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Part 45: Siblings

Update 41: Siblings

Music: Survival from the Force

There are five hallways shooting off of this central area. Let's start with the lower left path.

Each path has a little hallway, which usually involved the stuck hands scrambling about. They're not generally too hard to avoid, and they do move in a pattern, but sometimes they appear very suddenly and it can be hard to get out of the way in time.

There's also a teleporter maze. I'm terrible at this kind of puzzle, and it's one of those ones where going backwards through a portal can take you to a different place than you originally came from and aaargh.

Each wing of the castle also has a glowing orb. Touching it will cause a treasure to either spawn or otherwise become accessible in a different wing. Naturally, this means that you have to backtrack a lot to get all the treasure, but some of them are very worth it.

Oh, that is delightful! And this is definitely the dungeon to have high end elemental armor for, since each miniboss is aligned very strongly towards a particular one.

All right, time to face off against Sibling God Bo. I like that fire effect – each one has flames where their corresponding section should be.

Bo is the water based one. The sibling gods also all have their own special attacks, and I found them all to be pretty neat looking so I'm glad that I managed to capture all of them in one run. Icy Burst has a high chance of freezing, of course.

I should also point out that these guys can be alarmingly powerful. 1500 damage is rather nasty when my characters are all sitting at around 5000 HP. And since these bosses attacks are so heavily elemental, you're almost guaranteed to take loads of damage unless you get the right opposite element armor to offset the damage.

And then Mizuti summoned a flaming cat head.

Savyna also did things that were helpful.

Each Sibling God also drops a Finisher, meaning 5 of the 6 ultimate finishers are mandatory drops. Kalas is the only exception.

Now for the upper left path.

The upper left path has very little of interest, except for this glowing ball. Touching it activates a new teleporter back in the teleporter maze...

...which leads to the ultimate finisher for Kalas.

At the end of the upper left path, we have Sibling God Che

He's Chronos based and likes to paralyze. The good news is that Xelha's setup right now really rips him up, but the bad news is he kept paralyzing her so I had to rely on Lyude instead.

Lyude has the best finishers.

Two down, five to go. Let's see what the lower right path has in store.

This path's puzzle is that there are platforms that can be raised and lowered. The platforms with green pillars generally move individually, while all of the red ones will move up and down together. You have to use a combination of the two to get the red platforms high enough... reach the glowy orb. Otherwise, you can get through the area with little hassle.

Sibling God Le is up next.

Le is the wind based one, perfect for trying out that awesome Chronos armor I got. She's also capable of inflicting poison, which seems sort of random for wind but whatever.

As if Kalas gives a shit about elemental resistances.

All right, upper left path time. It's as straightforward as the upper left one was. No puzzles, just hallways.

Powerful but fire based weapon for a water based character. Ehh.

This one is Ar, my personal favorite of the lot for a few reasons.

Among them is my first recorded five digit damage output (from my lowest ATK character, no less).

Firebird is also my favorite of the Sibling Gods' attacks. Flames is an annoying status effect but it's okay if the means with which it was inflicted is sufficiently awesome.

And he drops Savyna's fire based ultimate finisher, making this the first instance of a Sibling God dropping a finisher of their own element.

This hallway (the upper path) is a pain. A ton of angels spawn all around the room, blocking off both the way forward and the way back, so you have to slog through two or three battles to get through. Fortunately, the angels are probably the least dangerous enemies here so it's still nothing major.

They also drop these, which are also kind of anti Gibari elements but still, how do you NOT use a spatula as a weapon if you're given the chance?

The bull got in the way of a good picture of the last glowy sphere.

And we're down to He. He is interesting because it is one of the only Light based bosses in the game, making it contrary to all of the common enemies in here. This is also a rare instance where Lyude's dark magnus and finishers are actually quite useful, but I didn't feel like bringing them all in just for one fight and then having to swap them all back out again.

He also has the least interesting special attack. It's just a simple little explosion of white light, nothing fancy. It also inflicts Sleep, the same minor annoyance as always.

And there we go!

The central teleporter is now functional. Join me next time as we go into the deepest reaches of the castle and see if we can't find the god we actually came here to look for.


In celebration of reaching Cor Hydrae, let's have some Finisher videos!

Sword Style!


Destructive Power!

Extreme Attack!

Special Attack!