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Part 43: Mini-update: Reunion

Mini-update: Reunion

It's time to finish one last collectathon. Let's see if we can find the final entries on Quzman's Family Tree.

Oh yeah, that guy! He seemed cool, we should go visit him in a sec. Maybe he'll sign now that I've found his wife.

I still think standing under a waterfall is one of the best workouts ever conceived. I still can't figure out if the game is trying to imply that his diet is working or that it's not, though.

Okay, that's 30/31! Only one more to go!

Not bad, not bad.

This next guy is a pain in the rear.

You have to talk to this guy to get him to sign for his wife. But you have to talk to him three times. He doesn't indicate that he'll sign for her in the earlier conversations. It's annoying.

I mean, it's one of those things that I really should have been able to figure out on my own given that the empty spot on the list was clearly his wife, meaning someone in that nuclear family would be the signer. But alas.

Quzman: ...before I die. Thank you so much! I don't know how to thank you enough.

Rest in peace, Quzman. You were an all ri-

Oh come on.

Quzman: Rabbih left in search of the Delinquency Stone twenty years ago. I haven't seen him since then! Please. My final request. Bring my brother here. He must be somewhere known for stones.

But I thought I didn't have to go back there again.

This part is annoying for several reasons, but here's the main one.

Rabbih has to be the last family member you find; he doesn't appear until Quzman adds his space on the Family Tree. The thing is, it's easy to forget about one of the dead family members and assume that Rabbih is the “last family member”.

See, the game keeps track of how many you've found out of 31. So when you have 30/31 (especially if you're completing this for the first time, like me), it's easy to assume that Rabbih is the 31st, but he's actually the 32nd.

Which means you may make the mistake I did and go to Zosma Tower before he appears and waste an hour looking for him.

Rabbih: Well, the reason isn't important. Just don't make too much of a ruckus. The moving stones really irritate me......That's the Delinquency Stone! I've finally seen it with my own eyes! You want to give me the stone? Now that I possess the stone, I can die a happy man. Thank you very much. Hmm...That Family Tree you have. If looks familiar. Could that be Quzman's?! That old cheat...still alive, is he? Well then. Let me sign it for you now. At some later date, I just might be dead already.

Rabbih: I've lived a full life. Sorry I'm breaking a promise, but this old body of mine can't hold on any longer. Tell Quzman I'll be waiting for him in heaven!


Quzman: He was never a social person, but he must have been happy when he died, surrounded by you people. Well...I can die happy now. As promised, I'll give you the Platinum Earrings.

And that's the last of the ultimate equipment, too!

Godspeed, Quzman. As weird as it is to say, I had a lot of fun helping you get this crazy family of yours together. Except Hawqal. Fuck that guy.

Taymiya: Luckily the wife doesn't have to take part in it, but even watching them dance is embarrassing. Oh, I almost forgot. My husband failed to give you something. Here, take it.

I never talked to Quzman after Tumart signed for his deceased wife, so I think this is the reward he would have given me for finishing that section of the tree. Kinda cool that they put in a failsafe for if you missed any of those items. Of additional note is that this shield is only usable by Kalas and Savyna. I thought that was odd.

And so, with our mighty equipment and all the sidequests put behind us, it's time to go to Anuenue and get the final stretch of the game started!

See you then!


Decision time!

This may be the end of our journey together. I had fun, Legion.

-> Me too.

-> Don't be so foreboding.