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Part 35: Wandering

Update 32: Wandering

All right, let's go around and collect some stuff. Sadal Suud seems like a good place to start, since I haven't really been there in a while and I need to chat with Quzman. But before I go visit him, there's one other thing I want to get out of the way.

Portrait Lady: His pranks don't bother me at all anymore. ...Still, it's a shame to leave this as it is. My husband's so useless...I wonder if someone would be kind enough to fetch me some water.

I...kind of like it the way it is, but okay, I'll get you some water.

Portrait Lady: appearance...Leaving so soon? Well, please take this with you.

Excellent, another constellation down. These things really are scattered all over the place, aren't they?

Outside Quzman's house, there's a man who has a pet Cloudgull that can't fly, and he wants it to be in the company of other animals. I think we can take care of that. One Wazn animal found!

As I have completed two family sets, I get two rewards. Look, Sorcerer's Seal is awesome and all, but I really just need the one copy and yet both this sidequest and the constellation one gave me a new copy. Stop cluttering my deck with stuff I don't use and can't even sell!

Now, examining the picture next to his bed prompts a new discussion.

Quzman: That's a picture of my first wife. Her name's Usaybia. I heard she died a long time ago. Okay, hand me the Family Tree. I'll write Usaybia's name for you.

This is one of the trickier parts of the quest that always tripped me up when I was trying to do this without a guide; sometimes you have to go and talk to family members who have come to Quzman's so they can sign for their deceased relatives. You can also get some hints about where other relatives are.

Furthermore, some relatives don't realize that they are related to Quzman until there's somebody already on the Tree that they recognize. Quzman goes on to explain that Usaybia's daughter lives in Cursa (how does he know about Cursa?), and I've actually talked to her earlier but she just says she doesn't know what the Tree has to do with her, because she doesn't have her mother's name on the list yet.

So it can require some back-and-forthing between Quman's home and other lands, which is why it's really not practical to start seriously getting into this quest until you stop getting railroaded by the plot.

Another neat thing is that the family members will change their dialogue as new family members show up. Looks like Sabin's wife and mistress are arguing over who his real true love is. I hope they decide to team up and throw him off the island.

...Painting...that sounds familiar...

Quzman: Oh, that! A terrible painting! I remember! Those were painted by my second wife, Misjah. Awful, aren't they? She's an artist. I don't know if she still paints, but she lives in Picture Book Village. She says she's a genius abstract artist. You can take as many of those old things as you like.

Yay? I guess this is what we'll have to show her to get her to sign and return.

Now, before we continue with the sidequest collectathon, there's another thing I want to go get that has been bothering me since I left this island the first time.

This was the treasure chest I saw but couldn't access back when I came here to fight Giacomo the first time.

For reference, Kalas is now tied for second/third place AGL with Mizuti (losing to Xelha, of course), and cleanly winning first place in DEF/ATK/HP. Yeah, this buckle is amazing.

Now, let's head back to Cebalrai.

She has nothing at all interesting to say, so let's just skip to the Tree pic.

Another interesting thing about the Family Tree quest is seeing how a lot of relatives don't live anywhere near each other. This woman is in Cebalrai, her husband Qasim was in the Imperial Capital, and their son Battuta was that fellow hanging out in the Labyrinth of Duhr.

Farmhand: What? You want this Prancer? Are you willing to take it to a cooler climate?

Sure thing! I hope a frigid, snowy wasteland isn't overdoing it.

If we leave the room and come back...

Farmhand: Huh? What am I doing? One of my Pows is ill, so I'm checking on it. What?? You want a Pow, too?

I'm not kidding. I'm already taking care of a Prancer for you. You might as well give me a Pow, too.

Farmhand: You are serious. You must really want him, so you reminded me of the Prancer...Okay, okay, I'll give you one.

Two more down, and what do you say we go get three more?

Of course! I'll take good care of it, and raise up a nice, healthy Fantail Duck!

The little girls lets us take three; a white one, a regular one, and a duckling. We're making some great progress here!

I stopped by the forest to get this. Quzman's family really has it out for these poor birds.

Now it's time to head to Mira. There's some stuff I need to get rid of here, and I can pick up some relatives and constellations along the way.

Oh, I didn't know you could cook. You wanna cook some bird meat? Sure, you can use the oven.

Hey, we know somebody who wanted to eat something tasty, right?

And now for a quick jog to the best town in the game.

Misjah: Oh, you brought me such a heartwarming painting. It's so nostalgic....Quzman asked you to give this to me? I can see he's still a charmer. All right, I'll go to Quzman's house. I feel his sincerity.

This one nearly got me. See, she says she's going to the house, but she hasn't actually signed the tree yet, so you have to talk to her again to get her to do that. Not a very nice move on the game's part.

Onward to the capital, we can take Pauly the whale. It interests me that there are legends of that big ol' fish The Whale, and yet here's a real Pollywhale that nobody seems to attach any significance to other than it being super cute.

And here we have...yet another collection sidequest, but this one has a small twist. This guy wants to open a museum, and wants us to find neat stuff for him.

The thing is, you can submit all kinds of stuff to the museum. But there are only four pedestals for things we can contribute, and of course there are four best things we can give him. As it happens, I have three of them already, and the fourth is...I don't even want to think about where the fourth one is...

Curator: This Adventure Novel was written by the founding director of the Library of Magic! I've been waiting for an item like this. Please let us exhibit it right away.

Curator: Could that be a Thunderfish Bone?! The remains of one of the earliest species of fish. I've been longing for this sort of item. Please let us exhibit it here.

You know, I think this may have been in my inventory even longer than the Warriors' Mementos/Memories. In case you forgot, it's the skull I got from the boss I fought back when I met Gibari.

Curator: Could it be?! This is the legendary Golden Pick Axe! This is just the kind of item I've been waiting for. This item is most truly suitable to exhibit. Thank you for bringing it here.

And that's all I can do with the museum for now.

 There's an animal down that ladder that I forgot about. Oh well, I'll have to come back here later anyway. 

Cassiopeia, Gemini

And my reward for doing that?

Gibari's level VII finisher! I'll be honest with you guys, this is the first time I've ever gotten far enough into the constellation sidequest that I've gotten a hold of this magnus. I can't wait to try it out sometime!

You get some strange items for doing this. Hair care products cause paralysis, which...kind of makes sense I guess, if you think of them like gels and such? Hmm.

Well, that's it for the main update. See you guys next time for more collection and maybe – just maybe – plot advancement!


There's another sidequest I want to show off to, but as it's not part of the grand collectathon, I think it best to let it have its own little section here.

Sure, no problem. What can I do for you?

It's about our new employee. We hired him to attract customers, but he's just too timid. He whispers 'welcome” in a tine voice barely more audible than a Parnassian mosquito's flapping wings. I want you to show him how to do his job. He's standing right outside the shop. Can you go outside and give him a few pointers? Come back in here when you're done. I'll have a little something waiting for you. I'm counting on you!

This does sound like a good job for Kalas, but I'm not sure how helpful I would be. I've never been much of a salesman.

Umm...Today's special is...very reasonably priced...Umm...I think. If you don't mind...Please come in and try our...Ohh...never mind...

Hey! What are you doing? Are you trying to bring in customers, or scare them away?'m sorry...

Good lord, dying people don't even have that many ellipses.

Pitiful. Trill's father asked me to show you how to attract customers. Listen up, 'cause I'm gonna give you some tips, okay?

What? Thank you...I'm sorry about the trouble...

No problem! Just do as I say, all right? First of all, your voice should be...

What are you asking ME for? Uh, not too loud I guess?

It's very important to focus on your sales pitch. For example...

Tasty food I think? You have to stand out when your restaurant shares a continent with a town made entirely of sugary sweets.

I-I understand...I'll give it a try.

Hey, that sounded pretty good to me. I hope we taught him well.

Thank you for helping me. I'm actually starting to enjoy this job. Heh heh.

The reward is pretty crap (since I was supposed to do this when I first came to Mira) but we improved that poor guy's life, so I feel good about it!


Decision Time!

I'm getting a super special present!

>Oh, how exciting!

>It's probably charcoal.