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Part 17: The Other Woman

Video: Lots and lots of dialogue

Music: Parity of Light and Dark

I was neglectful. I'll be sure to petition to reconsider labor conditions for the miners.

… …

What's wrong, Sagi? You handled your missions magnificently. You should be happy.

A human being – Bein, he turned into one of those umbras! What does that mean?

...I don't know. He might have been sick, or perhaps he was a monster all along. Either way, we're doing what we can to learn about the umbras. You must focus on your own tasks.

… …

This seems to really be getting to Sagi. I guess I can understand, though. It's a scary thought, turning into some monster, perhaps even losing yourself in the process...

Quaestor, perhaps you should tell him.

I know.

Tell me what, sir?

It's about clearing your name in the emperor's murder case. I sent Geldoblame to appeal the Senate, but Baelheit overrode the motion.

He can do that?

I used my own authority to rescind the Imperial Army's warrant, but the Dark Service falls under Baelheit's jurisdiction. He said my personal judgment was not enough for the Dark Service to exonerate someone on their wanted list.

That's not what you told us.

Patience. There's more. Baelheit has requested you see him in person. Then you will be exonerated.

Forget it. You're asking him to climb the scaffold and shake the hangman's hand.

I just felt like that line needed a screenshot.

I am truly sorry. But you needn't be that concerned. The Senate knows that Sagi is under my wing – and I still command at least some respect. I doubt even Baelheit would attempt anything rash.

Maybe...But I still want to go, trap or not. All right. We'll go speak with Baelheit directly.

Sagi. Are you mad?!

I'm mad, all right. Don't you have anything to say to the guy who framed me?


I've made up my mind. Stop harping on it. You can bail me out if we get into trouble. Come on!

Fine, fine...I guess part of being a Guardian Spirit is going along with your decisions even when they're stupid.


There's really nothing of interest to do or see on the way to Baelheit's estate, so let's just skip right on to it.

Music: Tripartite Talks and the Secret Soul

I'll be back by the time you're done, so could we meet up here?

If it's a friend of yours, we could always go together later?

No, we always end up chatting each others ears off – I'd rather go alone.

Well, all right. I guess we'll see you later on?

Yeah. Sorry, Sagi.

Ehh...she's really not a part of this, it makes sense that she wouldn't want to get caught up in all this assassination business. Still pretty fishy, though.

She starts to walk offscreen...

You don't even have to come back.

I heard that!

You...! At the emperor's residence! You're the -

The emperor's killer.

Whatever do you mean? I'd prefer you keep such wild claims to yourself.

Wild indeed! We saw your face plain as day.

That doesn't make your words any less reckless. On the books, you are the ones who murdered the emperor. Which is why you went crying to Verus and then came here to make us take it all back. Am I wrong?

Lord Baelheit is waiting. Follow me.

I want to say something here, but I'm not really sure if it would be better to try and theorize/explain what's going on, or just throw my hands up in confused frustration.

Instead, I will say that Shanath is a tremendous dickbag.

Good. Shanath, leave us.

… …

I'd like to mention that a lot of the ellipses in this game (And the previous) are voiced. Shanath's irritated grumble here always amuses me. Anyway, he leaves the room, leaving us alone with Baelheit.

Forgive me. The emperor's passing has left me with a heavier workload. It's Sagi, isn't it? I'm aware of your situation. You want the assassination charge stricken from your record.

Yes, sir.

Very well. I'll have the charges rescinded.

That was easy.

Is that a problem?

No, sir. But why call us here for that?

I needed to know.

Know what?

...No matter. Our business is done. You may go.

Well that was absolutely pointle-heeeeey, there's treasure in here!

Our business is concluded. You may leave.



I have no intention of following you, but accidents do happen – and I happen to think the next one may involve you.

Text also cannot capture how Shanath practically sings the last half of that line. I kind of love Shanath's voice acting, much the same way I love (to hate) Shanath himself.

Here are some goodies that are in the other rooms that people won't complain about us taking. Also, the soldier sleeping to the right of Fulgadrum is the Captain of the Dark Service. Sadly, we have no means of making an accident happen to kill him, so he gets to avoid retribution.

This guy is into trading magnus.

Hey, I got a rarish thing that is pretty pointless now, and a Middle Potion which is quite nice. Certainly better than the old junk I traded to get it.

It went. I'm off the hook.

Really? Good for you!


You don't sound that thrilled. What? Did he say something to you?

No, it's nothing. Did you see your friend, Milly?

Huh? Oh...yeah. She's the picture of health, that girl.

Good, glad to hear it. I'll have to meet your friends sometime, see what they're like.

Birds of a feather, no doubt. Every unruly wench in the city must flock to this one.

Hm? Oh...right.

Come on, let's get back to the quaestor's. We should let him know the charges have been cleared.

Is it just me, or did that seem like an alarmingly lifeless conversation?

Let's trudge back to the quaestor's and see if we can get a goal or something to liven things up.

Music: Parity of Light and Dark (again)

Really? That's wonderful! Did he mention...ah, never mind. Moving right along – I'm going to start you on your next mission.


I want you to fly to Diadem.

You mean Diadem, Land of the Clouds? Kingdom of Knights?

The very same. Diadem's military strength is among the sky's greatest. Securing their cooperation would go a long way toward keeping Baelheit in check. I'll let Diadem know I'm sending you. Meet with Kind Ladekahn and see that negotiations go smoothly.

Understood, sir.

Quaestor, the skyliner to Diadem doesn't sail for a while. Will we be on standby until then?

No, I've arranged for a private vessel. I'll need you traveling between continents more frequently now.

A private vessel? Neat!

Look at the half-wit grin. No one said it was YOUR private vessel.

Quiet, you. If it's Sagi's private vessel, then it's my private vessel too, right?

Verus slams his cane on the ground a few times, calling everyone back to order. I like it when people with canes use them for attention and emphasis purposes.

The ship is waiting in port. You should be able to reach Diadem more quickly than by liner. I'm counting on you, Sagi.

Yes, sir.

The group starts to walk out, but then Sagi turns around. Looks like he's still got something on his mind...

Eliminate it. Before Baelheit gets it.

Even it it's a...person...who's transformed?


… …

The three leave the room, but the camera stays inside.

Are you sure we can trust the bot with these matters, sir?

He's a spiriter. And a spirit's blessing offers protections – that of a different world. What better candidate could we find for such a dangerous task? He will come through for us. As a fellow spiriter, I know it – I can feel it.

I have no objections, quaestor, if you say as much. Let us wish Sagi and his companions well.

Mmm. I believe I'll consult with my own spirit now. Would you mind?

You know, Verus, Sagi doesn't feel the need to be alone every time he talks to me. Neither did Kalas, for that matter. You don't have to be so shy.

Perspective switch over to Baelheit...

Its host left no ill effects. We can use it right away, milord.

Well done. Allocate it to Nasca's arma.

Right away, milord.

Only four remaining now. Of those on our list...

Bein is gone, so Celsica is the only one left.

In Diadem, wasn't she?

Yes, milord. I've already sent a unit.

Get started on promachination while you're there. I can't imagine those cloudfools will actually do as we ask.

As you wish, milord.

Shanath and the little girl with the bouncy ball leave Baelheit alone.

Isn't that right, Daimon?

??? I going about things...the wrong way?

I'm not...

Daimon, give me the strength to see this through. Because if I don't...the world...

Oooookay. The game wouldn't let me pick the answers there. I guess it's supposed to symbolize someone talking to a different guardian spirit? But it sounded a lot like Baelheit, and isn't Verus the spiriter? Maybe my ears aren't working right. Whatever, let's move on to a more normal cutscene.

Before we go to Diadem, I need to run an errand.

What do you need? Maybe I have something I could share with you.

Oh, no – I just want to check if Mom sent any letters. I'll be right back. Stay put!

Shops can now be used as post offices. Sure enough, there's a letter waiting to be opened from Gena. Let's read it!

Music: Ancient Homeland

How are things with you? Are you getting to do the things you want to do? You know, Sagi, I wish you were a little kinder to yourself. Go out there and find something special for your own sake, not just for me or the kids at the orphanage. Nothing would bring me more joy than to hear you've discovered what you really, truly want to do. It's not much, but I've enclosed some magnus and spending money. Treat yourself to a good meal – it's on me. Take care of yourself, mister. Love, mom.

[Obtained 500G! Obtained Magnus Pack Coupon!]

Oh, Gena, never stop being wonderful.

Hrmm...allowance? She's always treating me like a kid.

Well, it looks like it's time for the end of this update. Join me next time as we go to Diadem and meet up with some friends from the future!


Hey, do you guys remember back at the orphanage when Wacho and Tik went and picked a bunch of cottoncap fruit (yeah, the cottoncap fruit! They picked it!) and I took one as a magnus?

Well, as it turns out, it has aged into gauze. I can combine this with something else that I don't have to make proper medical supplies, but Almarde finds this acceptable all by itself.

Ah, thank you! Oh, thank heaven...With this, he'll pull through...Here, take this. I appreciate your help.

Pull through from what? Getting hit with brooms and sticks? Oh, whatever. She hands over a Magnus Pack Coupon, and we're done with the sideq-

Actually, there's one other thing I'd like your help with...

What is it this time? If you're worried about the medical supplies, there should be plenty.

I want you to get some...some sparkling snow.

Sparkling snow? Flame ice won't work instead?

Of course not! Flame ice is too cold!


Please! I'd really like some sparkling snow, and I can't really leave...

Oh, well, that's not too far out of our way. We'll be right back.

We can buy Sparkling Snow from the vendors on either side of the desert.

However, talking to the woman on the southern end triggers a new sidequest – she wants us to deliver some flame ice to her husband on the northern end. I don't have to do this to get the snow for Almarde, but hey, might as well.

On the way there I made a pit stop to talk to Georg, but it looks like there's nothing new here.

Eh...status resistance is nice I guess, but I'd rather get some good pinto beans. I wonder if the Baten Kaitos universe has learned about tacos?

Alma! So you really are worried about that ogre?!

… …!! W-well, yes, of course I am! He's been injured – it's only natural to worry...

I – I suppose so. That's so like you, Alma.

Oh, that's right. I've got to thank you properly! Here, use this.

She forks over an Ice Element, which is pretty pointless now that we're through the fiery area.

But the real reward...

Is there anything else you need?

No, I'm fine. I couldn't ask you for anything more...