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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

by Overrated Sage

Part 48: Cetus

Update 44: Cetus

Music: Evil Meets its End, or A Last Villainous Quip

Video: The End (includes credits)

So...this is happening.

Geldoblame has some creepy animations that I strongly suggest checking out in the video, unless you just ate in which case this picture makes a decent case for what they're like. He enjoys licking his chops.

He's also a total joke. His maximum damage output is 300 per attack string. He has some solid HP at 15000, but you can instakill him with any Guardian Spirit attack.

Xelha clobbered him before that happened.

And so Geldoblame vanishes, and the plot carries on as if that never happened. Whelp!

Music: Star Spangled Journey

You will both be remembered in legends yet to come...

No, I don't want to be remembered that way. Kalas...The dream I saw two years ago...It wasn't about the end of the world. It was about you...It was you, in the heart of a dark forest...Holding someone tight, and crying...It was you, Kalas...I...I just wanted to be with you...To be a couple, like any other...To hold each any...other...

Music: Deep Sea of Tears (Shampoo song!)

Rain pours down on the Earth...

Wazn crashes into the Ocean...

Okay, I'm still appropriately sad and all, but I love the fact that Meemai was secretly god all along.

And now for one last flashback, to bring the plot full circle.

Yeah...I hear them.

You have heard about the Guardian Spirits, haven't you? From a place and time you will never reach...Silent words, unspoken feelings...You don't really need to summon the spirits to this world. They call out to us, so playfully...

Melodia starts doing this little twirl with her arms held out around this point. I'm just mentioning it because it looks really silly.

Two souls in separate worlds, their neverending dreams, their painful longing...Two souls that call out to each other. Two souls that seem alike.


That spirit seems to like you. If you could bond with it, something wonderful may happen to you. Are you ready?

Uh...hello. Can I...May I ask your name?

Legion? So that's your name...Not bad. My name is Kalas. We're a team now, you and I. Well, hang in there for me, Legion.

Music: Lull in the Wind

We didn't summon you here that night...It was you who called out to us. What were you looking for? What brought you to this world? Were you looking for something important? Following your heart? Is that why you came here, Legion?

I see...Well, I hope you find what you're looking for, or something to look for. Some day. Good luck, Legion!

This is where we first met...Let's say goodbye here. I'm glad I got to travel around with you. Thanks for everything...Goodbye, Legion.

...You're gone, aren't you? I can't year your voice anymore. Goodbye, Legion...


Whoa! What are you...Is that Xelha's pendant?

Palolo III We found it on the beach! You can hear Xelha's voice in it!


Cedr: It's true! Try this!

Kalas holds the pendant up to his ear...

O Mighty Ocean...Guide us...

...I'm home.

Xe...Xelha?! Is it really you?!

It's ghost.


Yeah,'re right.

I owe it to Meemai and friends...The Great Whale. When the Ocean was released, I was fading away...They found me, and put me together again. ...Kalas, it's okay. I'm not going anywhere.

Yeah...I know.

I'm glad I made it back in time! I really wanted to thank you, and say goodbye, Legion. Thanks to you, the Earth and Ocean have returned. We'll always be close. Thank you, Legion, and goodbye. I'll never forget you...ever!

Well, so long, Legion! Take care. Drop by anytime! I'll take ya out fishing sometime.

Thank you for everything. We have lost a great deal...but you taught us to believe in ourselves. You gave us the courage to go on. Farewell, Legion.

The Great Mizuti be visiting your world someday, Legion. We be having extraordinary adventure, the Great Mizuti and you! Wonderful. Marvelous. Fantastic!!!

Mission accomplished. All operations have been successfully completed. ...You have my thanks, Legion. It was a pleasure serving with you.

Music: Whispering Stars (Shampoo Song for the credits)

And so everyone waves as we depart. Note that Ayme and Folon sneaked into the back row. I knew they'd come around.

I'd like to point out that voice talent is the first category. I'd also like to say that, despite the voice quality's many faults, Janica Southwick did a good job playing a creepy/batshit teenage girl villainess.

The credits themselves don't hold much of interest to me, but towards the end there are some “Where are they now?” pics of the characters. Let's have a look.

Music: Fruitful Party (The last Shampoo Song...)

Well, I have to say this has been a blast for me. I hope you all enjoyed the wild and sometimes deranged ride that this game has offered. It had its ups and it had its downs, but it has been and remains one of my very favorites, and I'm glad I got to show it off.

Perhaps I will see you all again, in the hive mind bonded to another young man, twenty years prior...