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Part 11: The Funeral

First of all, thanks to Vil for pointing out that I missed this in the Sandfeeder's second cave. Now then, Sagi wanted to do some planning or something, right?

Music: Ancient Homeland

But nah, let's wander around the village a bit first.

There wasn't a whole lot of note going on in the area, but I did stumble across a few things.

Oh, the horror! Words can't even begin to describe it! Sagi! I was just bragging about you to everybody. You were sooo cool!

all the water spun arooound and arooound and down the hole but luckily none of the villagers got sucked down with it but they were kinda flopping around like squished pollyfrogs or something!

Also, rumor confirmed: there was a Yesterbean in the kids' stash. I feel kinda bad for stealing their priceless treasures, but I need to know what was up that path in the Thornwood.

Hmm...I wonder what this could be used for? I thought maybe I could use it for upgrading but it wouldn't go with any of my weapons. It says it boosts resistance to sleep. I guess that's worth something...woulda been nice for the Sandfeeder...

I agree. All of this started with the assassination of the emperor. Verus knows more about what happened that night, if we're to believe that prissy Geldoblame fellow.

Right. And then there's that strange dream. It's not normal for something like that to happen twice.

Or once, for that matter.

There has to be some connection between the monsters we saw at Olgan's place and the lake. That Valara woman called them “afterlings”. She obviously knew something about them. If we were in Alfard, we could probably find out more.

I knew you'd agree. Milly, are you OK with going back?

Now that I'm finally free to see the outside world, I can't say I'm exactly thrilled. But that dream bothers me as much as it does you. I think we should go with your suggestion.

Then that settles is. Let's go back to Alfard.

But how? They'll be watching for us.

We don't have to worry about that. Emperor Olgan's funeral should already be in full swing. It's a major event open to the entire world. They won't have time to worry about us with all the fuss.

Awfully smug, aren't we? At least a fantail in a fountain would give a quack.

I don't even know what that means but somehow it's still awesome.

There's a transition to morning. Everything seems to be the same as yesterday in the village, so I think there's not much left to do but leave.

A machina that can shear continents...Were I human, I'd be trembling.

All of a sudden something I've taken for granted my entire gone. I don't know how to describe what that feels like. I swear...I'll make them pay.

What could the fools want with a weapon like that?

Hey, I'm just glad they didn't destroy a part of the island with people or loot on it. Even so, that is a scary weapon Valara's got there.

Moving right along to the port...

Video: Farewell

What are you saying! That's the least of my concerns. I'll defend our home. That's what mothers do. You just go after your dreams. Don't you look back.


Come on, now. Stand up straight! Wipe that frown off your face. You're doomed before you start if you go out looking like that.

Yeah...Thanks, Mom.

Sagi, are you ready?

Hold on. Milliarde, can I borrow you for a moment?

What is it?

Gena and Milly start to walk off, Sagi following behind them.

Not you, Sagi. Go stand over there.

Huh? Uhhh...okay...

Huh? Me? I...

It's all right, you don't have to tell me what it is. I know you're not a bad girl.


I'm sorry. I think I tried to say one thing and another came out. I meant to ask you about Sagi. Milliarde...if it's OK, would you look after him for a while? He's always been by himself. His only friends are Guillo...and Meemai. That's why I'm so happy to see he has a friend like you now.

… …

Attendant: The skyliner bound for Alfard is now departing. All aboard!

Sagi, it's time to go.

Yeah. Milly, we have to go now!

So I can count on you, right?

… …Yes.

Guillo, take care of them.

I know what to do. You take care of yourself.

Ha ha! I will.

OK, we're going.

Have a safe trip, Sagi.

You know...I can't say that she's The Best Mom of all video gaming, but Gena is at least a strong contender for the title. I love her.

The party leaves, and arrives in Alfard...

Music: Lord of Pawns


You've had your fill of the outside world. It's time to go home to mommy and daddy's bomb shelter.

Hey, just a darned minute! Since when do you call the shots? I'm going with you. You're going to see Quaestor Verus, aren't you? I can take you there. It'll be hard work finding his residence with all the guards around...Unless, of course, the can opener already knows how to get there?

Hear that, Guillo?

Pah! I don't care anymore. Sagi, you decide.

That settles it, then! The Quaestor's residence is west of Mintaka. Let's go, Sagi!

Try not to get lost, dingbat. I walk fast.

Pompous little wench! I'll eat you yet!

I will never get tired of their banter. NEVER.

At the port, there's this guy who's freaking out about how he signed up to be a fighter in some Coliseum but now he's wimping out, so he hands over some Coliseum Dog Tags. This opens up the Coliseum sidequest, which I will be showing off later. It's kind of fun, and you can get some interesting prizes from it.

This game has some pimped out hats.

I also bought a new sword for Sagi. I probably could have bought some more stuff like those extra attack magnus, but I'm a bit strapped for cash so I think I'll wait a little while for that.

Hey, it's Quzman or one of his relatives! I miss tracking down that crazy family of his. I wonder if Quzman will have another mission for us in this game?

The poor guy's girlfriend left him for an imperial soldier. I thought it was interesting that a random nameless MPC you save from a jail cell actually appears elsewhere in the world (despite having no plot relevance or gameplay reward). It's these little touches that make me love this series.

All right, let's get a move on to the quaestor's.

He was. It's thanks to Emperor Olgan that the Empire has come as far as it has. But there's actually another reason for the crowds.

Yeah. Everybody's acting a little too festive for a funeral.

Uh-huh. They're here to mourn the passing of the emperor, but they're also excited about his successor. Capital folk love anything new. Everyone must be eager to see who will take Olgan's place. You know, I'll be the imperial candidates' speeches are coming up.

You're awfully well informed.

Of course I am! Who wouldn't be? They teach you these things in preschool. It looks like they'll be holding the speeches up in the plaza. Quaestor Verus is sure to be one of the candidates. Let's go watch!

We could do that, but I see a blue save flower and I was thinking it might be a goo-


Music: Four Seasons of Peace I

Maia: 'Cause all that's left of Sedna is an endless sea of grasses!...Egad! Who are you? How long have you been standing there?

Huh? Oh, no, I mean, I just got here...Actually...Where is here?

Maia: Huh? You don't know? This is Sedna. As in, “Town of”? …... You really don't know. Gah, very well. I'll just have to tell you. This is Sedna, a long-forgotten stretch of earth that drifts through the Outer Dimension near Mira. Nowadays the town doesn't have much going for it except for the wide-open spaces...but once upon a time it was a cozy little town full of friendly people. That is, until this puffed-up pip-squeak jerkface with a bad attitude showed up...and turned the entire town into magnus! Now the magnus pieces of Sedna lie scattered across the world, whereabouts unknown. And all that's left of Sedna is a big field of grass. Boo hoo...

I think you all see where this is going. This is Origins' answer to BKEWLO's Constellation sidequest; there are several Sedna magnus scattered throughout the game, and Maia will reward us for bringing them back here and releasing them. Let's release that bridge we got from the Sandfeeder.

I just wanted to demonstrate that Blue Save Flowers can take us to several different places now. I'll be visiting all of them quite regularly.

Now then, let's go see those speeches.

Vanguard – Lord Baelheit!

Video: Politicians

Countrymen! Great citizens upon whose unity our Empire was built! The emperor's death is a fact we must greet with much sadness. And yet, what joy! What pride I feel to see all the Empire's people join together to mourn him. All endings are, by definition, beginnings. What better way to honor the late emperor...than to continue his promachina efforts – nay, expand upon them – and take the next important step in imperial history!

I ask you – could anyone besides me, your humble servant Baelheit, possible shoulder this great legacy? Upon my election as the next emperor, I will devote myself to the complete promachination of Alfard. With the blessings of machina, I pledge to unite every continent under the Empire's reign! Then, when we have finally shed outdated conceptions like “wings of the heart” - I shall provide you all with winglets – true wings for a new generations! And so with you, my dear countrymen, I humbly await the sage decision of the honored members of the Senate.

Excuse me, I need to throw up a little.

Okay I'm back. Where were we?

Officiator: Next, let us hear from our second candidate, Quaestor Verus!

But do not forget: even now as we stand here, a crisis looms on the horizon! A crisis so great, it threatens the entire world – not just the Empire! Sightings of sable, perversely-shaped monster – creatures of unknown origin – have been reported on every continent. You're all aware of the damage. As head of military affairs, I cannot overlook this menace! I swear to you, in my own name and that of my guardian spirit! I will save the Empire and the world from these fearful beasts! If any of you love this noble Empire, then you will lend me your strength, that we may avert this crisis! Thank you.

Both candidates back away from the platform.

And zero talent for winning over a crowd.

He's just too honest. He has no standing in a promachination-obsessed Empire.

Promachination? Baelheit said something about that. What does it mean?

It's a movement that seeks to use machina – you know, machines – to build a better world.


I like how Guillo's actors handle that word. It's really hard to tell if it's being sarcastic or not.

Crap. He doesn't follow up with this question if you just say no (as I did when I played ahead to see what choices there were). They seemed similar enough so I just chose the top one.

Oh...OK, maybe we should ask him about it when we meet him.

Ready to head over to the quaestor's residence?


Whooookay, explosion out of nowhere.

Wh...what happened? Milly! Guillo! Are you OK?!

Mm...I'm all right.

Where's Guillo?

Guillo walks out from the fire off to the side.

I'm fine. But if you'd been standing where I was, you'd be very dead right now. Quite a rough neighborhood...what's this all about?

Indiscriminate terrorism. There've been a lot of attacks recently. Not everyone agrees with the Empire's ways, and some use violence to make that known.

A boy runs up to Sagi.

Conscientious Boy: Hey, excuse me?! Why don't you stop spacing out and do something to help the people who are hurt!

This is a rare instance where you can actually bypass what the game wants you to do (at the cost of getting Sagi kind of pissed at you and losing out on a reward). But as the thread has voted, we shall be helping with the rescue effort here... time!