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Part 20: Magna Mixing

Welcome back! When we last left off so long ago, we were following King Ladekahn and Gibari through the Cloud Passage in hopes of getting to talk to him about our problems. Let's see how things are going...

By using the mirror the king dropped earlier, we can disperse rainbows, which would otherwise impede our progress because...magic?...So here we have Sagi disintegrating a rainbow so we can access that treasure chest near it...

...And another that's blocking the way forward.

As we saw, some Imperial soldiers are hanging around and are clearly up to no good. They're thoroughly uninteresting as enemies.

On my way through this place, I found this new finisher for Guillo and swapped it into the deck for a while.

Huh...I wonder what this is for? I think I recognize this setpiece from Mira's mirror maze back in the last game.

I used the hole to the left to fall back down to the river portion, and in doing so triggered a new cutscene...

I...I'm sorry. I wouldn't say I “lost” it though – it's more like I just don't have it.

Did you really look?

Yeah, it's nowhere to be found. I can't believe it...

... ...


Whatever! If it's gone, it's gone. means so much to you!

Don't make such a face, Gib. You'll scare the clouds away. Come on!

… …

And, after some more uneventful progress...

It's no good, Kahn! We can't go any further!

Outta the way, Gib! It's only a dead end if you're dead!

See that flying beast?

Now you don't, because Ladekahn used it as a stepping stone.

See? Your turn, Gib!

Kahn, sometimes you're a bigger lunatic than me.

I dunno, I'd say we're about even.

And so the two once again run off just before we show up...and now the bird creatures won't pop up for us to try the same tactic of getting across (and god forbid we try and FLY across, no sir, that would be foolish). What to do, then? Let's keep exploring and see what we can find.

This is the chest that was blocked by a rainbow before. I'm halfway to something beautiful.

This is the only new place I can go to, and it LOOKS like a dead end, but then this helpful Cancerite shows up and walks on the thin platform to the left that looks like it shouldn't be walked on. I'm glad he showed up, because I would never have expected that to be a real platform.

It looks like you can walk there.

This place is a labyrinth. Are you sure there's even an exit?

The semisecret path leads to another mirror shining spot, but I can't – ohhh, wait, I got this one.

I knew that thing looked out of place! Now that we've scattered that stubborn rainbow, let's go through the new path it opened.


Yeah, although it's kind of a long story.

Might I ask what you all are doing in a place like this, sir?

Old Man: This is none other than the Diadem Cloud Synthesis School.

Synthesis school?

Meaning...people can make the clouds that form the Cloud Passage?

The old man goes on to explain how to use our Magna Mixer (you may recall us finding this back at the lake ruins in Hassaleh) to create a cloud. Let's give it a try!

First, we mix fire and water. Now some “time” has to pass, and by time I mean I have to win a certain number of battles. In this case, three.

Then we combine salt into the mixture, go fight one more fight, and...


Technically, we don't have to show the completed cloud to the old man, but he hands over a reward and lets us keep the cloud, so it's worth it.

Ooh, I could go for some tea right now...this stuff boosts fire offense 100% AND cures flames. Interesting combo. I might have to give this a try sometime.

And now that we've got a cloud, we can repair the bridge and get out of this maze of a double dungeon. Time to get to Nashira and see if we can't catch up with Gibari and Ladekahn.

...Why can't things ever be simple?

What are those soldiers doing here?

Something's not right. I don't see any villagers.

They'll pay if they've laid so much as a finger on the people here.

You there! What are you doing wandering around! You were ordered to go inside your homes!

What did you say? You don't give ME orders! I won't tolerate you marching around Diadem as you please!

What is this kid talkin' about? Hey, we got a couple of strays!

Well, this isn't looking too good for them. I guess it's a good thing we've been following them so we can help out, otherwise they'd be in pretty deep.

We know, Milliarde. Stop your squawking.

What are you saying, you dingbat! We have to help them!

Wait, Milly. We're outnumbered. If we go running in there somebody will have to rescue US. Why fight a lowing battle when we can just get caught instead?


That's actually a great idea. At least, assuming we know how to escape...

You mean it, Meemai? All right, let's give it a go, then. First we need to get ourselves caught...

Well, we could do that, but I see a save point and I'm gonna take advantage of that. There are no Guardian Spirit answers coming up, so no Decision Time today. See you next time!