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Part 53: The Cutest Sidequest

It's time to travel the world in search of greythornes to body swap with. Let's start in Diadem, Land of the Clouds.

Heh. I talked big in front of the others, but the truth is, I wish I could play more. To think the plan to go see Nashira's catch ended like this...All right! As of today, you're officially Gib! It's my best friend's name. You feel pretty special now? Umm, here...I always used to read him this book...I've got no use for it now.

Aww, that's sweet. I'd totally read a book about greythorne adventures.

(don't mind the blackened out magnus. I did things a little out of order, but you'll get to see it at the end of the update.)

Meanwhile, in Nashira...

Looks like Gibari's still down in the dumps. Let's check up on him.

I refuse to believe it. That was...That couldn't be...Huh? Oh, it's you. Don't look at me like that. What, you disagree? There had to be some other way to protect Kahn! Sorry, I don't mean to take it out on you. I just kinda...look, I'm really sorry. Even I know pop did what he did because there was no other way. It's just when I get to thinking that I'm just like him...That I would have done the same, I get all...Haha! This is so unlike me! But I do feel better for having let it all out. I know where I belong now. I'm Gibari, fisherman of Nashira!

Poor guy. I'm glad we could cheer him up a little. I'm sure he'll turn out just fine.

I don't want your fish you awful, awful child.

To Anuenue!

The extract from the Celestial Tree's blossoms should tide me over, but...this throbbing...Oh, my body...Perhaps even I cannot...remain here forever.

I just thought of something. If Corellia is immortal(ish), do her citizens know about it? Based on what I've seen, it doesn't appear that they do. Do they ever doubt her never aging? Not that it really matters, I'm just kind of intrigued by the idea.

Lolo is one of our Greythorne talk targets, but first we have to complete a sidequest for her. She wants us to get a Gust Boulder to finish off the Waterwheel.

I am so tired of this dungeon. This is...what? Our fourth excursion into this place?

Oh, don't mention it. You helped us out a ton, too. We're the ones who should be thanking you.

Sagi...Oh, that's right! There's something I wanted to give you. It's just a small token of my gratitude. Here.

We get a Twelve-Layered Kimono (defense magnus)

Sagi...I, er...I think I might be in l-

Thank you! I'll treasure it.


[Damn, Sagi, that was kind of harsh. I know you needed to friendzone her for Milly's sake, but did you have to literally interrupt Lolo's confession of love to do it? Geez.

...Wait, does Lolo not like greythornes? That can't be right. Who doesn't like greythornes?

Eep! Ooh...Err...Ugh...EEEEEEEK!!!

And we get booted back to the world map every time we talk to her as a greythorne.

Not again...! Mm, mm, ooh...Calm down, gotta calm down...It' use!! I can't TAKE IT!!!

Eek!...Is what I won't scream! C-C-Cause I'm not scared! Sc-Sca-Scaaa...Eee, eee, EEK!!! Get out, get ooooout!!!

C-Come on...H-Here, little squeaky, squeaky...Aren't y-you c-c-cute...No, you're not, NO! You're NOT!! I can't DEAL WITH THIS!!!

People say you're cute little animals, so if I try...I'll learn to like you. I love, I love my little...N-No, nooo, it's no use! You're still just freeeeeeeaky!

Ah! Little greythorne! You came back! I'm so happy. See, I'm...fine? Let me just give you a great...big...hug...No I can't, I can't, I JUST CAN'T!! I guess there's no getting over it, I can't STAAAAND them!!!

Right, so my respect for Lolo just got pretty much annihilated. Maybe if I stare at Woodfellah long enough I'll remember why I like her.

To Alfard!

I'm not personally familiar with any legends about a drink that's supposed to make you taller, but I know that milk is supposed to promote healthy bone structure or something.

In return, we get Blue Beans. I have so many beans I don't have any idea what to do with them. Trade fodder?

I don't know if you have to do Skeed's quest to complete the Greythorne sidequest, but I figured I might as well just in case. No one else has anything of particular interest to say – Camilla doesn't even have a new line.

Aww, but you'd make such a great doting pet owner. Oh well, maybe Geldoblame will be more receptive.

Me? I'm not scary at all. I'm terribly nice. Come a little closer, little one.

Squ, eeeeeek?

Don't be frightened, now. Here, I'll give you something that looks just like you.

I guess I'm a bit old for this, but I'd buy my hypothetical child a bathtime toy greythorne.

In other news, I really want to like Geldoblame in this game, and I think I do for the most part but why does he have to go and be creepy like this?

Err...looks like it's time to finish Almarde's quest line.

But he hardly touches the food I make for him. All he ever eats are those imperial rations...I remember hearing that machina oil is used heavily to flavor imperial cuisine, but...

We need to find some Machina Oil (still accessible from Lyuvann's proper home) but we need to age it into Goopy Machina Oil, which takes an hour or two. I'll be back with that later.

To Sadal Suud!

Wow, where did you learn a trick like that? That looks like a lot of fun. You're still a long way from my skills but you're definitely moving in the right direction!

Hey, I didn't even know Palolo stuck around anywhere where we could talk to him. That's neat.

The Empire really is soft...All this just to get promachination going? With this much moolah, I could...Gee hee hee...

Looks like Rodolfo is as untrustworthy as ever. I wonder who's paying him for what this time?

Almarde needs something else after the oil, so I'm gonna get started on it. One thing we need is this Love Syrup...

And we also need two doses of Sparkling Snow.

Now, after doing some Magna mixing and waiting, it's time to return to her.

Goodness, so this is what they use? I see, it's...thick. Hehe, thank you. If you'd like, you're welcome to have this in return.

We get a Magnus Pack Coupon. I don't see how that's very useful to a greythorne. Maybe it makes for cozy greythorne bedding.

Even though I should feel happy, I feel this terrible ache in my heart...I read somewhere that shaved ice filled with love works on an aching heart! We have plenty of ice here in Azha, but what do they mean it should be filled with love? Oh, my heart...

This is filled with love? Thank you! Here, take this. It's just a little thank-you.

Lyuvann, if you're worried about your injury, I think you're fine. But with a wound like this, even now that it's closed up...Look, it's still so swollen.

Thank you, Almarde. You've looked after me all this time, haven't you? Let me take a look at that kind face of yours. I'm truly grateful. I...I need you, Almarde.

Lyuvann...! Ahh, it's too soon for you to get up. You still have a fever!

I know. I'm sorry...and thank you.

And we're finally done with Almarde and Lyuvann. I didn't realize how much set up for BKEWLO would happen in greythorne form. And it's not over yet – we have one last stop to make.

To Moonguile Forest!

Gotta love all this greythorne stuff I'm getting. I wonder if any of these actually do anything or if they're just mixing/gathering stuff?

If we examine this as Sagi, he just comments that “There's something about this place.” However, as a greythorne, we can go through!

???: The spring catches the moon's soul, and the moon the hearts of man: frail hearts shall have words. Sleep, my child, sleep on; the time has not yet come.

Now that I think about it, I believe this is the only area we can access where one of the End Magnus is sealed. Mira's off in another dimension, we go to the roots of the Celestial Tree instead of the top, we go to the Cloudvents instead of the wind shrine, and we enter a different part of the lava caves than the He End Magnus lies.

These are interesting magnus. The whiskers knock all enemies over, while the Vanishing Cloak decreases defenses and HP, but makes enemies “mostly” stop targeting the wearer. I'm not sure I care for either, but that cloak is kind of a neat idea.

And that wraps up Project Greythorne! I hope you all enjoyed it. I know I did.

Come back home once all this business is over with, and we'll have a nice, long chat. I'll be fine here. You go out there and do your best.

…...Sagi....This photo, where did you...Oh...

Looking at his face brings back so many memories...I feel like I could just cry. Sagi...Thank you.