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Part 23: Leap of Faith

Music: The Broken Manas and My One and Only

We're going to Cujam. Our goal. Of course, is to meet with Wiseman.

You're serious, then? You really want to go straight to Wiseman?

Yes. The worlds is finished, if we don't. This “promagnation” plan of his is insane.

It's true. He's even turning the essence of people into magnus.

It was fine when we were just changing objects to magnus. Even I thought that was pretty useful. But what kind of fool treats a human being the same as an object!

People rely too much on their hearts.

Tell me about it. All the think about is making their hearts stronger.

That's because with a strong enough heart, you can wield magic, soar through the air – anything you desire.

And once that power has a hold of you, you start doing terrible things.

I don't want to lose my body...How am I going to hold someone's hand without my body?

We have to make Wiseman see that. We have to put an end to promagnation...Let's hurry. The longer we talk, the more time he'll have to turn people into magnus.

Yeah, let's go. After all the buildup you guys are giving him, I think I'm ready to meet this guy and see if he's the wretched fiend you've made him out to be.

People in this world can turn each other into magnus? There's no way anyone from our world could turn a living creature into magnus.

But you saw it yourself when we first came here. The people with hearts but no bodies. Hmm, maybe “saw” isn't the right word. We FELT them there. But my point is, couldn't that be what they meant?

Magnus is the essence of something...So what we saw there was the essence of people – their magnus?

This Wiseman is intriguing. We should go with them.

I know I'm doing something right when Guillo agrees with me.

We can explore Naos, but I've already looked through it once...let's leave.

Quis: Be careful, Seph. Don't do anything foolish.

He'll be fine! We'll come straight back as soon as we've made our point to Wiseman. No one's doing anything crazy with you and Seph's wedding coming up. Right, Seph?


H-Hey, Seph! Say something, you dolt! Quis is worried sick about you.

Sorry...I won't do anything foolish, Quis. Watch over our home while I'm gone.

Quis: I will.

Girl: Thoran! Bring us back presents! Promise!

I promise! Just wait and see what I dig up! You be good now.

Maybe I'm getting too cynical, but I feel like Quis's chances for survival just dropped. Like, a lot. Who gets married in video games, anyway?

Well, let's not think about that. Cujam is just a short jog across the overworld. There's also a new area up north, but we can't actually do anything there (a guy just yells at us and makes us leave) so...Cujam it is!

Music: Minatory Master

Nothing's changed here. They still completely depend on their hearts.

Which is why they think they'll be fine once that's all they've got left.

First and foremost is Wiseman. His manor is on the other side of town.

Upon doing this LP, I've noticed that Ven has far fewer lines than the rest of this group. I wonder why? It just seems a little odd to me.

This is hiding out in the house to the right of the entrance. I always like getting more B attacks.

I usually breeze through this place in my excitement to meet Wiseman, but this time I wanted to stop and chat with some of the people to see how they feel about all this promagnation business. This individual seems pretty into it.

This jerk is guarding a treasure chest. I thought I was so clever noticing it, only for him to shut me down. What a poopie face.

Until then, we just couldn't wait until it was our turn. Now I'm a little scared. I've been terribly lonely since my wife has been gone. My heart is broken. I've even lost my wings...

Not everyone is fanatical about promagnation. Some of the inhabitants are scared, or confused, or doubtful. I like to remember this, since Seph and the others seem to be under the impression that Cujam is full of Wiseman-worshipping fools.

On a less plot-related note, these two kids are arguing over who's got a stronger heart. Then they see us and decide that since our heart is so obviously inferior, that they want to give us a magnus out of pity.

As pity gifts go, this is a pretty good one.

Moving on to the next screen, and...hey...

Hey, doesn't this place remind you of Sheratan? The townspeople have a completely different air about them, but still.

Sagi, you listening?

This...This is the Brierclock!

Huh? I guess there's a resemblance, but this tower looks like it was just built. The tower in Sheratan is a wreck.

Mm...yeah, I guess you're right. It sure looks the same, though.

This was inside the tower's base level. This is the first item we've found that requires MP to use. There are a few different ones with different effects. Full party revival is situational, but can be very handy in boss fights. I decided against adding this to my deck, but I will probably put it in later on.

By the way, this tower is an orphanage. While it's not located in the same place as Gena's, it still interests me that this parallel also exists. In this case, the orphanage is for the “lucky” children who's parents have both been turned into magnus.

We can also climb the tower...

I saw a number of brave young souls test their mettle by jumping from its top floor with my own eyes. Even I could do it if I used my wings, but they didn't. Oh, to see that thrilling devil-may-care jump again.

Using my wings, right?

No way!

Are you serious?! I could die, you know!!...You'd still tell me to jump?


All right, fine. If you insist, Meemai, I'll jump for you.

Hee hee!

Sagi takes the plunge, and lands safely. Like there was ever any doubt!

Wow, that was a sight. That was it. That was what I've been waiting to see! Thank you! Your jump showed tremendous bravery. Please, take this in thanks.

Oh man, was that scary. I'm never doing anything like that ever again.

The reward is nothing special, but the little event is simply too fun to pass up.

(I hope I didn't just fuck over my spirit bond points...)

Just showing off another person who is very much not a fan of Wiseman.

Okay, I think that's enough exploration. Let's go meet this Wiseman person.

Video Wiseman; Nasca's Arma; Death of a Knight (it's pretty long)

Someone's coming.



Music: Into the Spiral Tension

Well..he's, um...unique looking. Is he even human? Was he ever human?...

(for those of you who aren't watching the video, bear in mind that Wiseman has an extremely slow and deep voice. He loves drawing words out. It's quite a thing to hear.

The heart is great. Anything you desire is yours if you but seek it with your heart...

Wiseman speaks the truth! Look, see these wings of mine!

The NPC starts flying around, as if that's really anything special in this town.

Heh heh heh heh heh...Yes. Do you all feel it? You will lack for nothing so long as you heart remains. Now, become magnus...and become free!

The man before Wiseman stands and walks to him...

...and disappears.

Heh heh heh heh...A heart of magnus is eternal. We can feel it! A heart overbrimming...Mingling...Joining with our own! People of Cujam. Do not forget how you prosper. You have been empowered. Fear cannot shake you, for with us you stand at the pinnacle of the world. Covet, intertwine, and seek – Here all is granted. Here all are free. Heh heh heh...hah hah hah...Muahahahaha!!

Wiseman glides back into his home. I have to admit, the things he's saying don't sound that bad, but he's not really helping his case with the voice and the random bouts of laughter.

I wonder what it feels like to turn into magnus...

Who knows? I'd rather not even think about it.

I wandered around outside, but there really wasn't anything worth doing. The NPCs are mostly these creepy Votaries who just chant the same thing over and over. So I have to admit, while this town isn't FULL of Wiseman obsessed fools, they definitely exist.

Music: The Edging Away

Hey, I think this is the same as Diadem's Castle Elnath's foyer.

...I mean, the layout. Not the spooky lighting or the evil death smog.

Who are you?

I am Seph, of Naos.

What do you want with us?

I must ask you something.

Speak. A ruler must consider the wishes of their people.

Why are you doing it?! Under your leadership, we learned to use our hearts. We've already reached a new level of prosperity. So why, then?!

Because the flesh is inessential. People are only truly happy when they exist as magnus, the essence of their beings. Are you happy with what you are? Have you no desire to be a better you? Wiser, stronger, more beautiful? Just imagine what you could be if you used your hearts...

...Nothing? Can you not picture yourselves stronger, superior to everyone?

Those are just deluded fantasies! They're not who we really are!

Fantasies? We suppose so, if imagining were the end of it. But what if you could live in your imagination? If you lived in the realm of desire...then your fantasies would become the only reality. Do you not find it charming? The idea of a world where impurities such as the flesh are removed, and the heart alone can reside? By fostering our hearts, mankind has grown wings and learned great magics. Learned, in fact, that all things have a true, “magna” essence. It's time to take the next step. Our people are obviously happy. Are we wrong?

You turned them into magnus before they could even realize what was happening! And you think they were happy?!

They ARE happy. They may not understand now, but the day will come when they thank us. Resist, if you want. But there is no point. This tide cannot be stemmed.

...And if I said we'll make you stop?

Make us?

Ugh...What...What is this force?!

I...I can't move!

You will see. The promagnation of man is inexorable. Evolution will take its course!

(You share your heart with another-)

(A king's gotta know his kingdom!)

(The Knights...of Diadem...NEVER-)


The Cloudvents in Diadem...We're back.

What happened? What about Wiseman?!

Milliarde! Make the mental leap! We're back in Diadem now!

Where's Celsica?

The camera pans up a bit to show that Gibari and Ladekahn are standing alarmingly close to Nasca's super weapon.

Ahh! Oh, no! Kind Ladekahn and Gibari!

What are you planning to do? That thing is too powerful!

Well, we have to help!

Music: Iconoclasm

So the game decides to plop us straight into a boss fight. Meet the Marauder, Nasca's Machina Arma.

As boss fights in this game go, this one is actually quite forgiving.

Heheheh, what fun!

Okay, so that LOOKS really bad, and the attack is painful as hell.

But the thing is, the Marauder is slow. I have plenty of time to recover from knockdown, get everyone healed up, and maybe even attack a couple times before it gets to go again. And it's normal attacks aren't really that awful, either. It simply takes too much time to do anything to be a major threat.

Otherwise, it's much like Valara's Razer; crazy defense but poor HP.

By the way, I tried out Sagi's new Rime Blade attack (the final hit is pictured above). It's a rare attack from Sagi that emphasizes several weak hits instead of one or two strong ones. It's pretty brutal if Sagi's weapon lasts for the entire thing.

There's not much else to say, so let's just skip to the part where Nasca plotwins.


Using the cave's natural features, Ladekahn and Gibari manage to pin down the tank, allowing us to escape. Good work, guys!

Now it's time to go back to the castle, where...

Music: Tears of Compassion

Pop! Hang on...Pop!

Stop your clamoring! Are you a knight or not?

But Pop...

Uncle Ram, it's because of you that I'm standing here right now. Thank you.

Such kind words are wasted on me. Any knight would be honored to act as his king's shield...

I'm sorry...I'll try harder, Uncle Ram! I'll learn to be as strong as you!


Don't cry, Gibari. Diadem's clouds grow dark when its knights shed tears...And dark clouds...are harbingers...of great wars. There's a saying...

Pop. Don't die!! POP!!'s your turn to be your king's shield.

Myths right until the end...Damn you, Pop. Damn you, damn you! Aaaaaaaaaaarrrgh!!

I know. You don't have to say it.

Then let's hurry and assemble the knights. We have to avenge Celsica and Pop.

It's all right.


The knights will be assembled to take back the Cloudvents. And Celsica and Uncle Ram will be avenged. I promise you that. But Gib...I don't need you to do it.

What are you talking about, Kahn?!

I don't have to give a reason. I order you, as your king: Gibari, give up knighthood and return to Nashira.


I'm speaking to you as your king. This is an order, Gibari.

What the hell?! I don't understand! Kahn!

… …

As you wish, sire. If that is His Majesty's bidding.

You can go. Take care of Nashira.

Gibari turns to leave, then stops to talk to Sagi.

Sagi...thanks. Look after things in my place, OK?


He continues walking out...and then...

… …

Are you sure you want to leave things that way with Gibari?

… … I can't lose Gib. If my life were at risk again, I know he would do the same thing as Uncle Ram. But Gib's too special to me...I can't bear to lose him. Heh, I guess I'm a poor king, saying things like that. If Uncle Ram were alive, he'd tell me off to speak.

Of course not. Nobody wants to lose the ones they care about. He'd understand.

...You're very kind.

King Ladekahn, we should probably be going soon. Once I get back to Alfard, I'll work with the quaestor on our strategy going forward.

I see...Then I'll be praying for your success.

Well...despite technically succeeding in our mission, I have to say our time in Diadem has been a real downer. I think I'm ready to leave.

Music: Nimbus Gardens

Kind Ladekahn has agreed to help us, but unfortunately we couldn't halt promachination here. We weren't able to stop the umbra that appeared, either, sir. It was taken down by a machina arma, like before.

An afterling?! So there was one in Diadem...


Nothing, never mind. I'm just rambling. Good work on your mission. I'll hear the details upon your return.

Yes, sir.

Okay, time to leave Diadem.

...or so you would think. But there's one last thing to do.

I need to ask you something. You...You were there when Celsica died, were you not? Did she...At the very end, was she suffering?

(...She died peacefully.)

Celsica...died in peace.

R-Really?...Really? Oh, that's such a relief! I'm glad she wasn't in pain...

… …

I knew Celsica since boyhood. She was always desperately trying to change...She never once spoke about her life before she came to live here, so even I don't know the specifics. There was something about her, though...It was as if she cursed the life she was born into. Whenever the other kids teased her about being an orphan, she would just cry, bitter and angry...She had that same look in her eyes the day she said she would become a knight. What I wanted...was to become her family. But I never found the words to tell her...

… …

Ahh, forgive me. Actually, I stopped you because I have a favor to ask. Do you think you could help me find the Royal Crest of Diadem she always carried? I'm sure it's still lying where she fell...

I understand. I promise I'll bring Celsica's crest here to you.

I hear that imperial troops are still holding the Cloudvents. Please be careful. Thank you!

Well, it looks like we have one last errand to run before we leave. But we'll do that next time.


Decision Time!

I don't trust the lord of Sadal Suud to make good decisions. What do you think?

> You're probably right.

> How should I know?

Do you know about the Ancient War of the Gods?

> Yep!

> Nope!