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Part 42: Xelha vs. Multiple Choice Tests

Update 39: Xelha vs. Multiple Choice Tests

It's time for Xelha's sidequest. It will take place in Anuenue, but there's something I want to do in Wazn first.

I tried to get this woman to sign earlier, but she wouldn't. Now that her mother's name is on it (Usaybia, the deceased ex-wife that Quzman signed for), she will sign it as well.

She also reminds us that her husband and daughter are out in the Ice Cliffs, so it looks like one last trip out there is in order.

I tried showing this fellow the Family Tree, but he wasn't in the mood to put up with my nonsense when his daughter's life is at stake. I guess we'd better find her first, then.

Yunus: My leg got stuck in a ditch. I thought I was gonna die when the snow started piling up around me...You're looking for relatives of Quzman living in Pherkad? I'm related to him? I don't understand completely, but I'll help you.

Yunus: Let me get this straight. My grandfather, Quzman, is sick and dying in a town called Pherkad? Hmm...Okay, I've made up my mind. I'm gonna go see him by myself – without my dad!

Well, I guess that's your perogative, but I'm gonna make your dad go too so you might as w-aaaaand she's gone. Huh. Maybe it's just me, but if I was an eight year old who nearly died in a snowstorm I wouldn't be so quick to ditch my parents.

Gabirol: What?! She went back by herself? Where to? Whose house?...The house is in Pherkad? I don't think I'm getting it. I know it's freezing out here, but can you give me a more detailed explanation?

Chatter, talking, he signs the Tree.

I must be getting at least kind of close to wrapping things up with this family.

Now, to Anuenue! The school of magic seems like a good place to look for a book. And sure enough...

Principal: I'm sorry, I can't lend it to you, as I'm working with it right now. Exposing myself to considerable risk, I brought the book back from a monster-infested library...If you want to borrow it, bring me the adventure novel I was in the middle of reading. I left the room for a moment, and came back to find someone had taken the novel away. People always play pranks on me! Bring me my unfinished adventure novel and I'll lend you the Book of Magic for a while.

Well, I know where to find an Adventure Novel in Duhr, but that's awfully far away. As it turns out, you can also find a copy here.

So, Ms. Principal. Is this that Book of Magic that Corellia was talking about? It's pretty busted up.

Principal: You cannot begin to imagine how valuable it is...It contains the wisdom of wizards a thousand years dead...

Yes, the principal is right. I sense a strong magical energy emanating from it. This is the one.

I see...So what is this book for?

Music: Glittering Violet Moon

And then we just kind of...are here, suddenly.

This is the Illusory Fortress of the Book. It is a very boring place, and quite possibly the worst designed dungeon in the game. There are twelve doors in this hallway. One leads forward.

The other eleven doors lead to enemies, who you are automatically thrown in battle with. Needless to say, you can spend a lot of time making zero progress in this dungeon. The good news is the enemies are kinda cool looking, give good exp, and the angel guys drop Light Flare V which is nothing to sneeze at.

This is the correct door.

Progress AND prizes! I gave the pie to Xelha because honestly everyone's overleveled at this point and I feel like I've been ignoring her ever since Kalas came back.

The illusion spell and binding spell protecting it are of the most powerful magic. A magic only known by the Royal Family of Wazn. No wonder even Kodelle couldn't find it. But what's it doing in Anuenue?

Listen carefully, Xelha. I'm sure you have understood this to some extent, but I'll repeat myself. The Queen of these lands has a very important duty to fulfill. You, who will be the next Queen, may be required to leave these lands to travel the outside world, to deal with the seeds of disaster which may threaten the ways of our world...

Yes, Mother...

If Barnette ever foresees such a change in the world, remember first of all to send Kodelle, Glamyss, and Catranne to Anuenue. Have them send you reports on the happenings of the world. Anuenue seems to have had connections with Wazn, in ancient times. They will have less trouble using their magic there. Then, if you should ever be convinced that evil will befall the world, you should set off immediately. Determine what you can do to alleviate the damage, to ease the world's hurt. That is the oath our line is sworn at birth to uphold. Do you understand?

Yes, Mother!

…?! Where are we?

I don't know. A door opened, a light flashed, and here we are...

Maybe the seal on the door sent us someplace else...I guess we'll have to look around.

And now it's time to pick randomly from twelve doors again. But wait! There's a hidden event in one of these rooms!


Remember the brother and sister who were searching for their father in the school and library of magic? This is him. I thought that was neat.

Final class up item!

Examining the door prompts another of Xelha's flashbacks...

If so, you will be blessed with a normal life, as any other young girl I hope it will be so...But if things turn out differently, it will be your turn...You will have to bear the burden, to assume your duties as the new Queen of Wazn.Our line is bound to this responsibility...

Yes, Mother. Please don't worry. I'm your daughter. I know I am ready...As the Queen of Ice, I will protect the Ocean. And if the time comes for the world to be reborn, I will return the Ocean to the people...

And now for yet another of these rooms. Don't worry, it's the last one. This is the correct door (which, incidentally, is the same as the correct door in the first loop).

They're testing me. Using the ancient book of magic as bait, to see if I'm really ready.

Well, you're as “ready” as can be, in my book. We all decided to stop Melodia and Malpercio, long ago!

”Long ago”? I bet it hasn't even been two weeks yet. Also, flashback time.

Something, somewhere, is awakening after a thousand years of sleep...The time may be here for the last of the Ice Queens to fulfill her destiny. Whether it be you or I, should the prophecy be fulfilled, the Ice Queen will be no more. It will be our final prayer to the world, our final blessing...

Xelha, you must follow your own path. Even if you are alone, never back down, never fear, and stride forward with your head up. The Ocean will always be with you...And we will always be walking alongside...

Is this it?

The ancient and forbidden book of magic...

Powerful energy be coming out of this book. Something be sealed, inside.

Oh god, what if it's more debt?

Are you gonna unleash it? You sure that's such a bright idea, Xelha?

...I promised my mother that I'd never back down, never fear. That I'd stride forward with my head up...

Xelha makes a gesture, and the book glows...

Greetings. Are you the last of the Ice Queens?

Yes...Most likely...

Has the time come?

...Then let us begin. A thousand years ago, a seed of hope was sown by our hand. Let us witness the fruit it has borne.

And then a dragon appeared!

Music: Rumbling of the Earth

No, really.

Kulcabaran isn't very difficult, really. Unfortunately, I seem to have used up all of my awesome points in the last fight, and so I kinda sucked at this one.

Case in point.

Kulcabaran is predominantly fire based, but also has a chronos element. This means that Xelha's water/wind/light deck build is ideal against him, so she at least can do some heavy damage even when I fuck up her combos. On the other hand, Gibari's weapons are largely nonelemental at this point, so his usual water/wind specialization didn't help me too much here.

But in the end, it just wasn't powerful enough to pose a threat, even with an HP drain finisher that it used one whole time...

And it fell like all the rest.

I will. Your will, and your hope reside in me now, the last of the Ice Queens...

And that's it. The party just gets unceremoniously dumped back out into the School of Magic. You can go back in if you want to fight the monsters you missed, or if you need to find Tumart. Otherwise, good riddance.

We're almost there! I just need to find some wayward relatives, and then its on to the Endgame...

Where meets