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Part 37: Xelha calls out Kalas' name a bunch in this one

Update 34: Xelha calls out Kalas' name a bunch in this one

Music: Soft Labyrinth

All right, it's time to hit the Alps. I wonder what sort of things lie in wait here?

Hey, that's a good start!

The Alps' gimmick is that the local enemies are huge assholes who require you to go out of your way to kill them so you can proceed.

This happens three times total. There are essentially two paths through this area, an upper and a lower one. You need to take the upper one, but the bugs spawn on the lower one. Also, there are ledges you have to drop down but can't climb back up (because it's not like the characters are capable of flight or anything), so what it all basically boils down to is there are three points where you have to go all the way back to the beginning and start again.

On top of that, the enemies here are alarmingly powerful. Despite their generic appearance, the bugs could generally do in the ballpark of 300-500 damage after I played a couple of defense magnus.

The bats are comparably powerful and can inflict sleep. They can be dangerous in groups of more than one, since they like to do that thing where one sleeps a character, then the other attacks the same character so they can't defend and finishes the attack string by putting them to sleep again. Needless to say, they can rip a good 1000, maybe even 1500 HP off a character in one turn, so you want to kill them as quickly as possible and make sure you're ready to spend a couple of turns healing.

They also drop this, so I can't hate them completely.

All right! The cabin has lots of goodies outside, including these two Caplins. But even more important are the treasure magnus hiding out here. One is a Chaos Mail (excellent dark defense magnus...well, “excellent” as dark magnus go), and the other...

This is Kalas' class up item. This is Kalas' final class up item. It allows Kalas to go from using a six card combo to using a NINE CARD COMBO, finally allowing me to unleash a full 1-9 or 9-1 straight, and just boosting his damage output in general.

Hey, you know how you can only class up at the church? The save flower here is a red one, so I can't go to the church.

So...who's ready to backtrack through the Alps yet again?

I'm still subject to draws and human error, but Class 6 is where my damage output really starts to shine. The downside is that I know have a mere five seconds to pick my first card, so I have to think faster than ever, and with seven cards to pick from and a ton more potential combos (particularly straights), I have to start thinking a lot faster to keep up with Kalas' potential.

This is also the point where spirit numbers start to outweigh what particular cards you're using. At this point, I could have a 1-9 combo that had four water magnus and five fire magnus, and still potentially do more damage than 9 random cards that provide no combo bonus. I mean, obviously it's better to not mix elements still, but my point is this is when I start going for numbers first, elements second, so don't be surprised if you start seeing a lot more element mixing in my combos.

Canis Major

Wow, those are some quality magnus. The last two in particular (the rewards for the Canis Major and Canis Minor cards I found in the Alps) are as good or better than everything else I have right now.

All right, let's get this started...

Video: The Cabin in the Alps

(notice: I included a list of highlights in the video description if you'd rather just watch those. The video is quite long, so those are the basic things I feel are worth seeing.)

??? I would also like to know about m y father's legacy.

Music: World Panic

Aren't you supposed to be dead?

Sorry to disappoint you, but it's not that easy... get rid of us.


It's been a while, hasn't it, Kalas? After our fight at the Goldoba, we kept a low profile and watched the story unfold. We weren't quite sure what was going on at first. To think that we were tricked by a mere girl...<shakes head> I knew the Emperor and Melodia were close, but I never realized she had been controlling him all along. What in the world is she?

But keeping watch from Anuenue was a wise decision. Now we know the whereabouts of Larikush, too.

You've been following us!

Yes...though not all the time. We had preparations to take care of. Georg and Larikush feigned their deaths perfectly twelve years ago. I believed you had all died in that explosion. Imagine my surprise when, nearly a decade later, I heard rumors that there was an excellent engineer in Mira. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the man had a grandson with only one wing.

I told him to stop...But he was obsessed with making stuff. He loved using his inventions to help people out. There was no end to his tinkering!


Did you notice, Kalas? His gift was the ability to talk with objects. This helped him when he was working for the Empire. He would modify the experimental Magnus, all the while discussing theories and results with it.

I don't know about anyone else, but if some guy came up to me and said “I'm going to alter your fundamental nature until you become a pumpkin”, I'd be mostly yelling and resisting. But I guess as long as he could convince the magnus that he was doing stuff that was in their best interest then it makes sense.

I heard my grandmother, Georg's mother, lost her way in the Lava Caves when she was young. As you know, one of the End Magnus was sealed there...Though Georg's mother didn't notice, the power of the evil god must have tainted her. When Georg was born, the taint was passed on to him...Back then, Georg was totally obsessed with his experiments. They took precedence over everything else. It was almost as if he was possessed. In retrospect, the power of the End Magnus may have been driving him.

Two years ago, having learned the truth about the lab accident, Geldoblame gave the order to have you all killed. You betrayed him and made a fool of him. He was simply infuriated. Geldoblame had completely forgotten about the events of a decade ago, and even had doubts as to whether Georg's experiments were valid. I would have wanted to bring Georg back to the Empire and have him renew his research...oh well.

Enough talk. Ayme, Folon. We shall proceed.

Just give the word!

Ready when you are!, Jackie, I think you mi-


The Great Mizuti hears something!

We had to infiltrate a lab in Mintaka for these. I thought they might work on you, Kalas.

Kalas, I.........ll is going on h...

What's going on?!

Hypertoxic Soundwaves?!

A Guardian Spirit is made up of a voice and power transferred from another world. A resonance field of Hypertoxic Soundwaves smothers the voice and negates the Spirit's Power! You're no longer protected by your Guardian Spirit's power.

Do something usef........stroy the golden why aren't damn stupid...!

Are you okay, Kalas?

Hey, Partner! Can you hear me, Legion?!


I no longer hear Legion's voice...I don't have Legion's strength any more...

You're a wreck, Kalas. How much can you do on your own, huh?

Even without the Spirit's power, you should at least try your best to amuse us. I'll give you an A for effort!

Let us begin. You've wasted enough of our time, Kalas. I'll finish you right here and now.

Say your prayers, boy!!

Music Chaotic Motherfuckin' Dance! (It's the last time we're gonna hear this, of course you should listen to it!)

All right, it's time for the Giacomo Trio redux. It's not nearly as difficult as the Goldoba version, although the team has perhaps even better synergy than before.

As in the first fight, I chose to go all out on Folon first...

...and Ayme responded by healing and buffing him.

You see, in this fight, all three enemies can and will buff each other, rather than just Ayme and Folon buffing just Giacomo. As far as I can tell, though, Ayme is the only one with +def buffs and Folon is the only one with +atk buffs, while Giacomo has more potent heals but can't buff.

The good news is that, of the three, only Ayme seems to have gotten any sort of damage hike, and that's just enough for her to match her companions. Giacomo's damage output is kind of hilariously low for the first phase of the fight, and Folon may well have gotten weaker, so...yeah, there's really not much to worry about here. The fight's more lengthy than difficult. Most of the strategy lies in “go after whoever didn't get the def boost”

Especially considering how much more powerful my characters have gotten. I'm amazed at how I keep managing how devastating Gibari can be.

Almost all of the magnus I used in this attack were things Giacomo resists, and yet I still nearly broke 2000. Class 6 is a wonderful thing.

I kind of wish there was more to say about this fight, but it's really just an easier (albeit slightly more complicated) version of the Goldoba battle. Giacomo eventually starts using his finishers when his health drops low enough, so he should be the last one you try to defeat, but even then he can only do about 1000 damage split between two characters. The biggest challenge in the fight is waiting out his long jetboots animation (seriously, I bet at least two and a half minutes of the boss fight was watching him jet to/from one of my characters)

You're doing well, even without the Spirit's aid. But “well” is not good enough...Can't you do any better, Kalas?


Giacomo approaches Kalas...

Give my regards to Georg, and Fee.



It's so dark...I'm scared...Kalas...Where are you?

Fee, I'm right here! You'll be all right! I'm with you, Fee!! It's just a scratch...It'll heal in no time...We made a promise, remember? We're gonna go find the Ocean together! You've got a ton of things to ask that whale, right?

Kalas...I'm sorry...I don't think I can keep my promise...Find the Ocean...Find the Whale for me...

Fee! You've gotta fight this! Don't go! Please...Don't leave me! Don't leave me alone!

Fee? Fee? Fee!!!

Music: Divine White Bell

It was Fee...Fee saved my life that night...


Instead of killing him, Giacomo goes for the dreaded Gut Punch, knocking Kalas' winglet off onto the floor.


Xelha does nothing.

At least you realize who you are. At first, I couldn't understand what had happened. I was sure you must have died that night, two years ago. Yet as events unfolded, an inspiration became a theory, and a theory became an obsession...That your brother, Fee, the Divine Child, lives within you. On that night, two years ago, Fee gave you his life...allowing you to absorb his Magnus!

Now that Georg is dead, there is only one key remaining to open the door to the Magnus of Life. It's you, Kalas. But all this is no longer important to me...I have no interest in the Magnus of Life, or the Divine Child...

Fee's story is now over!

Argh! Giacomo!! You destroyed Gramps' Winglet! YOU!...

My father, Georg, is dead. So is the Emperor...When you and Larikush die, everything will be over...Yes, everything...Time to die, Kalas!

The winglet starts to crackle...

...I guess it doesn't want Kalas to die yet.

Giacomo shoots a burst of energy that destroys the barrier and knocks Kalas over...


Xelha does nothing.

The angel statue was cracked by Giacomo's attack...

It's a Winglet...Gramps?

Damn! There it was!

Is this what he left for me?

Music: Amid Butterflies and Moonlight

Good for nothing freak! Why don't you go join the other freaks in Cor Hydrae? Nyah!

Georg walks out and the two kids run off...

Kalas, don't be so worried about that. No one has ever said that having wings makes one superior. Perhaps those without wings are the next step in evolution, and those with wings are obsolete. If this is true, it means you're one big step ahead of them.

That's not what I asked about...Why only one?

...A difficult question, I'd say. The Wings of the Heart are the visual manifestation of the energy, willpower, and aura that any person has. They are strongly affected by an individual's emotions. As emotions are involved, so is the mind. That is to say, the electrical signals from the left and right hemispheres...

I have no idea what you're talking about, Gramps!

Hey, Kalas. It's okay to have only one wing. You're my big brother, either way. I don't have any wings, but I don't even care.

Well, I do care!

Don't worry, Kalas. I will do my utmost to make you a wing. A wonderful wing that will grow as you do.

Georg holds up his project, which is Kalas' Winglet.


Kalas, I also intend to make you another wing, one that will help you, should you be caught up in a fierce struggle.

Kalas busts out his new Winglet, which inexplicably destroys the Hypertoxic Soundwave generators. So...yay for that, I guess? Good job, guys. said Fee's story was over. I won't let that happen! As long as I live...Fee's story will never die!!

And now...

We fight the Giacomo Trio again!

I wish I was lying. I really do. But I'm not. They aren't any tougher, they don't have a different AI as far as I can tell. The only difference is that Kalas can get Guardian Spirit attacks in this fight and couldn't in the last one, which is not exactly a big scream at this point in the game. The game is at least decent enough to fully heal you at the start of the fight.

So, about ten minutes later...

Music: On the Throne

Ayme, all right?



Good. You two should join forces with them in any way you can. The Empire is gone, and Geldoblame is dead...Don't let them take over this world.

Okay, Giacomo! Now stop it!

Don't die on us!

I will. I promise you, Giacomo. We'll take care of Melodia.

Life is long when you live it, oh but so short when you look back...Farewell...Kalas.

Music: Lull in the Wind

O Mighty Ocean, guide us as we journey through...the darkest pit of night...

Giacomo's body is swallowed in a pool of light...


I know Giacomo told us to join you, but that doesn't mean we can just forget the past and be all chummy now, does it?

And to Kalas, I'll always be a foe, the one who killed his grandfather and brother.


Both Folon and I are from Azha village...We were orphans. Geldoblame bought us as guinea pigs for Georg's experiments...


Kalas, I don't know or care what you think. But the two of us...we're happy Georg's gone!

Anyway...see ya around.

Please...don't try anything reckless...

And with a wave, the two are off to parts unknown...I can't believe I'm seriously feeling some degree of sympathy towards Ayme.

Should we get goin', too?

Woohoo! Level VIII finisher! This one's the only freebie – we're gonna have to work for the rest.

Any news of Cor Hydrae Castle?

No, the enemy has yet to make a move. As for penetrating their shield, I'm afraid there isn't much we can do. Various reports have come in from each nation, however, that may be of interest. Ask Catranne for details.

I'm right here! Feel free to ask me anything.

Oh...that's a lot of options...Umm, let's just go from the top down I guess.

Well, there hasn't been much news from Sadal Suud, actually.

About Diadem

They say the legendary “Master of the River” has been spotted near Nashira. This appearance could be due to the emergence of Cor Hydrae. A fisherman's weapon is supposedly lodged into its back.

Master of the River? With a fisherman's weapon? That must be the Lord of the Greater Celestial River. Last time anyone set eyes on it was over a hundred years ago...

About Anuenue

Ah yes, Your Majesty, we heard there's an old, Forbidden Book of Magic somewhere here in Anuenue. We thought it might be helpful, and looked all over the place, but we couldn't find it.

A Forbidden Book of Magic...I see. If we could find it, it might prove useful when we attack Cor Hydrae Castle.

I'd just like to say that even this far into the LP I still can't spell Cor Hydrae right on my first attempt. I'm determined to switch the r with the d.

About Mira

There's a rumor that a phantom ship, similar to the Battleship Goldoba, is floating through the Trail of Souls. People say they've heard ghosts crying out from withing, gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. What makes it even more spooky is that the ghosts are calling out a name...

They're calling for Lyude!

Ghosts? Calling me? What could that be about?

About Alfard

Villagers in the desert there have been surrounded by hideous monsters. We'd like to send additional help to their village, but we have our hands full with other things right now. Currently the Mad Wolf Unit is protecting the village, so nothing bad has happened so far...

Azdar and his men...

About Wazn

Both our castle and town are all right, Your Majesty. Nothing much has happened back home.

About the Children of the Earth

Oh yes, some of the Children of the Earth are still beneath the Taintclouds. From what I've heard, the Great Kamroh, and someone named Krumly. Oh, and also a boy named Kee.

Kee, too?

I suggest you let us handle the plans to counter Cor Hydrae, and act as you see fit. Perhaps following up on some of the reports would be wise. Of course, preparing yourselves for our final, upcoming battle is equally important. Please come back when you have done what you need to do. Is that clear?

Yes it is, Your Highness.

All right, you know what that means; it's sidequest central!

But first, remember that soldier who gave us a constellation magnus and said to visit him again later when he had a proper reward?

Yeah...I'm okay with this.



Decision Time!

It's sidequest central! Who's sidequest shall we tackle first?

Knowledge is power!

Fishing is the only way to truly know your limits!

Requiescat in pace.

I'm going to defend the village I once helped destroy.

The Great Mizuti will save her friends!