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Part 54: City of Clay

All right, it's time to wrap up the Sedna sidequest. We're still missing several pieces of Sedna, but before we go looking for those, let's find the prospective immigrants.

Music: Four Seasons of Peace !

They are spread rather far apart, not that it matters since we can move around freely. This gentleman is near the entrance of Komo Mai.

This person is in the doctor's office, across from the entrance to Sheratan.

And here's a Child of the Earth looking to escape his life under the Taintclouds in Gemma.

A woman near the well in Pherkad. Hey, I remember those two guys having some unfunny jokes. I wonder what they have to say now?

Jokester: SO I spend the whole day daydreaming in Nunki Valley, and when I get home, my mother lays into me. “Where did I go wrong to raise such a Nunklehead?” she says!


Ahahahahaha! A Nunklehead! Get it?


I'm kind of surprised we can't draw Poor Excuse For A Joke here (no, seriously, that's an actual quest magnus).

And finally, this fellow right next to the port in Sheliak. Let's go talk to the mayor and collect our reward!

Mayor: Euphoric rapture!! Ohh, the blinding heavenly light!! Whoa! Whoa! Steady, man, steady...I just about died and went to heaven. I distinctly felt a skyward pull, yes...Anyway, I'm sure Sedna will prosper, thanks to you.

Okay, let's go ahead and turn in what I've got so far.

-Sedna Well

Music: Four Seasons of Peace II

All right!

Now, we're still missing six Sedna magnus that I failed to stumble across on my first runs through places. Time to do another worldwide backtrack to find the rest of them. First, let's take a trip back in time and head to Naos.

I have to admit, I like how the game portrays Sagi's lack of understanding of a grounded world.

This woman wants some Eau de Moche, so we have to run back to Azha's Lava Caves to get a rockfly corpse (they are in infinite supply now), turn it into an Eau de Moche from that creepy researcher, and come back.

Now, to Cebalrai!

Talking to one of the fantail ducks gets us this. I guess that's kind of an appropriate way to get a weathervane? By Baten Kaitos logic, at least?

Hey, remember this guy? We can trade him Mountain Apple Wine for an Ancient Mask. To get Mountain Apple wine, we have to combine two Mountain Apples with a Holy Droplet form Nunki Valley via magnus mixing. Ancient Masks can be used to upgrade some magnus but don't seem to have much other purpose besides to get eaten by Pac.

However, by drawing away one of the Ancient Masks, we create a pathway to the chest behind him.

Okay, getting close now. Next up is Vega.

This is the promachinated idea of a bathhouse. Pretty lame if you ask me. Anyway, interrupting one of the patrons nets us Sedna House 3.

For the next one, we need a Holoholo Fruit. Remember this stone tossing thing that barely qualifies as a minigame? I actually got it on my first try this time, thankfully.

After this, the olifant and the guy who adopted it move in to the house nearby. That's the same house that the runaway kid and the divorcing parents lived in before. I literally talked to almost every NPC in the whole game and I still don't know what happened to that boy.

But no time for sorrow, we have to turn in these magnus!

Almost done, but there's one last thing we need to find...

Maia: But there's one thing missing. One last thing to complete the picture: A shining ornament that symbolizes everything good about Sedna. I won't ask you any more favors after this, Sagi. Just please, find the last piece for me. It's hidden somewhere in the world, sealed away tight. But now that Sedna is alive again, that seal should be broken. Please, Sagi. Find the final magnus, Sedna's Light. Once that's in place, the town can return to it's true splendor.

Sedans' light is quite simple to get. Indeed, you only have to go a little farther left than you ever need to in the Endmost Bethel.

Previous Mayor of Sedna: Our town was destroyed at the hands of a wizard calling himself Wiseman. But we would not give him this, Sedna's cherished symbol. Though nothing more than a simple decoration hung from the town center's tree during festivals, this ornament bears witness to the truth: our town existed once, shining in its own corner of the world. I seal it away here, to await the day Sedna sees its next festival. - The 87th Mayor of Sedna.

...Huh. I really wasn't expecting Wiseman to end up being behind this. I'm sure I've done this sidequest before, too, I guess I just forgot about this letter.

Music: Four Seasons of Peace III

Maia: You may have already guessed, but...I'm not a living person. I'm just one of many who were reduced to magnus by a powerful wizard long ago. Only my consciousness remained, sealed in this tree to watch over Sedna for the coming ages. I've been watching from the start, from before Sedna began to drift through the Outer Dimension...even before it parted from the earth below in the wake of the Great War. I've seen Sedna through a thousand years...And now Sedna has been reborn, so it can continue to grow in new and different ways. Now I can watch over the town as it makes a fresh start. Until the day this tree withers and dies, I'll watch over these people. Forever...

Maia: ...Pfft, psyche! Sagi, thank you. Sincerely. Without you, Sedna might never have been whole again. Here's my final present for you. It's the best of the best.

And this is it, Maia's final present. Is it just me or is know...kinda shitty? Recover HP if you deal more damage to an enemy than their max HP? Wouldn't you not need the HP boost by that point? Oh, whatever.

Ah, Sedna. It was worth the trouble of rebuilding this place. This is as Mira as this game is ever going to get.


...As I'd expected. This is quite promising. I knew I was right to ask you all. I don't detect any irregularities. Just continue exactly as you have until now.

...Come on, Georg, I was interested at first but you really aren't holding my interest in this sidequest.


...Mmm. This proves my hypothesis. It's exactly as I'd thought. I don't detect any irregularities. Just continue exactly as you have until now.

...Seriously? You'd better have something fantastic waiting for me next time.

Still later...

Hehehe...With this, I can proceed to the next phase. You have my thanks, Sagi. Objects cannot be made to live. But with this...! I think it's time you all left. You have no further business here.


...That's it. That's the whole sidequest. It exists to fill five magnus spaces in your Gathering (for five variations of the Heartflask) and to foreshadow BKEWLO. And to show that Georg used to be a dick.

Let's end this update on a positive note. Guess what finally paid off?

Okay! Are you guys ready for Tarazed? 'Cause I'm not sure I am.