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Part 41: Gibari vs. Unconventional Fishing

Update 38: Gibari vs. Unconventional Fishing

First of all, let's check that debt before I forget.

Ugh, fine, I'll pay the damn thing off!

(this should have had some sort of offensive applications. I'd love to stun some Imperial soldiers by throwing a huge bill at them)


Aww, how sweet! All of the Children of the Earth have finally relocated up here.

I'm supposed to be doing Gibari's sidequest, but there's another Gibari-related thing to start here. Let's head to the guest room on the right.

The servant tells about the Celestial Flower Seeds by Corellia's bed, which we already know about and have robbed twice. But...

...? That's odd. How do some of these things fit in magnus anyway? Are they like little tape recorders?

Some offscreen violence occurs...

Music: Bellflower

None of us are wounded, thanks to you. How are the other nations doing? Are the leaders safe? We've been attacked from time to time by a few monsters. Nothing serious, but everyone's fatigued. The number of injured continues to rise.

Yeah, I know. We're trying to find a way to fight back...

I see...Well, good luck to you. We'll be counting on you back here, and trying to hold our own. By the way, Gibari...There's something I've always wanted to ask you. If I don't ask you know, I may never have the chance. Erm...Why did you leave us? The Knights, I mean. You'd have made a fine Head Knight, and you still fight as well as ever. I heard your using your skills to face the minions of the evil god.

So you were a Knight?

He was. Gibari's father instructed King Ladekahn in swordfighting...I remember you taking fencing lessons with the King, as a child. You were second to none with the blade, even back then. We were all so...

That was a long time ago. I just left, no big reason...Besides, I'm not cut out to be a leader.

...So you way. Well, anyway, when this battle for the world is over, let's have a drink at the Moondragon Lyre. Until then, take care.

You too, fellas. Take care.

Moondragon Lyre? I would go to that restaurant even if the food/drink was revolting.

Hey, Gibari, was there really a reason you left the Knights?

Kalas, how old are you?

Me? I'm nineteen.

I see...Listen, Kalas. I'm not old enough to go into my life story with a nineteen-year-old. Knowing what I am, and what I'm going to do, should be enough for you. Sound logical?

Yeah, okay. I understand.

Good. Well, I might tell ya someday...Once this is all over...

Hmm, that was mysterious. I suppose it at least clears up why Gibari and Ladekahn are so close. Oh well, time to move on. The game doesn't give us a clear means of progressing the sidequest, so we're once again left to wander around until we trip over the event we need. Anna's bar (the Moondragon Lyre?) seems like a good place to start.

Hey, as a matter of fact, I do! Although I'm not really sure how it would help you get customers...

All right! Gibari's ultimate equip, just in time for his dungeon!

But in the end, it really just comes down to one thing: m-o-n-e-y. That's it. If you have money, you're good to go.

Holy shit, that's an option?

Ouch!...Lighten up! I was just joking, you know...I've finally realized.........Do you really think I would say that?! What do you think you're doing?! Look, I've got a bruise now! I'll never forgive you, unless you give me...compensation! Compensation!!

Let's just move on.

Please, go help Anna and Reblys!

What happened?

Shorty wandered outside the village to play, while I wasn't looking. He was attacked and infected by a monster. His fever hasn't broken...The doctor said Shorty might not make it...I can't bear to think of losing my Shorty, he's the only family I have left in this world!

I gotcha. Just take it easy. What about Anna and Reblys?

...They went to the Greater Celestial River...

What?! That place is dangerous!

They went to gather Pekusa Seaweed.

Ah, I get it. That stuff is great for a fever. But doesn't someone around here have some?

Our food and medicine supplies have severely depleted in this long, drawn out battle.

I see...Should have thought of that. So Reblys volunteered to go pick the seaweed.

No, from what I heard, Anna rushed off alone. Reblys heard of this and ran off after her...

I should have known...Just Anna being Anna. How long have they been gone.

About an hour or so.

Okay. I'll go after them. You stay here and look after Shorty. Hey, don't worry, okay? We'll pick up both them and the seaweed and be back in no time.

Let's head for the Greater Celestial River. It's north of here. Might behoove us to have a look at the river's Master, while we're there.

Despite Gibari's directions, you actually need to come back to the world map, where the River becomes a selectable location. Let's go!

Music: An Icy Fog

While I found this sidequest to be one of the less interesting ones plotwise, I do really like the Greater Celestial River. It's basically the Lesser Celestial River but with less jumping and no waterfall gimmick. Just nice, relaxing, and some lovely visuals. It's also by far the shortest dungeon; around half of the sidequest is really the setup bits back in Nashira.

There are also enemies, but

Mizuti gives no fucks.

This is around the point where I'm straight up overpowered. I did some grinding in Zosma while I waited for that damn shampoo to age, so Mizuti's got a whole lot of level 5 spell magnus. I may actually switch some weaker magnus back into her deck for the final dungeon just so I don't steamroll everything.

Oh, there's Gibari's finisher. I ran back to the church to class him up real quick and came back.

Gibari? What're you doing here?

I heard the news. Where is she?

She went up ahead. I tried to stop her, but she wouldn't listen...

Okay. Catch up when you can. I won't bother telling you to go back to the village. You never listen to me.

Of course not. I'll be the one to help Anna!

I know, I know. We'll be up ahead. Be careful.

Well, that was as unpleasant as always. Let's get away from Reblys for a bit.

That's a nice haul. Note that that armor set is only usable by Gibari, serving as a subtle reminder of the whole Knight thing.

Gibari! You came to help!

What happened? Did you get the seaweed? What are you doi-

…! Well, I'll be...

Reblys catches up to the party...goddammit...

What the blaze is that?!

Wow, that's beautiful! it bad? I'm confused.

Never seen anything like this...

Same here...Looks like the Celestial River is flooded.

We can't get seaweed in these conditions. What should we do? We have to hurry, Shorty's life is at stake here!


Let's fish!

Excuse me?! What on earth are you talking about?

That's it, Anna! Let's fish!

Has everyone here lost their minds?

Some fish or another is bound to have pekusa seaweed in its gut. If we can catch one, presto! The seaweed's ours for the takin'!

Now I get it!

What a great idea! Not bad for a knucklehead like you, Reblys!

Humph! A compliment from one of my lessers!

But...the fish in this river are huge. How are you gonna handle them?

Don't worry, Anna. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Yup, as long as we have faith, and keep moving on.

I'll show you what being a man of the Sky is all about!

A man of the Sky? I'll show you what bein' a real man of the Sky is all about.

So Gibari and Reblys decide to make it even harder for me not to make jokes...

...and start fishing with tree branches over twice their own size. Holy dammity do.

Music: Holoholo


All we can do is wait for 'em to take the bait.

Yes, this is true...



It's so quiet...

A seagull flies across the screen, as if to say “Gosh, this sure is taking forever, huh?”

(can you tell I don't fish?)

It's so calm...

Hey, Anna, you know this one? Everything comes to those who...

Oh! I've got one!



See, those are the three things I have and you lack! Skill, guts, and luck!


Whoa! This bugger is huge! Good thing it bit my line, would've been long gone by now if it hadn't been me.


Seems both the fish and the Sky know who's worthy of the catch...

Reblys! Shut up and fish!


Are you guys okay?!

Gibari drops his line to go help Reblys haul the fish in...

What are you talking about?

If it's too much for you, leave it to me. Your bones must be achin'.

Shut up, Gibari...Your knees are wobbling!

You wish!

They're shakin' up a storm!

Oh thank GOD I thought this was never going to end

Then this must be the Master of the Greater Celestial River!

Stay back you two. You better leave this to us. Everyone ready?!

This is Brolokis., I don't know much about this fight, I'm afraid, except that he's a typical water based, fire-weak enemy.

My first turn went pretty well, and I got some nice damage on him. He used Venemous Droplets twice to poison Kalas and Gibari, but the attack itself did no damage. And then...

Nine eight seven

Six five four

Three two one

And thus did I kill this boss without taking any damage.

By the way, Mizuti's attack did 9589 damage. I'm coming close to breaking five digits!

All right, another constellation! Actually...I think that may be the last one! I'll have to go check later.

Gibari, so the rumors were true. That you were a Knight of some standing...

That was ages ago.

I see. But you're not bad as a fisherman...Nothing near what I am, of course, but good enough.

Heh, give me a break, will ya?

Humph. You give me a break, Gibari.

Ha ha ha...

Ha ha ha ha...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ha ha ha ha!!

Ha ha ha ha!!

Wha ha ha ha ha ha!!

Oh Anna, you truly are the best NPC in all of Diadem.

Thank you all so much! If it weren't for Shorty may have...I can't think you enough.

It was our pleasure, Granny. Shorty means so much to us.

Well, you know. I feel it's my duty to help our fellow villagers when they're in need.

Oh, give me a break. You just went after Anna...

Did you say something?

Maybe. Anyway, we should be getting back. The village looks like it's doing fine, and this is no time for us to be lounging around.

Hey, Gibari!

Huh? What is it?

Balgora's Paddle. It was lodged in the back of today's catch. Take it.

?! Are you sure you wanna part with this?

You need the best gear available if you ever wanna beat me.

Geez, give me a break!

Give yourself a break!

How about you two give me a break?

Right, then. Courtesy of Sir Reblys. Thanks, buddy.

Well, it's time to get movin'!

Gibari! Be careful, okay!

Don't get yourself killed out there!

Ugh, I'm so glad that's over. I like the river itself, but Reblys can just go fuck himself.

Now then, I also have a couple of other things to take care of. Let's start with the constellations.

Corvus, Aquila

Music: Divine White Bell

Hey, what's up KOSy?

...but the star map still isn't complete. There is one more constellation to be found. I haven't really pointed it out, but you can ask the old guy for info on the fragments. Doing so now will trigger a special conversation...

Excuse me, sir. Do you have any info on the last piece?

Map man: Let me see...information...It's not that there isn't any...I suppose you really want to finish restoring the Star Map, don't you?

Of course I do.

Yeah, Legion, so do I...Sir, we've come this far. What's the hold up?

Map man: Well, I merely stood here waiting, while you and your companions searched the world over for the fragments. I'm not sure if I'm...qualified to restore the Star Map. I suppose other things are troubling me as well. Now that it's almost over, I have many doubts...

Qualified? Doubts? Yeah, you do deserve it! Thanks to your enthusiasm and knowledge, we've almost completely restored it! Are you just gonna throw all that effort away?

Map man: ...Well, perhaps you're right. Very well, then. I've made up my mand. I'll hand it over to you.

Cetus, huh? What an appropriate final constellation for a game where the closest thing to a god is a whale.

Th...this is the last fragment?! Why have you been hiding it all this time?

Map man: I just couldn't bring myself to complete the Star Map...I'm terribly sorry for my behavior. Your words dispelled all my doubts and allowed me to make up my mind. We have no right to pretend the Star Map never existed. Not again...Never again. My apologies. Let us restore the final constellation...Shimmering light come forth! Let the Star Map shine once again in its brilliant glory!

Ah, it's lovely, isn't it? This is also when the map begins to rotate. It's nice to finally get to see this.

Map man: I'm speechless...The Star Map is truly a breathtaking sight...

Yeah, I agree. Whoever made this must've been pretty special...

Map man: Fifty years ago, this Star Map was created by a lone Magnus architect. The Magnus engineer achieved great fame, and even celebrity status through his creation. But his fame became nothing more than a heavy weight that bore down upon him. No matter what new works he created, he could never surpass his masterpiece. People expected him to come up with something better. Eventually he could no longer bear it. Expectations he could not meet drowned him in his own sense of failure...His despair eventually drove him to shatter the Star Map. He broke the map into pieces so that it could never be made whole again.

Map Man: But as time passed and he grew old, I am sure he came to regret his destructive acts. Whispers of regret, every time he gazed upon the night sky...He no longer had a legacy...Nothing at all...The Star Map has finally been restored to its original glory. He would have been pleased. I am deeply indebted to you, young traveler. Please take this. It is the very last Magnus the engineer created. Kalas, thank you...thank you for everything. May the stars guide you, wherever you may go...

Well that was all kind of interesting. Let's check out this new magnus!

...Hey, wait-

Stop doing that!

This magnus is neat but a bit risky. The magnus ages very, very fast, and goes between around 12 different magnus total. They're generally 100% status attack/recovery, although there is that one healing one that nifty. I doubt I'll see much use of it, but I stuck it in someone's hand (Xelha's, I think) just for fun.

One last sidequest for the road!

You only get these two rewards for the Animals sidequest, but both of them are pretty good. In case you're wondering, the Endeavoring Woman gives a large attack boost when used in battle.

All right! Join me next time as we wrap up Xelha's sidequest and maybe get some more work done on the Family Tree sidequest as well. See you then!

By the way, I'm about 110 hours into the Shampoo sidequest. Around 1/3 of the way there...