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Part 40: The Best Wings in the World

I know I'm not much of a chatterbox to begin with, but for this update and the next I'm really going to be backing off the commentary unless absolutely needed. I think the game speaks well enough for itself here.

Video: The Story So Far

Music: Lord of Pawns

Master Geldoblame informed me of the circumstances. Please, go in.

All right, why don't we take it easy until we hear form Quaestor Verus?

Not so fast, Milliarde. Before that, we ought to take a good look at everything. Where we've been, where we're going...All that's transpired.


Let's start with where we've been. Sagi...Go on, take a seat. Everything began with the emperor's assassination.

Right. That man we ran into at Olgan's residence – that was Shanath.

But wait- wasn't Sagi ordered to assassinate the emperor anyway? Why would Shanath bother killing him? He could have just let Sagi carry out his mission.

...I'm not sure. But it sounded like they were talking before we entered the room.

Mystery number one.


A lot of good it did him. We weren't any help at all. Not once did we manage to stop promachination.

Stop brooding, Sagi. Maybe that's how it turned out. But we did succeed in making each nation's leader aware of the threat machina poses. Vanquishing a machina arma is no simple task. And with all the fuss over Malpercio's afterlings – just be content that you're still alive.

You're right. Thanks, Guillo. Sorry I was being a drag...

I'm not trying to cheer you up. I'm only recounting the simple truth: We've done everything we can. The rest in between Verus and Baelheit, if you ask me.

Wait – you're saying we should back out of helping the quaestor?

That's right. His problems are beyond anything we can solve now. The same goes for that mess with the past and the gods. That's between the afterlings and -

And me, right?


Every time an afterling is defeated, we find ourselves back in the age of the gods. I hear its cries tearing through my mind – and when I wake up, we're in the past.

Don't you see? It's too dangerous to get involved any further. This feels wrong, Sagi.



I don't understand what's going on with the afterlings or being thrown into the past. But either way, I can't forgive what Baelheit's doing. Especially now that I've seen the other islands – how they've all got their own personalities, their own cultures. With promachination, Baelheit's trying to paint them all grey. That doesn't sit will with me.

Even...Even if machina proved to be something people could use?

Even then.

So you're willing to wink at mortal peril just because promachination “doesn't sit well” with you?

Isn't that reason enough? Cleaving continents in two, yanking out people's wings of the heart...It's not OK to do things like that.

All right. I go where you go. If that's your decision, then I'll go with you, no matter how far.


But don't come crying to me later.

It's OK if he cries...'Cause I'll be there to cheer him up! I'm going too. I'm sticking with you, Sagi!

Thank you, guys. You're the best.

Geldoblame's guard enters the house.

Quaestor Verus has returned. He's requested your presence.

Thank you. We'll be right there.

Moving right along...

Music: Parity of Light and Dark

My guardian spirit gave me quite the scolding for letting you down. Really, I'm very sorry.

It's all right. We managed to make our way back, sir. But...did something happen? I've heard you've been very busy.

Yes. Because of the election. Tomorrow they'll be closing deliberations at the Senate.

Tomorrow!? But that's too soon!

The senators claim it would be imprudent to leave the Empire without a leader any longer...But right now most of them are in favor of Baelheit. I'd wager what they really want is to close the election while the tides are with him. His deeds have been noted – both in promachination and in dealing with the afterlings.

If Baelheit is chosen as the next emperor, we'll have a terrible situation on our hands. So far he's used guerilla tactics to carry out promachination. But were that to be made policy – All-out war with the other nations would most certainly ensue!

We mustn't forget the small following of senators and citizens who dissent from promachination. If we could just persuade the council tomorrow of how dangerous Baelheit's ambitions really are...

Oh...That won't be easy.

Tomorrow decides everything. You've all done splendidly so far. I'm grateful for your help. Sagi, will you join me at the council? I'd like you to tell everyone about what you've seen in your travels to other nations, should it come to that.

Yes, sir.

Go ahead and take it easy today. Geldoblame will look after you.


What's wrong? You don't like it?

Oh no, it's...lovely.

Until tomorrow, then.

Until tomorrow.

All right, we just have to go back to Geldoblame's spend the night, and then the next cutscene automatically occurs.

Are you ready?

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Video: Where the fan meets the shit
Recommended Viewing!

Music: None

Today, we live without fear of invasion from other nations. But let us not forget that all such assurances are the fruit of Quaestor Verus's endeavors. When danger sets foot upon the land, who will be your shield? Who will be your sword? I needn't remind you that Quaestor Verus will be both! As if that were not qualification enough, our quaestor is also a spiriter! Being the educated imperial citizens that you are, surely you know that spiriters are a chosen few – whose guardian spirits grant them with sagacity and great strength! Spiriters possess the power to sway the fate of the world. Quaestor Verus possesses that power!

I can cast my vote with confidence – I vote Verus! Honored senators, people of Alfard – I trust that you, too, will make the right choice! For who shall defend Alfard's future and lead it to greater heights? Verus, and no other!

Geldoblame moves off to the right, and Shanath takes his place.

...Empire. But honored senators, if you would be so kind...Recall the sable monsters that have appeared not only in Alfard, but all lands, threatening the safety of their people. In the end, was it the quaestor who defended us from the monsters? Was it the quaestor who erased the monsters from the face of our world? No, it was not. We have Lord Baelheit and the machina he developed to thank for that.

To date, Lord Baelheit has furnished us with a myriad of machina, striven to improve the quality of our lives. But those machina are no longer simple tools of convenience. They are the unpierceable shield that will defend us! They are the ultimate weapon with which to strike down our enemies. Then you have guardian spirits, wings of the heart, magic – the intangible plagues of our world. Tell me – have they done us any good at all? We don't need them! Now is the time to cast away our heart-wings and reap what machina has sown!

Bring her here!


Music: The Edging Away

Two soldiers come on screen, dragging a woman along wi-


Go on! Spread your wings!

The age of machina is upon us! What does she expect to do with such foolish adornments?! If something serves no purpose, then it ought to be discarded!

Now...Tear this heathen woman's wings off!

What are you doing?! This isn't what you promised! Father! Make them stop!

“Father”?! What's goin on, Milliarde?

Step aside, Milly.

Get out of my way! That's my MOTHER up there!

I know. I know, Sagi. Just hold-

All of you, MOVE! Get your hands off my mom!

Do it!


Music: Emotional Blackmail

What's the matter, Sagi? Your mother's right there. Take a good look. Embrace your rage! Let your emotions overtake you!


About time you showed your face.

Get the machina!



Music: The Dead-End Creatures

I...I was...shot? And...and that sent me to the past...

Nngh...What are you doing, Marno? Watch the enemy's movements!

What's wrong? Are you tired already? Marno! You're barely holding your sword! Get your blade up, or you're going to die!


Music: Silence

That's...all of them, right?

What about Wiseman? Did we kill Wiseman?!

Wait...Look at this! We did this? No...No, it can't be!


Hey! Who are they?! Something's coming!

For the sake of the Earth, the Sky, and the Ocean – thy life must end!

A strange, familiar figure appears before Seph and drives its arm through his body.

Thoran che Ladra, accursed one...Thy life must end!

Pieda le Monarna, accursed one...Thy life must end!

Ven bo Norco, accursed one...Thy life must end!

...We cannot allow your devastation to continue!

What? What did you just say?! Meemai...What?!

Music: Into the Spiral Tension

Okay...okay...I-I'm dazed and scared, but...but I'm sure we can do thi-