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Part 7: Errands for Orphans

Video: Gena and the crybaby

Music: Ancient Homeland

So, what business do you have here?

We're back, Sagi.

Yeah. I wonder how everybody's doing?

I'm sure they're fine!

Yeah, you're probably right. C'mon, let's go see Mom first! It's been a long time.

Walking forward just a bit triggers another scene.

Uh-huh! Wacho took my hat and hid it!

Oh, that naughty Wacho. But, you know, Tik, big boys aren't supposed to cry over little things like that. Right?

...Yeah...Hey, Gena? Show me your wings again. That always makes me feel better.

...What am I going to do with you? All right. Take a good look.

- - >Music: Le Ali del Principio

Wow, they're beautiful...

Well, that's wonderful. Especially if it's true! But I think I've heard that one before.

I mean it this time. I'm never gonna cry again! Genaaaaa!

Gena and Tik both walk offscreen to the right.

Wow! I never knew wings of the heart could be so beautiful! You just don't see people with wings like that! Not anywhere I know of.

That's right, they're the best wings in the world. No one else's could touch them.

Agreed. Nobody in this game or the other had wings like that. It's nice to see how the developers play with the wings concept sometimes, both in gameplay/plot and artistically.

Okay, now that we've seen that, it's time to go over something I neglected before;


Buying stuff works like it always has. Get goodies for your money. I bought a new weapon for Milly and another for Sagi.

Selling stuff does work a little differently, though. Instead of selling things individually, you sell your “junkpile”, which consists of magnus you've discarded. So you go through your magnus, throw some in the junkpile, and then sell them all at once. I assume it's supposed to streamline the selling process, but it's not really that much faster since you still have to go through and manually add everything to the junkpile before you can sell it. You still get a pittance for your old magnus, so it's rarely worth doing anyway except to just de-clutter your inventory.

Trading in magnus coupons gets you ten free magnus. I traded in the one I got from the guy at Dark Service HQ and got these. Sometimes you get good stuff this way, but a lot of it's just trade fodder.

Finally, you can upgrade weapon and armor magnus by combining them with specific quest magnus. In this case, I combined the new sword I bought for Sagi with a Spark Shroom to power it up a bit.

Believe it or not, but this is the first time I've ever tried upgrading. As far as I can tell, once you've upgraded a weapon you can't upgrade it any more.

This upgraded weapon deals lightning damage AND makes the enemy weak to lightning. Pretty nice setup if you ask me.

Okay, enough about stores. Let's get back to progress.

Video: Puppet vs Orphans, Round One

Hey, isn't that...

Don't just stare at the ground. Go see Gena and let her know you're safe.

What is it now, Tik? Are you hungry? This had better not be another ploy to see my wings.

Hi, Mom...I'm home.

Gena freezes for a second, then turns around.

…!? Sagi!


Sagi runs up to his mom and giver her a big tackle-hug. It's pretty adorable.

I'm home, Mom. I've come back!

Y-Yes, I can see that. Welcome home, Sagi!

Yeah. And they gave me all this money as a stipend! Here, look! Take it. You could use the help, right?

Thanks, I sure could. After all, I've got a houseful of growing menaces here. We're strapped for just about everything. So, who's the young lady?

Oh, this is Milly. We met her on the way here. She's traveling from Alfard.

Nice to meet you, ma'am. I'm Milliarde. I'm so sorry to impose on you like this...

Don't be silly, it's no trouble. I'm delighted Sagi's brought such a lovely girl home with him. Hee hee!

She's rotten on the inside.

I'm right here?

Guillo turns back and starts play-fighting with the kids. It just makes a couple of menacing stances while they throw punches at it.

Oh! Um, I saw you earlier in the square. Your wings of the heart are so pretty.

No, you were watching? That Tik loves to see my wings. He stops crying on the spot. Sagi was the same way when he was little.

Mooooooom! Don't tell her any weird stories...

All right, mister! I guess I'll just go get supper ready, then.

Guillo play-dies at this point and does a rather spectacular fall. Once the kids run offscreen it sort of inflates itself back up. It's worth watching the video just for that.

So, what do we do now?

Well, I thought we could relax here for a little while. It's my first trip home in ages. Why rush to get everything planned out? Hey, Milly. You still haven't had a chance to look around the village, right? Come on, I'll give you the grand tour.

Hmm...this sounds suspiciously like my old foe, “Find the event flag(s)!”

Okay, so I want to be up front about my feelings; this section of the game is a real drag from a gameplay perspective. However, the village and orphanage have such charm and character that it's still pretty bearable and relaxing to explore, so all in all I don't actually mind this section.

That said, let's move on to event #1

I know! I-I said I'm sorry. And you're still mean for taking my hat! Please give it back, Pleeeaaase?

Why should I? You're such a crybaby. All you ever do is cry.

I-I am not a crybaby!

Wacho...I get back after all this time, and you haven't grown up one bit. You're older than Tik. You've got to learn not to let these little things get you.

But Tik ate my piece of cake that Gena made for us all! We hardly ever get to eat cake. I hate Tik! I'm never giving back his stupid hat!

Meemai, I feel sorry for Tik. Why don't we go look for his hat?

Oh boy I'm so excited.

When we leave the orphanage, we walk past a tall old building, which triggers a cutscene.

Sagi, what's this building? It's all falling apart.

It's a ruined clock tower from a long time ago. Everybody here calls it the Brierclock. The story goes that it was built back in the ago of the gods.

It's barely holding together. I guess you can't go in?

Nah, too many thorns. But the kids dare each other to climb it all the time. You know, to see who's braver.

It was like a ritual. You'd go up all by yourself...Not even sunset would bring you down. Gena used to get so worried.

No kidding? I guess you're braver than I gave you credit for.

It's not bravery. It's just...climbing the Brierclock helps me unwind.

You should try it, wench. A good climb might bring out your demure side. If you have one.

I'll pass, thanks. I wouldn't want the thorns to tear my clothes.


Who is?!

Cut it out, you two.



I love these people.

This kid is guarding Wacho's stuff, where Tik's had presumably is. She tells us that the password is a round, red, juicy fruit. Sadly, we can't just guess, we have to actually bring her one.

Oh, sweet, wonderful mountain apples. One day I will fill every spare quest magnus I have with you. But that day is not today.

Okay, time to wrap this up.

It has to be a piece of Gena's special cake, or no deal!

Tik, look what I've got.

Ah! Is that what I think it is?! Sagi, thank you...Your hands are bleeding. Are those scratches from the briers. You did all that for me? Here, use these...

Aw, man, now I look like the bad guy.

...I'm sorry, Wacho...I know you must have been looking forward to eating Gena's cake.

OK, they're all ready! Gather round, everyone. Here comes a batch of Gena's famous thornflower nectar cookies!


Wacho, Tik feels really bad. I'm sure he won't eat your piece of cake again. Right, Tik?

Yeah, I won't eat yours ever again! I swear!!

I'm sorry, Wacho. Won't you forgive me?

… … Aww, yeah, I guess so!

Thanks, Wacho!

Well, now that that's settled, let's see how these cookies turned out.

Yay, we did a nice thing for small children!

The night passes, and morning comes.

Mm...mmm...Just a little longer...I'll be up before you can count to fifty...

Sagi! How long are you going to lie there? Your lady friend is already up and waiting!

I'm up!...Sorry to keep you.

Aw, did Sagi-wagi have a good sleep?


Suddenly, demons attack!

Nah, just kidding. Actually we get to run more errands.

Summary: Sis wants us to go next door and get thornflower nectar.

The Rose Shill is about as good as the weapon I just bought for Milly. I probably shouldn't have spent the money. Oh well.

Charms are the special items you need to have to buy Auras from the Endmost Bethel. I'll be sure to check that out sometime soon.

With that errand run, the game automatically moves on to nighttime again. But this time, we have a bit of an intermission before morning...

???: I know. But...I mean, are you sure about him? I find it hard to believe he's a -

The orphanage door opens and Sagi walks outside.

???: Someone's coming! I'll contact you again later.

Join me next time as we run more errands and maybe – just maybe – go to a dungeon and/or fight stuff!