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Part 21: Barrels of Fun

Okay, let's make this happen...Ahem.

What the-

More kids?!

They must be with the other two. Hmph. At least THIS bunch had the sense to come quietly! Throw 'em in with those other brats!

I still love this spot, too. Diadem has some great artwork., right, back to being captured.

Video: King Kong (skip to 6:38 for the action-ish section)

Anyway...Looks like it worked. I didn't expect them to take our magnus away...but still.

Apparently we weren't the only ones dumb enough to get locked up, huh, Gib?

Seems that way. Who are they, though? I don't know their faces.

You're King Ladekahn, and Gibari of the Knights of Diadem, correct? My name is Sagi. I've come from Alfard on Quaestor Verus's business.

Fade out/in

Music: Sanguine Grasses

Can I give you my answer once we've escaped?

Of course. That was the idea.

All right, so how are we going to sneak out of here?

I know! Why don't we all rush the door at once? You know, on three? One, two, three, SLAM!

???: Man, oh man! What is it with these half-baked, muscle-bound morons, anyway?

Moron?! Who's up there! Come out and show yourself!

???: Hey! Keep it down, already. You bellow like that and the Empire grunts'll be here in droves.


Palolo II, at your service and stuff.

Palolo...that name is ringing this stupid little bell in my head...I feel inclined to tell this man not to procreate...I wonder what that's all about?

Eh?! You?!

Hey now, don't get all hot and bothered, Gibster. Who put the crab in your pants? King Ladekahn has expressed his desire to leave this place. If you call yourself a knight, try using your head on something besides the door.

Why you little...! If you think you've got a better idea, then let's hear it! Not-not all of us know how to do your sneaky little disappearing act, smart-ass!

One moment please...

Palolo fiddles with the door for a sec.

There. Door's open. And that's all she wrote for yours truly. Hope you don't mind taking things from here, King Ladekahn.

No, you did great, Palolo. Now that we're out, I know just how to handle the rest. Listen up, everyone. To get out of Nashira, we have to go through the storehouse. Right, Gib?

The camera shifts back to the storehouse for a few lines of dialogue to give yo a chance to look it over. This photo shows everything you need to see.

Yeah, that's right. That's where we keep all the fish we catch. This time of year it's supposed to be filled with glubberfish, but instead, it's just full of those Empire jerks. What a letdown.

Yeah. Our problem is those soldiers. Gib, do you remember how many there were?

Why yes, since the game just provided me with a chance to look again.

Hm? Oh, uh...Well, there must've been thirty, at least? Yeah, I'm sure of it. That was the number, for sure!

Dude, your problem isn't just your memory. That storehouse can't even HOLD thirty people. Think, moron, think!

Well, we have to remember. It'll be tough getting through the storehouse if our memories are spotty. We could catch them off guard if we were sure of their numbers. Sagi, how about you? Do you remember how many soldiers were in the storehouse? You can ask your friends if you want. Just let me know if you remember.

At this time we can talk to the others to get flashbacks of the storehouse if we really need them. I don't because my memory is excellent. Well, that and I knew this was coming and knew what to look out for.

Easy enough!

All right, I think I've got the picture. Let's try this, then. Gib, Palolo, huddle!

The three chatter amongst themselves. We don't get to hear what they have to say.

...That's how we'll do it. Got it, you two?

Yep, I've got it covered.

All right, let's go!

I wonder what their plan is? I guess we have to rely on them since we can't fight. I hope Ladekahn knows what he's doing...

Music: Emotional Blackmail

Yeah, piece of cake. Palolo! Try not to get in the way.

That's my line. You just be ready to move when the king tells you to, dimwit!

What did you say?

What's it to you?

Ugh...I hope we can trust these kids to get us out of here.

(by the way, if you aren't watching the video, I recommend watching it for this part. here's the link again. Remember, 6:38 is the good stuff)

OK, great! It's just like we talked about! I see three soldiers. Gib, Palolo!

Palolo tackles one while Gibari does his patented jump kick against another.



These kids are fierce! Fall back, fall back!

I think you mean “fall flat”! Eat my feet!

Palolo knocks two guys out with one spin kick. Nice. That just leaves one guy left...

Kahn sure called this one.

What do you mean?

I MEAN a barrel's about to fall on your head.

Gotta love barrels.

No thanks needed. This is what happens to any Empire scumbag that gets in MY way!

Whatever, moron. You just did what the king told you to do.

It's OK. Gib's right, too. We couldn't have pulled it off without the both of you.

See, smartass?

These kids are like peas in a pod, you know that?

Yeah, and thanks to them we're home free. Come on, let's get out of the village.

Yeah, that was pretty entertaining. I approve of these guys. They're a pale imitation of Sagi/Guillo/Milly, but I think they just proved themselves nonetheless.

Examining the unconscious bodies leads to some interesting bits of dialogue, but there's one that stands out among the rest...

Who throws barrels at people? What are you, some giant monkey who's made off with a petty wench?

I feel like I use too much, but how else am I to react to Guillo's observations?

Hey, those are nice. I'll have to be sure and add them. Now I have a full set of B attacks!

Music: The Edging Away

Shall I...lay waste to them?


No! You'll just wind up laying waste to Nashira in the process.

Hey! I like the way you think! You sure you're form the Empire?OK, let's use the secret passage in the pub. I doubt those goons have noticed it's even there.

Um, hello? See the front of the pub? There's a whole slew of ugly mugs waiting outside. How are we gonna get IN the pub to use said secret passage?

Oh, um...Well, I was know...onetwothreeSLAM?

I'd be okay with that plan if weren't blocked off by gold vehicles, but we just can't reach the area without flying and Sagi's not into that right now. Let's see if the one house we can reach has any options for us.

Oh, look, it's Reblys. You know what, forget it, I'm not making a portrait just for this jerk and his handful of lines.

Reblys! What the heck are you doing here?!

Reblys: The secret passage. Don't you remember anything?

Ahh! Right, the secret passage! ...What secret passage?

Reblys: I heard there was trouble in the pub, and I would have gone...but...This calls for brute strength. That's the one are you have me beat, Gibari.

Got it! ...OK, I don't get it. But leave it to me!

One of the things I don't like about the jumping system in this game is that it can be really finicky about where you have to position yourself, and sometimes it's not obvious which jumps go up and which go down. This is one of the problem spots, but I finally got up on this high rafter, where there's a passage to the right. This leads to the other residence in Nashira, where I can jump down to the ground floor again.

Ooh, this place has all sorts of great magnus. Canyon Wind is another +card for Milliarde, so now she can unleash some even longer, more devestating combos.

Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing!?

Gibari really loves kicking bad guys. I wish this had been one of his finishers in BKEWLO. His kick knocks the soldiers straight through the southern wall. Let's go through!

Music: Sanguine Grasses

Hell yeah, it's Anna! I'm definitely making a portrait for her handful of lines.

Yo, Kahn! What'd I tell you? One two three suhhhhLAM!

Gibari! I'm talking to you!

Give it up, Anna. This one's a little dull when it comes to the ladies.

Oops! Almost forgot. Anna! We have to leave town. They didn't find the tunnel, did they?

Of course not! See if I let imperial soldiers set foot inside MY pub!

That's my Anna!

Gibari and Ladekahn leap into the hole.

Try not to go gaga for the wrong guy, kiddo. You catch my drift?

W-What do you mean?

Gee, I wonder.

Palolo ninja poofs away because he's too cool to use the secret passage like a normal person.

We get control back, and we can leave now, but I want to talk to Anna real quick before we go.

You're Gibari's new friends, right? Come by for a drink sometime. Of course, I'm not serving alcohol to any kids! Tee hee...

Aren't YOU a kid?

Oh, hey, I wanted to give this to Gibari, but, you know...Well, you say what he did! I'm not giving that pub-smashing primate anything! You keep it.

Huh? Are you sure?!

Sure I'm sure. I bought it 'cause Gibari is always pulling one reckless stunt or another. But seeing him now, I'm not so sure he needs it.

For all the grief you give him, you're really worried, aren't you?

Wh-what are you, crazy? He's just a pain.

And for that, we get a Basic Medical Primer! Not too shabby, status resistance could be very nice in the next area.

Well, that's it for now! Join me next time as we meet an old acquaintance or two, and maybe even make some new enemies!


Decision Time!

Looks like the Knights of Diadem have some fighting to do.

> Okay, have fun!

> We'll help!