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Part 51: Feast of Hearts

Well, the plan was to do a Coliseum mega-update today, but it turns out there's something else I need to do first. I've been putting this off because it gave me a lot of grief the first time I played and I wanted to get as many levels and as much equipment as possible, but I think I'm ready.

It's time to take a trip to the past, and finish the job we started.

Music: Into the Spiral Tension

Could it be Wiseman?

Didn't he die during the battle?

No, we don't know that for sure. The legends don't even mention Wiseman.

He could have slipped away during the confusion of the battle and survived. Yes, there's no question. This sensation...Someone with a heart beyond reckoning is very close. He must be here somewhere.

The Battlefields of Atria remain basically the same, only now there's not any fire so it's easier to get around. The enemies are the same, so there's not much to worry about there.

This save point is highly recommended. The fights coming up are pretty brutal.

Hmm? Your hearts...Mmm, now this is peculiar. Hm hm hm, delightful nonetheless. No heart should go to waste.

Come, Black Dragon! Here are the hearts we promised. Together we shall have a feast!

Oh, whoa, I did not sign up for this

Video: Wiseman and the Black Dragon (with The Apotheosis)

Video Wiseman and the Black Dragon (without The Apotheosis)

Music: Evidential Material

As the above videos indicate, I fought these guys twice. I wanted to show how much better The Apotheosis is versus other abilities. For the screenshots, I will detail the fight without The Apotheosis.

Anyway, the Black Dragon is a huge jerk for one reason.

Oh dear, that's an awful lot of numbers...

And here's the aftermath. So yeah, Crimson Catharsis is quite dangerous. I'd say it's not quite on the level of Guillo's Heavenlapse, but the dragon uses this much more frequently so you have to be very careful.

This is the special attack setup I gave Sagi for this fight – Heavenfall, Red Padma, Blast Tooth. This is also the special attack setup I used in my first playthrough, which explains why my first playthrough basically ate me alive.

I set Guillo up with a light/dark mixture. I tried to pull off a nice Relay Combo with Sagi and Guillo to do some nice damage. Unfortunately, while I was inputting Guillo's part...


See, the reason Crimson Catharsis is annoying (besides its high damage output) is because it has a tendency to knock characters over. Also, it's one of those attacks where it has several hits that are distributed randomly, and they almost always seemed to unload on Guillo. So this time it knocked Guillo over and canceled out its attack.

Blast Tooth seems pretty terrible to me. Maybe it'd be better if I could get a stronger EX Combo going (Assuming there is one). Rime Blade just seems much more effective for a third level attack.

I came pretty close to dying a few times. Honestly, I'm surprised I managed to pull this off in one try.

After a while, my hand got filled up with a bunch of Guillo stuff, and I tried to complete the setup. Unfortunately, every time I got it complete, the Black Dragon used Crimson Catharsis and I had to stop to heal. I spent a couple minutes trying to do this, and finally got the setup completed...

I hate this thing.

As underwhelming as the attack itself is, I do have to say I like the idea of Sagi turning himself into a nuke.


What color will your magnus be? Hm hm hm, hnn hnn hnn hnn! Come! Be one with us!

Music: Crystal Abyss (worth listening to; it's more ambient creepiness than a song)

And now for Wiseman himself. He's a little easier than the Black Dragon, but he can still cause a great deal of mischief in this fight.

Illusory Chaos is painful, but he doesn't use it terribly often and Guillo can fix that right up.

He also has HP drain properties, but it's not really enough to cause much trouble.

Yes, you read that right. Wiseman's signature attack is indeed called

Cast Away Your Carnal Robes!

The attack itself is hilariously weak. However, it is basically guaranteed to knock everyone over in that way that cancels their pending attacks, so it can really screw you over if you get a good attack queued only for him to cancel it with this. As such, I recommend waiting until just after he uses this to bust out a power attack.

I also finally managed to execute a special attack string with Guillo, so that was nice.

And thus did Wiseman meet his end...

...But for Guillo, it's just beginning.

This allows Guillo to bust out with an attack that rivals The Apotheosis for sheer devastation.

[Equip Weapon]
Weak Attack B
Medium Attack B
Strong Attack B
Sigil Cry
Zeniver Cascade
Aphelion Dustwake

This is Frigid Queen's Festival. It's not quite as powerful as The Apotheosis, but it hits all enemies. So now, not only are most boss fights a cakewalk, but the random battles don't have much danger any longer, either.

Well, I think that's about all to be sai-oh wait, there's one more thing.

Yeah, that'll do for a good trophy.

And to celebrate grabbing the final one, have some special attack videos!

It's over!

Look to the Skies!