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Part 19: Mini-Update: Coliseum Rank 2

Mini-Update: Coliseum Rank 2

Since we've unlocked rank 2, why not go back and see what awaits us in the Coliseum?

I feel like I might have shown this picture before (edit: I have) but it deserves to be seen again because this is an awesome setting.

That's not a very appropriate thing to say to a stranger.

Oh thank God I thought I was the only one

That said, there's currently no champion here, so what should the painting be of? A monster, maybe?

Gee, I wonder.

As usual, there are five sets of battles here. This first one, the Fiery Spirits, is probably the most difficult.

All of the enemies from the Fire Caverns make an appearance here. They were nasty then, and they're still nasty if you drop your guard. Furthermore, there are three enemies with no heal in between, so you need to keep an eye on your health. Still, they're not that dangerous...just potentially dangerous.

The Icy Stares are all enemies from the lake ruins back in Hassaleh. They're wholly unremarkable at this point and could barely kill one of my characters if they all ganged up on one and I never healed.

The Human Wave tries to be clever by throwing you up against two sets of humans and then three waves of bats and flying serpent creatures after that. It would be clever if the bats and serpent things didn't suck.

The Brittle Bunch is unique in that each wave has one or two of the lowest level Dark Service grunts somewhere in it. As such, it's exceedingly easy.

The Sadist Squad has bugs and I hate it already. Otherwise it's all critter types, including the ever omnipresent bats.

...I got all excited about making a coliseum update and it turns out this rank is just boring. Oh well, let's make up for that with Guillo's level 3 special attack.

And to finish this update off, here's another Travel Log dump.

Here again. There's no chalking it up to coincidence now. We're being sent somewhere, and those monsters, the umbras, have something to do with it. This isn't a dream. Seph, Thoran, Pieda, and Ven...Sagi, try talking with them? Because it doesn't look like they can see me.

Land, as far as the eye can see. Just what is that world? Well, we can ponder that question later. We've made it back to our own world – just in time for a brush with the Lord of the Lava Caves. I hope we don't end the day (and our lives) buried in lava or rotting in that monster's belly.

They want me to go see Baelheit and clear my name. Fine, whatever. I'll go and set the record straight. Just what are the umbras? If a human being like Bein can turn into one...were the other ones people, too? I wish I knew.

Out next mission is in Diadem. That makes sense. As the next greatest in military power after the Empire, I suppose it's the logical place to start. How kind of Quaestor Verus to have a ship ready for us at port! I'm sure it's a fabulous luxury liner!

They weren't kidding about the Land of the Clouds thing. I've never seen so many! Plus they seem different from the clouds in Hassaleh or Alfard. We won't get anywhere until we meet with King Ladekahn. Celsica of the Knights of Diadem is taking us to see him. She's kind of pretty. And she seems really nice.

Aha, interesting. So that's the type of woman Sagi goes for. Not that I care, mind you. Sagi has his kid moments, but Kind Ladekahn and Gibari have him beat. Poor Sir Rambari...Well, we'd better track those two down.

Oh, Milly.