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Part 41: Heart to Heart

Music: Into the Spiral Tension

Video: Guillo

Well, that was quite a bit to process, yes? Let's follow that up with one of the most brutal boss fights in the game.

I should start by mentioning that Boss Guillo has pretty scary defense. Not machina arma high, but still pretty high. And unlike the machina arma, it has a reasonable HP count. So killing it can take a while.

But the durability problem is dwarfed by the fact that Guillo is *absurdly* powerful. That 349 is from one individual hit in its attack string. Fortunately, it doesn't have particularly long combos, but it still averages something like 800 damage per attack. It can break a thousand if it decides to pop three hits together.

Needless to say, my characters tend to die a lot in this fight. If there's a fight to add extra resurrection items in for, this is probably it.

This picture doesn't describe anything important about the fight. I just happened upon this frame and had to include it for my Guillo's funky pose.

Oh, and speaking of crazy offense...

By itself, Fellstar Gleam is about as powerful as a full combo. I generally count on losing one of my people when this happens actually I pretty much just count on losing a character every turn.

Oh, and Guillo can use a full combo followed by Fellstar Gleam, which is so overkill that it would be hilarious if it weren't happening to me.

In case I haven't beaten it into your head yet, Guillo is really, really, really good at murder. Sagi's role in this fight basically amounts to “die a lot so my Guillo doesn't”.

Milly didn't accomplish much in this fight. Indeed, her offense seems to be falling behind the others by quite a bit, and it's especially obvious in this fight. I'll get more into that a bit later.

Now, you may remember that I got some dark specials for Guillo earlier and ignored them because I thought dark attacks were stupid. Well, as it turns out, Boss Guillo is weak to Dark. So let's give them a try!

Hmm...that's not GREAT damage, but...hold on, I think I know how to make this work.

Ahh, that's much better!

Like [True] Heaven's Glacier, this combo can be powered up even further by using the correct string of basic attacks before it, but I didn't know how.

Incidentally, I never managed to make True Heaven's Glacier in this fight (well, the ultimately successful fight, that is). I'm not sure how effective it it is compared to Guillo's Black[est] Yang.

Oh, I almost forgot to talk about Heavenlapse!

Heavenlapse consists of nine randomly distributed hits that deal roughly 300 a pop. Sometimes they spread evenly, sometimes they don't spread out too well and one character eats six or seven of them. So this is another attack than can potentially overkill someone. No matter what, it's 2700-3000 damage between my characters (who have 4311 combined HP, mind you)

Guillo can tack this onto the end of a basic combo, too. It's pretty much a party wipe if that happens.

Have I mentioned that this fight mostly consists of my people dying a lot?

Anyway, I finally manage to pull off a win (with all three characters alive, even!), but...

Well, at least my Guillo learned a new trick out of the deal. It seems like it would be more fitting to learn Fellstar Gleam from this fight, though.

Do yourself a favor and save your goddamn game!

Video: Sagi's Heart to Heart (watch this video!)

Music: Le Ali del Principio (or at least listen to this song!)

're safe.I'm all right. Somehow I made it.

Yeah, everything. What about you?

In the age of the gods, everyone called me by your name. So that that world, I must have been you, Meemai.

That's right. Malpercio. The god who rebelled a thousand years ago and lost...only to be broken apart and sealed away. That was you, Meemai. One of the pieces that wasn't sealed took root inside me. So...whenever one of Malpercio's afterlings was defeated, your memories came flowing into my mind...and then finally I went crazy, just like Bein and Celsica did. Mom was the trigger that set me off...

When I first felt you there, I was so happy. I thought, “ I have a friend.” But I was just as scared as I was happy. I felt like I had to be nice to you, like I had to make things work...After all, we'd be sharing the same heart forever.

Meemai...Maybe you didn't know who you were. But neither did I! You were closer to me than anyone else I knew, and I never knew a thing about you! What was I supposed to do?! “Spiriters are a chosen few. They have the power to sway the world's future...” Give me a freaking BREAK! Suddenly I had someone else's mind taking a lease out on my heart...But no one understood me! No one ever believed me!

I always wondered why I was so different from everybody else. I thought, wouldn't it be great if you just went away.

I don't care if you're not a guardian spirit. I don't care if you're Malpercio! You could have been anything and it wouldn't matter!!


Ever since I lost control, I can feel your presence inside me growing. You're Malpercio. So I guess you must be trying to consume me. Pretty soon your heart will overtake mine completely...and eventually, I'll disappear – because your heart is so much stronger than mine...

You have to choose. Will you be part of me? Or will I be part of you? This is important. I want you to think it through before you decide. No matter what you choose, I won't have any regrets.

Music: The Egret's Heart and the Road to Hereafter

That shadow...I guess that's us – Marno ar Meemai.

It turns to light, and flows into Sagi's chest.

Sagi tears himself free of his shackles...

Incredible! This is your power?


Where'd they come from? I guess it doesn't matter – we're a team again!

You're all right!

Milly, Guillo! Thank goodness!

Oh, Sagi...Praise the stars for keeping you safe.

Guillo! Where's Mom? Is Mom OK?

Don't worry – she's safe, too. When you...When the afterling consumed you, we were sent back to the age of the gods, and – after it was over, Guillo and I found ourselves back in the plaza. You were about to collapse...During the commotion we took your mother and fled Mintaka. She's recuperating in Hassaleh now. Tik and Wacho are taking turns looking after her.

I see...So Mom made it out. That's a relief.

Wait, Meemai! Is he all right?

Don't worry, he's still here.

Good. I'm glad to hear it.

I know.

Then you remember?

My mind was on other things at the time...but I did hear what you said. You called Baelheit “Father”.

Yeah...Please, let me explain! It's different now, I'm not -

I know. You've traveled with me all this time...I trust you, Milly.


If it'll make you feel better, you can tell me anything you want. But let's get out of here first. If we dawdle any longer, we're going to have company. OK?


And as a reward for powering up with Sagi...

We'll see this baby in time.

But what if we answered things a little differently?


Decision Time!

???: How should I die?

> From blood loss.

> From head loss.