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Part 26: Mini-Update: Writings of Sadal Suud

asymmetrical posted:

Wait did they just help the wanted poster artist draw more accurate wanted signs!?

That's exactly what happened, yes. Here's hoping we're long gone when/if the improved wanted posters start circulating.

Also, I have some extra content I didn't want to squeeze into the last update, so I'm just going to leave it here.


Mini-Update: Writings of Sadal Suud

I went to the shop in Sadal Suud to check my mail. While I was there, I found this weapon for Milly that seemed like a sweet deal for 2000 gold.

So of course, then I turned in a Magnus Pack Coupon and got that same weapon plus an even better one for free. I really need to stop buying things.

Anyway, let's get on to the mail.

From Anna

Dear Sagi, How are you? We've finally started fishing again here in Nashira! The dumb Empire made us miss the peak season, but otherwise things are back to normal. We're still repairing the big hole Gibari made in the wall...I think that lunk has already forgotten about the hole AND the secret passage. Ooh, guess what? I learned how to properly filet a glubberfish! I'll grill you up some next time you're in town, so drop by soon! I guess Gibari can have some, too. If there are leftovers... - Anna.

P.S. Actually Gibari's been kind of down. He just mumbles to this greythorne all day. It's not like him. Next time you visit, could you try to cheer him up a little?

From Giacomo

Curses! A second loss to the likes of you? There must have been some mistake! The next time we meet will be the Last time! Enjoy the rest of your life!!

DIADEM, Land of the Clouds

DIADEM: Kick Back in a Kingdom! Enjoy four days of vacation fun in Diadem with your own expert guide! Arrive in the fishing village of Nashira by private liner and lunch on glubberfish fresh off the hook! Stroll through the Cloud Passage, a fluffy, dreamy landscape loved by all! Take a commemorative photo of the famous changing of the guard in the castle town of Sheliak! For more information, contact the Diadem Travel Bureau.

From the Master of Mischief

Dear Sagi, Normally I'd just show up in a whirlwind, but I thought a letter might make for a fun change of pace. Anyway, thanks for the help in Diadem! A mischief pro such as myself is always up for a chance to do some damage. Speaking of which, I think it's time to relocate. The Master of Mischief has to be everywhere and nowhere – always ready to help out folks the world round! Anyway, see ya when I see ya! Palolo II, Master of Mischief.

From Gibari

Yo! Sagi! How you doing? A lot's happened. Everything feels a little mixed up...But I'm not sick or nothing, don't worry! I feel kind of weird asking you this, but is Kahn OK? If you're ever back at Elnath, check up on him for me, will you?

From the registration lady

Good day, Mr. Sagi. This is the Coliseum registration desk. I trust you are well, sir. Allow me to keep this brief. We have another job for you. This time we'd like you to act as someone's escort. His name is Mr. Lance. He's scheduled to meet you in the woods of Nunki Valley. Could you guide him from there to Cebalrai? Mr. Lance is very dear to us here at the Coliseum, so please be on your very best behavior! Good luck Mr. Sagi, and safe travels.

We'll be getting to that in the next proper update. For now, let's have a look through the Travel Log.

We went another round with Giacomo today. I wish he'd give it up already. Well, that's not fair. I'm sure he has his reasons. King Ladekahn went back to Castle Elnath, and Rambari was in hot pursuit. I think the king's in for a king-sized lecture unless he bolts the doors to the throne room shut.

Those mongrels of the Machina Vanguard have taken the Cloudvents. They're never far behind – and often too far ahead. No sooner to we receive orders to treat with the king than the Vanguard crashes his kingdom. What's really happening here?

Poor Celsica met the same end as Bein. And I could hardly watch when Sir Rambari...It's too cruel. Is this the way the Empire works? Once again I find myself in this strange world with Sage. I hate all the rain. I want to get out of this cabin.

I've decided to go with Seph and the others to Cujam. They're going to speak to Wiseman, the world's ruler. The “promagnation” of people...You can turn people into magnus? I guess we saw for ourselves in Rasalas. All those people, with nothing left but their hearts...

We couldn't stop promachination in Diadem completely. We couldn't even save Celsica and Rambari! Damn it! Damn you, Shanath! Promachination continues in the Cloudvents...That machina arma! Why am I not strong enough to stop Nasca?! Am I supposed to just walk away?

Those monsters, they're hosts to the wicked god Malpercio...And I was already shocked enough to learn Malpercio's power keeps the islands aloft. Promachination...Pieces of the wicked god...Malpercio's afterlings...A clucker at daybreak wouldn't have half as much to crow about. Sadal Suud is next. Focus on what's coming, Sagi. That's all you can do.

Well, here we are in Pherkad, ancient capital and gateway to Sadal Suud. Master Rodolfo holds the most sway here, it seems. I wonder where we can find him? Let's just hope he's not some puffed up, self-important blowhard.

That same brat again! Talk about your persistent pests. But if the Dark Service sent him all the way out here, he has to have been demoted, or something. Well, from what he said, it sounds like Rodolfo isn't in his estate. Honestly, where could he have gotten off to?