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Part 33: Jungle Fun

Music: Holoholobird

Now that the satanic beast is slain, we can explore the Holoholo Jungle. There is an exit to the north and another to the south. Let's head north first.

This screen has the “tress between the camera and the player” style from BKEWLO. After running into every dead end possible, I finally make it the the exit...

...only to get kicked back to the start anyway. I guess this was the wrong path to take. Let's try heading south, if the game will even let us.

Okay, that's a good start. This is the path to progress. It's also the path to...

Enemies! These flowering enemies can be quite vicious. The yellow ones are semi powerful, but it's the pink ones that you really have to watch out for.

It will happily nail the whole party with 350-400 damage (and poison on top of it), and its normal attacks can do about the same damage to one character.

Obligatory “this is how bad things got” picture. Not only have the bosses jumped in difficulty, but the trash mobs have as well. Fortunately, these plants are by far the nastiest enemies around.

Meanwhile, these guys are not so bad. The turtles are as bland as it gets, and the clams are those peculiar enemies who spend almost all of their time buffing their own defense but rarely if ever actually attack.

One of them also dropped this. For some reason, looking at this sculpture makes me crave sweets.

The treasures around here weren't very exciting. I did find a light based club for Milliarde that's comparable to her other good weapons right now, but otherwise it was pretty much just finishers that I already have and defense magnus.

Like you might expect from a Lost Woods type area, this place can be a bit of a maze. Thankfully, most of the maze aspect comes from this one screen. Let's head to the far left first, as it's the correct path.

I think it's sleeping.

Stupid dingbat! Don't get so close! Olifants can turn really savage when they're upset. Especially right after they wake up. They go berserk and charge right at you!

Wow, Milly. You really do know everything.

Well, it's all written in the School of Magic's textbooks...

So it's just hearsay.

Shut UP! Now let's keep moving – and try not to wake it up!

Sure thing, Milly. I continue heading left, and...

Yep, we're looping again. That's just great.

I think we did.

See? See!! What did I tell you? The Holoholo Jungle is a terrible place. This is how it starts – you get lost, you can't find the way out...and when you finally collapse, the Holoholobirds come out, and...ewww.

Hey, Milly. Do you know which way Komo Mai is?

The rainbow's over yonder, so I guess it would have to be...that way. Oh, but what difference does it make? We can't get out without a trail.

Maybe we could get some help from the olifant. Didn't you say it charges when it gets mad?

I see. So we make our own trail.

Exactly. If we can just get it to wake up...

All right, then. Let's get this pugnacious pachyderm out of bed.

Okay, sounds like a plan. But how are we going to wake the olifant up without placing ourselves directly in it's path of destruction?

We can shake this bird out of its tree and it will start flying around and squawking. Unfortunately, that only seems to be part of the answer. Well, let's explore some more and see what else we can find.

Meanwhile, north of the lake, there's a cluster of flower and butterflies.

Are they collecting nectar? Watching them makes me want to curl up and take a nap...

Sagi! Those are “blooderflies”, not butterflies! One sting and you'll be too busy scratching to sleep!

We could use this to our advantage...

I think we might be about to get out of this place!

Oh, this is on the other side of the screen. It's an interesting healing item – it recovers all HP and status (except maybe Death, I don't know about that one), but also inflicts Sleep. It's an interesting trade-off.

Anyway, let's go put some of that nectar on the olifant.

Uh-huh. And look, we've got a brand new road!

We certainly do, far is that olifant going to run?

I hope we don't find Komo Mai in ruins...

All right, now we can get out of this jungle!

Anuenue has a few locations we can visit. Our destination is Komo Mai, but we can also visit the library and the port. Let's check out the library first.

Music: Temple of Celestial Flowers

No, wait! Hold on now! Didn't I set the labels for the unidentified geography volumes here?! Ahhh! I'm all discombobulated! My bobbles have gone disco! I'm combodisculatedly discom...Ugh! It just never ENDS!

And here's another unhealthy magnus for Pac-Man to eat. Taking three of these from the Librarian yields results.

Well, sort of...he tells us to revisit the library later.

Also he is literally doing gymnastics in the air. It's impossible to show off in screenshots (I could barely make it out even when playing since he camouflages so well with the wall), but it's true!

No waaay! You heard me? For real? Well, I guess that's fine. So you'll get me some? I need at least 10 -traditional- Komo Mai cookies. I'll pay you! If they all sell, I'll be rich! Then it's fabulous fun time! Let's get to it, partner!

I just wanted to mention that this fellow is here. I'm not doing his quest yet, but I will be later. Remember him!

Now it's time to go to Komo Mai and see what the plot has in store for us there.

They call Komo Mai the City of Flowers. The fragrance carries through the whole capital.

Weren't we supposed to meet with that Corellia person?

Queen Corellia should be at the palace. It's up in the center of town. This is so exciting – I've never actually been inside!

OK, center of town, got it. Let's go!

Whatever, Corellia can wait. Have some mail!


It's our big mid-season sale!! We're SLASHING prices at magnus shops across the sky! Potions for 250G? I DON'T TINK SO! Just 99G for a limited time only! Snag that magnus you've been lusting after! Why? Because You Deserve It!

Aww, the date on this thing says the sale ended weeks ago...

The SADAL SUUD Frontier

BULLETIN: Visit Eternal Ruins! Witness the historic majesty of Sadal Suud on this three-day tour. Enjoy a simple lunch while you watch perfect white clouds roll through the streets of Pherkad! Hike through the exquisite forests of Nunki Valley! Pick mountain apple outside the farming hamlet of Cebalrai, then move on to apple wine tasting! For more information, contact the Pherkad Chamber of Commerce.

From Giacomo

Sagi! I know what makes us different now. A power beyond simple human strength! I'm going to find that power! Then I'll come for you. Mark my words!!

From the Master of Mischief!

Dear Sagi, you were in a serious pinch back there! If I hadn't happened to be passing through...Yikes! Aw, but don't thank me. I just did what any good mischief-maker would do! Oh, by the way – I dropped by Diadem the other day. King Ladekahn has really started looking the part. But he seemed a little blue. I guess at that age, kids still want to be kids...or something? Sagi, you should drop by to see him! Ha ha, look at me, checking up on everyone like some old hen! Palolo II

From Heughes

To my beloved brother Nasca, I hope this finds you in good health. I know this is your first solo operation. I can't be there to protect you like before. Be wary of everything. Trust no one. How are your soldiers' conditions? What's the situation at your post? Are you sufficiently supplied? My biggest concern is your health, Nasca. You were never the toughest kid growing up. I hope Diadem's winds haven't gotten to you. If you run into any trouble, contact me immediately. -Your loving brother.

Brothers, huh...I'd feel bad if Nasca didn't get his letter. Let's forward this on.

Dark Service Welfare Program

** Dark Service Welfare Program ** It's time for the LATEST fact-filled Welfare Program bulletin. Save 25 percent on overnight stays at select Anuenue
resorts!* . Insurance packages covering natural disasters and emergency missions! Starting at 2400G. Ready to settle down and but that dream house in Mintaka? Home loan rates are their lowest in years! Direct all inquiries to the Dark Service Welfare Center. *Servicemen and direct kin only

Even though I quit, the junk mail still comes...

From the registration lady

Good day Mr. Sagi. This is the Coliseum registration desk. Are you and your girlfriend still together, sir? Allow me to keep this brief. We have another job for you. Actually, this time it technically isn't a job at all. You've received a dinner invitation from a Coliseum sponsor by the name of Mr. Panie. It sounds like I can up your Coliseum rank as soon as you get back from the engagement. You're set to meet at the entrance to Komo Mai. Please head there right away. Good luck, Mr. Sagi, and safe travels.

The shop also has a Sedna Magnus for sale, so I was sure to grab that while I was in the store. Now then, I guess we better go meet with this Panie fellow...His house is right next to the entrance to town.

My name is Panie. Magnanimous patron of the Coliseum...When put that way, it paints a pretty picture. The reality is simply that I see after a number of entrants and monsters for the amusement of it. It seems you sent one of my proteges running off with their tail between their legs a short while ago. Your actions were most...unexpected. Which prompted me to do a little research on you, young Sagi. It would appear you're not an officially registered entrant at the Coliseum, are you? Something of a cuckoo, aren't you? An outsider who slipped in through a loophole...If this information goes public, I should say there's little doubt you'd be banned from the Coliseum. You can elect to leave the Coliseum of you own will, or be chased out when the scandal breaks. Either way suits my purposes equally. I leave the choice entirely to you.

Well, things aren't looking great for Sagi's Coliseum career. Oh well. I'm sure this will resolve itself if we just keep killing stuff.

Let's get the plot back on track and go visit Corellia.

Who might you be? This way leads to Queen Corellia's palace. If you've no business here, we'll have to ask you to turn back.

Oh, I've come from Alfard on behalf of Quaestor Verus. My name is Sagi. I would be honored if I could have a moment of Her Grace, the fairy guide's, time.

Ah, Master Sagi. We'd heard you were coming. Forgive us for the misunderstanding. Let us escort you to the queen. Right this way.

Wow. She looks just the same as she will twenty years later in BKEWLO. She must have some fantastic moisturizer.

Your Grace, I'd like to speak with you about the Empire's attempts to promachinate the world.

Machina...Yes, of course. Continue.

Fade out/in

I know of your plight. Stories of promachination reached my ears some time ago.'ll help us, Your Grace?

Out of the question. The people of Anuenue are not fond of conflict. We have always stayed neutral and peaceful in matters of foreign policy – a tradition I intend to keep.

And suppose the Machina Vanguard has already arrived on your soil...You think neutrality and that smug little grin will stop them?

I assure you, if promachination shows signs of spreading into Anuenue, I shall take the necessary action. However, as of yet I've heard no such news. There's nothing more to discuss.

I understand, Your Grace. I'll explain your position to the Quaestor.


I guess we have to stop here for now. See you next time!


Decision Time!

Neutrality is cool I guess..

> Yeah.

> Not really

Let's study!

> Learning is fun!

> Learning is boring.

We've got a problem, here.

> Let's ask Verus for help.

> Let's ask Corellia for help.