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Part 31: Four Seasons of Peace II

Four Seasons of Peace II

Well, that''s another mission half-accomplished. Let's see what Verus has to say.

I'm sorry, sir. We weren't able to stop promachination in Sadal Suud.

Sagi has a pretty subdued reaction to both options and I wasn't sure which he preferred, so I went with this one.

...Yes, sir. We're not strong enough to beat an arma by ourselves.

That's all right. Come on back. You can give me a detailed report once you've returned. I have another mission for you as well. Good work.

Sagi hangs up the phone.

Callous, isn't he? I almost died, and he says “good work”?

Huh? You could hear him?

I have good ears.

Good ears?! What are you talking about, dingbat? Show me where you have ears!

I love that Guillo pose.

And please – you almost “died”?! What would a dumpy puppet like you know about dying?

Sagi, that's it! She's due for an eating! You have to let me, I can't take it anymore!

All right, time to go report to Verus in person. I guess it's time to move on to the next island, presumably Anuenue. Let's see...

The Machina Vanguard has forces in both Diadem and Sadal Suud now. Which leaves but one continent -

Anuenue...Their queen, the fairy guide Corellia, is not an easy person to win over.

What does your guardian spirit think, sir?

Hmm...she says it's essential we secure the fairy guide's help.

It would certainly behoove us to try. The queen's assistance could turn the tides in our favor.

Exactly. Sagi, fly to Anuenue. I want you to start by finding out Corellia's stance on promachination.

...Understood, sir. I'll meet with Queen Corellia and see what she has to say.

Good. I'm counting on you.

...What, that's it? These conversations usually have some sort of plot follow-up. Oh well, let's go

I've readied some new blank magnus for you to take with you. Oh, don't thank me. I'm practically ashamed this is all I can do for you.

That brings my total up to twenty-four quest magnus. Of course, some of them are eaten up by important permanent stuff, but still, that's a lot more room than I ever had in BKEWLO. Good thing, too, given the potential stat boosting that some quest magnus can give.

Now then, it's time to head off to Anuenue!

...Er...after we do some sidequests! Heh heh...heh...

Music: Four Seasons of Peace II

All right, looks like we're making some headway here. And guess what? I've found enough magnus that people are starting to move in!

We now have a second part of the Sedna quest. We need to find five people who are willing to move here. I'll try to keep that in mind.

Now then, time to go to the Coliseum and see what sort of stuff is available there...

Thank you.

Ark: You're moving up the ranks pretty fast. Keep it up! Hey, listen...In the Rank 3 battles, there's a set called The Snare. Trust me, you're better off losing it. They're favorites of that aristocrat Panie I warned you about. Aww, don't give me that look. I'm saying this for your own good. No good can come of making an enemy of Panie. Just take my advice.

Fuckin' whatever. I'm gonna wipe them out like all the rest.

Music: The Valedictory Elegy

Music: TVE (guitar version)

The Rear Guard has three waves of enemies. Each wave has two enemy types, with one being these caster enemies that can also heal. They're recolors of the caster enemies that I fought in Hassaleh, and at first I thought they were actually were they same thing, but these guys hit harder and more often.

Apparently they can be fought in Diadem, but I don't think I've ever run in to one there...

The Imperial Battalion is yet another army-themed set. They're all enemies form Diadem or earlier and are thus total pushovers. The only threat lies in the mechanical floating enemies, who can inflict sleep.

”Danger: High Voltage!” is stupid. It starts with a wave of these guys (who are electric based, apparently), then follows up with a wave of four of those caster healer enemies.

Carelessness Kills has a wave of four Empire grunts followed by four of the electric enemies from the LAST group...this isn't really the most creative Rank.

The Snare is actually one of the more interesting ones. You start against two mechs, then five bats, then three boozer turtles, and finally two soldiers allied with two balloon monsters (bloated enemies that set themselves on fire, from the Cloud Passage).

...It's not THAT interesting, but I like that each wave has a different theme, sorta. Sleep, Poison, Water, Fire. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

Ark: Now it's just a matter of what he decides to do...Let's hope it's nothing bad.

Whatever. I'm sure I can handle any horrible monster or anything he throws my way.

Huh. That's an odd place for a disc change. Oh well.

I, uh...I guess it's about that time. I'll see you all next time.

In Anuenue.


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