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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

by Overrated Sage

Part 47: ...and the Lost Ocean

Update 43: ...and the Lost Ocean

Only one final stairway connects us to the roof. This is the only thing of note on said stairway. It's not even all that great an armor magnus considering it's the last treasure in the game (though it does offer 100% paralysis protection).

The destructive powers of your End Magnus...The powers of life that Fee gave me, that we wield...Let's see which of the two will claim the world...Let's see who is worthy, Malpercio!

Video: The Master of Cor Hydrae

Music: Violent Storm (Shampoo song!)

The final battle with Malpercio is a tough one, and I think he makes for a good final boss. That being said, he has 20000 HP, so Mizuti just tore off over 3/8ths of his life.

This means you can beat him before he even gets to attack...but only if you manage everything just right and/or get extraordinarily lucky.

The fight started off well. A little too well. I was honestly afraid that I'd beat him so badly that I'd have to redo it to get footage of his special attacks. Well, he reminded me why I shouldn't take him so lightly.

See that? That's how much damage he did when I did a decent job defending. He can do upwards of 2000 damage if you don't defend with just a basic attack string. Needless to say, you need to keep an eye on your health.

So you may be wondering why I didn't let you guys vote on the party. Well, the actual answer is that I totally forgot, but I picked the party I thought you guys would want and if you wanted to see Savyna, Gibari, or Xelha in action, then they are featured in the video.

But as far as my choice went, there was Mizuti for general ass kickery/awesomeness and the whole “chumping Malpercio twice before” thing, Kalas for plot, and Lyude for


Enchanted Blade is the new HP drain attack. It can do up to 1700 damage undefended and I think I've only ever gotten it below one thousand one time with Gibari and a really, really good defense string. He also tends to use this twice in a row and can even use it on all three characters in a row if he wants.

And Dark Arrow forgoes that in favor of just being a giant ball of Fuck You.

Malpercio can also shift his elemental affinity. He starts off being weak to light, but can move to any other element at a whim. This also charges his attacks with elemental damage, making them even harder to effectively block. Couple that with HP drain and his crazy damage output, and this fight can get very tense. Like I said, I really enjoy it; I think it manages to push into challenging without being frustrating.

Hey, Great Mizuti! Do me a favor and bind this divine blob of grease!

Easy as pie!

Bind it? Oh, right, I guess we can't kill him until we “rescue” Melodia. This game really likes saving the bad guys. I guess I can't complain, though, since it's worked out quite well so far.

Kalas? What're you doing?

I'll be back in a second. Behave yourselves, okay? Melodia! I'm gonna pull you out of that pit!

And then Kalas jumps into Malpercio's being, somehow.

Also, flashback!

Music: Soul Poetry

Fee...You're gone...

I won't forgive you! I'll never forgive any of you! I'll find you! Find you all, one by one!! You'll answer to me some day! I'll make you pay for this! I'll do whatever it takes!

I'll give you power. I'll guide you. Forever, and ever...One condition. You have to do whatever I say. Deal?

You forgot to add “Get in the back of my van.”

Who are you? Where are we going?

To meet your Guardian, of course.

Now for a different flashback, which I think is supposed to have happened earlier...

I'm fine...It's nothing. I just feel a little hot. Maybe a fever.

Peachy: Oh dear, maybe you've caught a cold. Please, come inside!

Melodia takes a few steps forward, then suddenly hunches over...

Peachy: Lady Melodia! What is it?!...Ohhhh, you're bleeding...

Peachy Congratulations, Milady. You have become the true heir to the Duchy of Mira.

That's...not an appropriate reaction to a girl blee-


...Well, it's still not a an appropriate reaction to a girl having her period. Can't you at least help her to a bathroom first?

The true...heir?

Peachy: Yes, Milady. We will be teaching you everything you need to know to become a respectable Lady of the family.

Me...heir to the Grand Duke?

Peachy: And it's not just about learning. You have to acquire appropriate etiquette as expected of a Lady...

???: Yes, you will claim your birthright...I shall see to it...

What...did you say something?

Peachy: I said you will be taking more lessons, in dancing and horse-back riding, among others...

Can you hear me? Let's go back...let's go back together! It's okay, now. Let's finish this, Melodia! If you stay here any longer, you'll be trapped forever!

It's no good! I'm not getting to her...Help me, Legion! Okay? Wake up, Melodia!

Yes! It's working! Can you hear us?! If you can, open your eyes! Wake up! Please!

...Kalas? ...My dear Kalas?

Music: Star Spangled Journey



(I have no idea how that worked but it did so hooray I guess)

Okay! Let's put Malpercio to sleep. For good, this time. Let's give him a break from his millennium of suffering!

None shall escape from destruction! None! Not even destruction itself!

But all three Holy Artifacts have been broken...How could we?

Allow me...That poor child spoke to me. The ancient wizards summoned Guardian Spirits, using their power to forge the Artifacts. My End Magnus, Kalas' Magnus of Life, and the power of Legion, Kalas' Guardian Spirit. If we combine all three, it just might work.

Can you do it?

Yes...I have to do it. I must put him to sleep. Poor child...

Okay! Ready, Legion? Let's do it!

Do it! Now!!

The three witches start channeling energy to the newly repaired Holy Artifacts...

Cast light upon the darkened earth...

Save those lost in despair...

O Mighty Ocean, guide us as we journey through...

...the darkest pit of night.

Go back now...Back to the Ocean...

Suddenly, the castle begins to shake!

We must go! We'll be pulled into another dimension!

The group runs to the dragon. Xelha pauses for a bit, then follows.

Goodbye, Cor Hydrae. You were a pretty neat final dungeon with a pretty color scheme. I'll miss you.

Is this the real thing? Is this the Earth?

Music: Advent of Earth (Shampoo song!)

As Kamroh predicted, the islands are now out of power and start to fall, but...

...The...sibling gods come and catch them?

...And then turn into giant stone pillars. Um, okay? Thanks!

Music: Temple of Celestial Flowers

Yeah. But I feel a little uneasy.

Oh really? Well, you've been through a lot. But, Kalas. Now is when things start gettin' tough. The world's been messed up pretty bad by all this fighting. It'll take generations to rebuild. We're not used to life on the ground. We may have regained the green earth, but other problems'll prob'ly start poppin' up now. We've got a lot of work ahead of us, kid! Why don't we just have a little fun tonight, and worry about it later, huh?

Yeah, right.

That's the spirit!

Yes. Thanks to your efforts, we can celebrate victory.

No...It's thanks to the others, who trusted me even when I fell to the dark side. Without them, I'd be part of the Cor Hydrae by now.

Hmmm. That may be true...But it's our victory because all of you, or rather, people the world over joined together to attain.

Yes. And now for the next step. We must join together to rebuild our new world.

*faces Ladekahn* Thank you for your help, King Ladekahn.

No. Many thanks to you for your courageous efforts, Queen Corellia.


Ha ha ha! And of course, thank you, too, Lord Rodolfo.

Ha ha! Thank you, Lord Rodolfo.

Huh? Ah, Kalas. She's resting in the palace. It's just not the right time for her to join everyone. I wanted to stay with her, but I thought I should thank you first.

Oh, I see...

Even though world peace has been restored, the scar caused by this conflict may last forever...Melodia must live her life, bearing that scar forever. But I hope the time will come when she can smile innocently again, with a pure heart...

Don't worry. I'm sure someday she will. The terrible hurt suffered by the world and Melodia is gonna heal with time. You can count on us to be by her side.

...Thank you for saying that. I hope I live to see it.

Yeah. You should live a long life for Melodia's sake. She'll need you.

Aww, how sweet. And accurate. This is a pretty forgiving world, I'm sure people will forget about Melodia's teenage tantrum in no time.

Meanwhile, at The Great Mizuti's table...

By the way, Great Mizuti. Why are you still wearing that mask? The Taintclouds are gone. You don't need it anymore, do you?

… … … ...That be true. Great Mizuti didn't notice that.


So, what are you going to do now, Great Mizuti? Will you go back to Gemma Village?

Huh? Can't do that. A whole new world be waiting for Great Mizuti. A new chapter of adventure for Great Mizuti be just beginning. Kalas wants to take part in it?

Ha ha ha! Sounds like fun! Maybe...

I'd pay so much money for that game.

What? Ah, Kalas...

What's up? You don't look so happy.

Um...It's nothing. I'm having fun. Really!

“...”, indeed. What's her problem?

Oh, I was just thinking about the future of my country. Attacks by Malpercio's minions have left the once proud nation of Alfard in ruins. Rebuilding will not be an easy task. There's no one like King Ladekahn or Queen Corellia to aid in the reconstruction effort. There is no one to lead our nation. I wonder if peace will ever return to our motherland...Thinking about the people in Alfard, and their future, I can't help but worry.

I see...But Lyude, people in Diadem, Anuenue, and the other nations will never give up on Alfard. We can help each other. I know we can. Right?

...That may be true. The Empire, that nation that despised others and stood on its own, doesn't exist anymore. We can live together, work together, in peace. Thank you, Kalas. I think I feel better.

You're welcome. Say...why don't you become one of the leaders of the new world?

Huh? That's...that's too much for me...

Really? I think you're more than qualified.

Wow, I think that's the nicest I've ever seen Kalas being to Lyude.

I don't know. But I want to do something I could never do before, or never got around to doing. This feeling...It's so strange. I used to never care about tomorrow, but so much has changed. I never imagined I would ever have these kinds of feelings.

Hey, Savyna! Why don't you learn how to cook? I think you would make a great cook!

Ha! Savyna become a cook? That sounds interesting.

Humph. Hmm...not a bad idea. Okay, I'll dedicate my first dish to you two. Better be ready for anything!

Hmm. I could see that working, actually.

It looks like everyone's doing pretty well!

...or not. Where could Xelha be going?

The scene picks up again at the springs of Sadal Suud, where we first found the Ar End Magnus. Xelha is with the witches, who depart as soon as Kalas enters...

Video: The lost Ocean

Music: Amid Butterflies and Moonlight

When did you notice?

When I learned that you and Legion had found each other, and you had bonded together.

I see...

Also, when we were attacked by the Goldoba on the way to Mira, and were trapped in another dimensions. You gave yourself away there.

Cast light upon the darkened earth...Save those lost in despair. O Mighty Ocean, guide us as we journey through the darkest pit of night. The darkest pit of night...huh.

Yes. All life will eventually return to the sea...That's my nation's prayer. The one I said in Moonguile Forest, where we first met. You know it by heart. What are you doing out here?

But we had met each other in Cebalrai, before you left for the forest. I thought you just made a mistake, but it stuck in the back of my mind. It wasn't a mistake. It was a slip of the tongue, Xelha. You gave yourself away. You had seen me in Moonguile Forest, before we met in Cebalrai. You probably just happened to overhear us talking. Right, Xelha?

You'll help us, won't you, Legion? Here's the plan. I'll be attacked by Rock Cats, and lose consciousness. When I come to, I can say some memories were partially lost from the shock. Not mine, Legion. Yours. You'll have forgotten all about our plans, and continue helping me. You and I are a team, Legion.

Nope. Sorry. There's no turning back. Okay, let's get this over with. Zap Legion's memory for me.

Melodia shoots a ball of energy at Kalas' head, and he passes out...

Come, free us, from a thousand years of darkness...A millennium of solitude and suffering...Beautiful white wings for you...For the world, death and destruction! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

What's going on here? Who are you?

Gram: Is everything all right, Your Majesty?

This young man...

Gram: Hmm...none of his injuries appear to be serious. He probably just passed out.

Leon: Let us carry him, then, to the nearest village.

Wait...I don't want people to know that we were the ones who found him...

Gram: …? As you wish, Your Majesty. Yet...

I'm glad you're here. I have a favor to ask of you.


Interesting. So Meemai rescued Kalas at Xelha's request.

Even more interesting, though, is that Xelha knew the whole time that Kalas wasn't on the up and up. And yet she let him come along anyway, in hopes that she could convince him to change his mind. I have to say, considering she's a relatively straightforward female lead, she's awfully good at keeping secrets.

I'm just Xelha...Last of the Ice Queens...

What do you mean, “Last”?

That day, when I first saw you in this forest...It seems like such a long time ago...Did you know that Moonguile Forest had another name? At first it was called the Moonglade Forest...But as time passed by, people started using the wrong name. Eventually, the wrong name stuck. Maybe we do that too, sometimes. We leave things lying around, things that should have been important to us. We leave them somewhere, and just forget about them. Thus, we deceive others...And eventually, even ourselves...

A thousand years ago, five continents rose to the Sky, leaving the Land which was damaged by war with the Gods...The Ice Lands also escaped finto the Sky, with help from the Great Whale...Wizards gave us the Ocean Mirror, but there was something else, as well...

Holy crap, this is an awful lot of flashbacks for an ending.

Ice Queen: Yes.

Wizard: It will be a long and arduous task...

Ice Queen: I know. It is the same with you, you who chose to stay on the Earth, and live beneath the clouds, you who chose to live without the Sun. Let us protect the Ocean, the world, and the people together, at the bottom of the Earth, beyond the frontiers of ice...Until the time when the ravaged Earth is at last purged of its taint, when people can finally return to the fertile lands below...Hoping that our children will return to the Earth, someday...

Wizard: Yes...Our children...

Ice Queen: Now, let us begin, before the Ocean is tainted with the venomous blood of the gods...

Wizard: I hereby lay my life down to seal the Ocean, to remove its song form the Earth...To halt the neverending lullaby that has blessed this world forever past...

Ice Queen: Cast light upon the darkened earth. Save those lost in despair. O Might Ocean, guide us as we journey through the darkest pit of night.

Wizard: May time, ever fleeting forgive us. We who have forsaken our song, and buried our future...

And so the Ocean is sucked into the first of the Ice Queens, to save it from being tainted by the blood of Malpercio...

Kalas...The Ocean is here...inside me...I am the Ocean. The Ice Queens of Wazn have done this for generations. The Queen protects the Ocean, and passes it on to the next Queen...until the final moment...

It can't be...Th-that's impossible!

At first, I thought you were sent by the Empire, to hunt me down. But we were attacked by Giacomo's men, and I realized you weren't...I didn't know which side you were on, but I knew you were enthralled by some fearsome power...I wanted to stay, and watch over you. I wanted to save you. I would have done anything I could. You were like me...We were two of a kind...You were different...Different from the others. I could see you soul glowing with a mysterious light.

When I was bonded with Legion, something told me in the back of my mind, that in this era, those that can be bonded with a Guardian Spirit are much different from the others, and have their lives fraught with sadness...

...Why, Xelha? Why didn't you tell me?

I couldn't tell you until now! That was part of my oath! Not until the time comes! What was I supposed to say to you?! “The long lost Ocean is inside me, why don't you come with me and we'll find ourselves on an exciting adventure”?!

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that.

I'm sorry, too...Now that the End Magnus have been released, and the Earth has returned to us, I must fulfill my final duty as Ice Queen of Wazn.

If this weren't such a serious moment, I'd comment on how kinky that sounds.

Aw, dammit, nevermind.

If I do that, Xelha...What will happen to you?

No! I can't! I won't do it!

I'm sorry...for asking you to do this...But I can't do it on my own. We have both bonded with the same Guardian Spirit...Our hearts can become one...The three of us should be able to release the Ocean inside me. Now that the Earth has been restored, everyone is waiting for the Ocean to return. Please, Kalas...Legion...

Thank you, Legion...I knew you would.

Okay, all right! I'll do it, I'll do it! Just promise me this. Don't leave us, Xelha...Don't leave me.

Cast light upon the darkened earth...

O Mighty Ocean, guide us as we journey through...

May time, ever fleeting, forgive us...

Fare thee well, my children...Rest, in my heart, forever...Thank you, Kalas. Thank you, Le-

Music: A Last Villainous Quip (Shampoo Song! Also, what the hell?)

??? This world is mine!!! I finally found you Kalas, you sickly Raven!


I've been looking all over for youuuuuu! There's noooo escape!

It'll be so much fun swallowing you...Yesss...Yessssss...All of youuuu! Look at meeeee! Look, look at me welllllll! I am the world, nowwwww! Soon I will be the universe itselfffff! You two just give up nowwwww, become part of meeee! You want to live, don't youuuuu?!


I don't-