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Part 38: Lyude vs. the Love of the Universe

Update 35: Lyude vs. the Love of the Universe

All right, before I start with the “main” sidequests, let's go back and wrap up a couple of things at the Alps.

My computer likes to bold things that have asterisks around them, so just pretend that every three out of eery four words is * puff *)

Momma: Did you see my daughter somewhere down there? We came hiking, but she is still somewhere below.

Daughter Sorry for the trouble, but will you go and tell her to wait there?

Upon doing so...

Momma Sorry about the trouble, but will you bring my daughter here?

God damn this place thrives on backtracking...

Daughter Thanks for telling her. You an imagine how long it'll take me to get up the hill...You look tough. You look built. Will you push me, help me, so I can reach her?

Ugh, the things I do for faux-100% completion.

And getting her signature will allow the mother to sign.

So that's two more relatives down. By the way, Nubata (the husband/father) is that fellow from the confectionary village, so the whole nuclear family exists for fat joke fodder!

Anyway, that's one reason to come back. But you know, we never got to explore the cabin. The game autopiloted us into the battle and then back to Anuenue. Let's see what's inside, shall we?

Wow, that is some seriously good shit.

Skull Equipment is kind of the off-ultimate equipment for everyone. Each character finds theirs through their sidequest (the cabin being Kalas' “sidequest” despite being mandatory). They give sizable stat boosts, but their main draw is nigh immunity to all elements.

...except that they also inflict Confusion. Confusion is like an actually problematic version of Headache. It causes the Spirit Numbers on cards to spin, meaning that if 4 starts in the top right corner it might be in the bottom middle by the time you get to it. They don't move super fast or anything, but it can be disorienting, especially now that I have such little time to pick and choose my cards and their numbers. So it's kind of a toss up as to when they will be useful or detrimental. I left Kalas with his current Moon buckle (better stat boosts, no confusion, but no status resistances).

Also, I usually can't take Wind seriously as an element, but this is just as hell.

So, traveling to Mira prompts the Phantom Goldoba to appear. I guess we'd better explore it and see what's up with this place and what Lyude's involvement is.

Music: Decay

Video: Cutscenes and boss fight available here

What on earth are those glowing things?


After taunting Lyude, they turn into skeletons. These guys are pretty dangerous; their hits have some wild damage fluctuation (200-600 damage), but more dangerous is their ability to resurrect each other. Resurrection automatically gives the re-un-dead enemy an automatic turn, so they can attack you or rez another fallen enemy. Needless to say, these fights really suck and I avoided them as best I could outside of getting in a few for dialogue's sake.

They also deliver a parting shot when they die.


We're presumably searching for an exit, so you have to enter every room. The hangar is completely empty save for a few enemies.

So the traitor finally returns...

Music: Falling Hail

Look at what's happened. Take a good look at what's become of the Empire. This is all your fault. You betrayed us all. The darkness took us all...

No! It wasn't my fault!

Whether you admit it or not, you played a role in ruining your homeland...You will bear this badge of shame for the rest of your life! Everyone knows you're a traitor and a coward! dare you! I would never hope for the destruction of my homeland. Never!

Your hopes are irrelevant. It has already happened...

Huh? Didn't you...didn't you hear the voice?!

The voice?...I didn't hear anything. Anyone hear a voice?

That means...only I heard it speak. But how?

The Great Mizuti feels strange spirits swirling around. This place be spooky.

I agree...we should leave as soon as possible.

I second that...but will they let us leave?

Well, this is taking a turn for the unsettling. If my knowledge of horror conventions is true, though, we won't be getting out of here without having a showdown with whatever's in control of this place...

By the way, we can never return here once it's done, so if you're a dummy who doesn't pick up the treasure chest six inches from a place you have to stand, then you'll miss out on Lyude's final class up item.

Nothing in the control room except more enemies. As expected, none of the machines are working.

??? You should have tried to stop it...You only opposed it...

??? You didn't do anything...

No! I...I...

Are you okay?

Y-yes...I'm okay. Let's hurry.

Kalas' shocked face cracks me up in this context. I'm not really sure why. There's just something about it that says “Lyude's going to snap and murder me and there's nothing I can do about it”.

??? Please tell me, Lyude!

(battle) can I be forgiven?

Hey, Lyude! Can you hear me?

I'm sorry. Let's hurry.

Yeah, okay, we really need to get out of here.

Whelp, it's time for bunk room number two...



You always hated us. Our family...You hated us all, deep down in your soul.

That's not true! Why would I hate you?

Why, indeed? Don't play innocent, Lyude. We hated you. We despised you. Of course, you knew that, didn't you, Lyude?

Don't pretend like you never knew, Lyude. We never cared for you...Not in the least.




No!! I...I tried! I wanted your love! I did my utmost to earn it!

No more excuses, Lyude...

Yes, what you did to us speaks for itself.

No! That's not true! I really...Oh, why did it ever come to this?...

This is bad...He's losing it. What's going on here?

We have no choice. We have to move forward.

Yes, we have to find an exit...

The Great Mizuti feels something malicious. It be trying to spook Lyude.

Well it's working! It's spooking me and I'm not even physically present!

What an appropriate magnus to find here.

Skull equipment is pretty much the same between all characters. I went ahead and gave this to Lyude, partly to show of Confusion and partly for...well, another reason.

Once you've explored every room, and return to the center...

Stop it...Just stop it, please!

Lyude...why didn't you...why didn't you help me? Why did you abandon me, and flee? I had always been there for you, stayed by your side, watched over you...

Stop...This is too much! I can't bear it!!

You didn't help me...You don't love me, or anyone. Not even the ones that loved you...

No! That's not true!

You have no right to be loved by anyone - Or to love anyone! Isn't that so, Lyude?

Yes...You're right...I have no right to be loved...I have no right to love another...

You betrayed your country, and left your family, you watched the ones who loved you die...How are you going to live with yourself, Lyude? What hope could you have left in your shameful life?

I...I no longer know...What should I do? How could I possibly go on?

Come...come with me...I will ease your burden. You will be happy. Come, come with us...That is the only answer to your question.

The only my question.

Lyude reaches toward the ghost...

To find the right answer, you first have to find the right question. Remember, always see with unclouded eyes.

See...with unclouded eyes...

Wisdom comes from having an answer ready...

Yes, wisdom comes from having an answer ready, when you ask yourself the question...

One must find the right question...The right question...

Almarde...I never told you, but always thought of you as -

Yes, the answer was there, all along...


Whoa...What's going on? What the hell is that thing?!

It be feeding on the pain of others!

The feeling of guilt, deep inside me...All the regrets, all the sorrow...That is what feeds this abomination!

A Mind Parasite?! It must have come here from another dimension when Cor Hydrae Castle appeared.

You slimy excuse for a worm!

We can take it!

Music: The True Mirror (guitar)

Welcome to our first proper sidequest boss, Rampulus. This fight...well, it's one that I don't quite understand, to be honest. On my test run he was really nasty, and even managed to KO Lyude (appropriately enough, I suppose), marking my first non-instant-death KO in this LP.

That said, this time around and in my video fight he wasn't really all that bad. I think it's partly because I remember to give Lyude the Skull Earrings and other magnus updates, but even so, it doesn't seem like it ought to have made as big a difference as it did.

The main catch to this fight is that Rampulus attacks twice in a row, like Giacomo, and on his second attack he likes to put someone to sleep. This is why skull equipment is rather handy, to prevent this status so you don't lose that one offensive round and can defend if it attacks that character again. He also can buff his own defense, but doesn't seem to do it particularly often.

I kind of regretted bringing Kalas at the start of the fight. Rampulus is heavily dark based and chronos resistant, so I was worried that Kalas would fall short on damage output.

He didn't.

On the other hand, Xelha didn't do all that great. This was by far her most powerful attack string. Considering she has both light and wind, Rampulus' two weaknesses, it seems like she ought to have been doing better than this. Oh well, I hope she catches up again once her sidequest is finished.

The best way to end this fight.

(well except maybe Sforzando)

The (real?) Almarde ghost nods at Lyude, and they fade away...

I hear ya, kid. Let's go.

And so, utilizing means not really explained, the party does just that.

Well, that's that! See you next time!


Decision Time!

Whose sidequest is next?


Also, Who gets to eat an apple pie for +30000 EXP?