The first time I played this game, I resented how the game essentially expects you to forgive Kalas as readily as the rest of the cast does. Yeah, you can be snarky to him, but you still have to return to being his Guardian Spirit, and I just didn't trust him that much. I was particularly frustrated because he was betraying us to get the power to defeat Giacomo, which we had already done.

Having replayed the game a few times, though, I've come to appreciate just how guilty and hesitant Kalas felt about his betrayal in the first place. He shows clear signs of depression, the most notable being his and Xelha's scene in the capital of Mira, and by the time we approach the Lava Caves he all but outright says “hey I'm gonna betray you later, better try and stop me”. Then I realized that the betrayal doesn't happen in the Lava Caves; it happens in the confectionery village, when he gives Melodia the Che End Magnus. So really, he's already betrayed the group, and at this point he feels guilty about it but doesn't believe he can turn back and ask for their forgiveness.

Granted, that's still retrospective and I still think it's a bit of a dick move on the game's part to force you back into Kalas' being. Even if they didn't let us bond with other characters The Great Mizuti, they could have at least let us stay with Xelha. But all in all, I think if I had actually been Legion and actually seen him tear off his wing to save us, I'd have far fewer reservations about it.

...erm, anyway...back to the plot.

Music: Brave Way

A rush for the Cor Hydrae Castle would be tantamount to suicide. It's likely crawling with the evil god's minions.

The Cor Hydrae Castle? What's that?

How the hell do you not know this? I guess maybe his memory is a bit stunted from his crazy time. That'd be an interesting little bit of karma for him.

Malpercio relocated there after flying away from the Empire.

The Ocean Mirror's busted to pieces. That was the only means of defense we had.

What about those strange figures who appeared when we were about to be crushed by Malpercio, and saved us all?

Yeah, I remember them! It's like they just came in response to Mizuti's song...

Oh, them people, you mean. They be the Children of the Earth. They live in the clouds below.

What?! Why didn't you tell us that before?!

Because no one asked the Great Mizuti.

Um...true, but...I guess with Kalas going nuts and all, we just never thought about it.

Come to think of it, the Great Mizuti did mention being a Child of the Earth, when we met at Lord Calbren's Manor. I never realized what it truly meant!

Precisely. The Great Mizuti never lies. Only sometimes. Seldom. Once in a while. The Great Mizuti also told Xelha not to worry, back in Wazn! That the Great Mizuti, Child of the Earth, be with you all.

Ah, so that's what you meant! I thought you were simply reassuring us, that you would be watching over us...

Hold on a second. You said your folks live in the clouds below. You mean the Taintclouds? I thought they were thick layers of poisonous gas.


...Is it even possible for a creature to survive within the Taintclouds? Do the Children of the Earth truly live down there?

Certainly. The Great Mizuti never lies nor tricks. Maybe only sometimes. Rarely. Once in a blue moon.

I don;'t know what you're so afraid of. Mizuti got up here, I'm sure we can get back down. Speaking of which...

Just like you take the Trail of Souls to Mira, the Children of the Earth take a trail when they climb up to the Sky. When they go back down, they find a place where the clouds be thin, and dive in. Then they find the Trail and follow it. That be it, no worries.

Aren't the Taintclouds poisonous? Is it safe to just fly in?

No problem, if it be a short time. Simple. Straightforward. Easy as pie.

...Are you sure about that?

Maybe the mask that the Great Mizuti is always wearing works as some sort of filter.

That makes sense. So the Great Mizuti stays safe, thanks to that stupid-


Er...that...unique mask of yours. But we won't last a minute!

Piece of cake. Just keep holding your breath.

Sounds like we have a choice between poison or suffocation.

In keeping with his more heroic/humble self, Kalas will not complain about either comment you make here. Picking “Let's find another way” does lead to a bit of extra dialogue where Mizuti explains that the masks can only be made by Children of the Earth, so the other characters can't have any yet, thus forcing us to just go for it anyway.

Right. No use worrying about it all day. Let's do as the Great Mizuti says, and fly through the Taintclouds for a visit the the Children of the Earth. Let's get moving!

Yes. If we go there, we might discover something new about Malpercio.

The Village Elder might know what to do about it.

And we are once again granted control of the characters. However, there's really nothing new to do in the Empire, so let's just head to the White Dragon.

(actually I should have taken this moment to level Kalas up since he hasn't been to church in a while. Oh well).

This be close enough. Everybody be ready? Ready to jump?

Jump?! Are you serious? You want us to just jump into that mess, just like that?



I'm starting to have second thoughts about this...

It's too late now.

Let's just trust the Great Mizuti and go for it!

No worries, all of you! Just jump in and follow the Great Mizuti. There be no worry of getting lost. Just slightly. Not too much.

To think Gramps used to tell me to choose my friends I know what he was talking about.

HEY! You, in the cape! You're already on seriously thin ice, do you really think insulting The Great Mizuti is going to make things better for you?

Kalas is the only one who is depicted landing, presumably because the developers realized around this point that Lyude has no wings and would break his body on the ground and didn't want to show him being carried down by Savyna or something.

So...which way next, Great Mizuti? Where are your folks, the Children of the Earth?

This trial be unfamiliar...The Great Mizuti took a wrong turn. Just a little wrong turn.

...Well...all we can do is keep going...

That seems like a good place to stop. We will pay a visit to Mizuti's home, next time!


Decision Time!

???: A friend of Mizuti's is a friend of ours!

> Good to meet you.

> I don't understand.