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Part 55: Mini-Update: Omnivore

Mini-Update: Omnivore

Music: Purging Light of the Sun

A long time ago I started a sidequest out of convenience and said I would never finish it.

Then I stopped by a certain house and saw that it had filled up with people. And I thought, perhaps it would fill up all the way if I completed the sidequest?

Well, I've been housesitting for my parents the last few days and have basically no duties, responsibilities, or other forms of entertainment, and suddenly it seemed like a fun thing to try.

Thus, I present to you...

Quzman's family, Origins style!

Battuta: I'm all for sleeping outdoors. I can't think of anything better than sleeping under the stars. I wish I could be like this black caplin. It isn't part of a herd. Its solitude is its pride.

Battuta would later move to Duhr and hide away inside a labyrinth, alone at last.

Rabbih: This is a replica, based on written descriptions of the original. It supposedly glows in the dark. It should be easy to find with this. Now I just need to sneak in there...It could take 20 years, but I'll do it.

Rabbih would also go to Duhr in search of this stone. While he finally made it inside the right building, he aged to the point of immobility on the incorrect floor. Fortunately, our BKEWLO protagonists would be nice enough to bring the stone to him, allowing him to die in peace.

Tumart: Open it, and it's all over. You get sucked in and trapped inside. It's a mystery among grimoires.

Tumart would later get sucked into the very book he describes, leaving his children to try and find him. They may or may not accidentally discover a love journal chronicling the Head Librarian's clandestine affair in the process.

Taymiya would remain married to Quzman, and become his widow once he died at the end of the Family Tree sidequest. Thankfully, as his widow, she is not obligated to dance at his funeral.

Maymun: I'd better start calculating pi now before the School of Magic tests. It's tough to measure by hand...

Maymun would go on to be a completely forgettable woman living in Nashira. However, our BKEWLO friends would come to save her (also diligent and studious) children from drowning in the Lesser Celestial River.

Wahshiyah: I'd like to see a whole new island. I wonder if there's any way we can. It sure sounds like fun, though.

While her search for a new island wouldn't quite work out, Wahshiyah would ultimately find her way to the village of Gemma under the taintclouds.

Hawqal: Right now I'm investigating greythorne vocalizatoins. It seems these little guys can sing!

Hawqal would grow up to murder happiness for a living.

Misjah: Then I'll be able to sell all of these off and be rich. I can't wait.

Misjah would move to Mira (always a good choice). While reluctant to come to her ex-husband's send-off, we could bring one of these very paintings to her to convince her to stop by.

Zuhr would be involved in an airship crash in the Nihal desert. Our BKEWLO friends would rescue her while helping a party member come to terms with her past.

Asakir: As you set out on this journey, the very legs that carry you will be recast as muscle! So go. Go, and you will understand! Hoo! Ah ha ha ha haa! Ah ha ha ha haa!

After proving to be basically the best relative in Origins with these lines, Asakir would go on to develop the Flab Smasher Diet Plan which involves standing under Nunki Valley's waterfall, thus proving to be the best relative in BKEWLO as well.

Nubata: I don't care if I'm tubby. I don't mind being the tubbiest guy ever, just don't make me work out!

Nubata would move to Mira's candy town, where he would continue being tubby. He didn't want to come back to see Quzman since we'd already invited his enemy Sabin, but we won him over with food.

Al-athir would fall for a dirty trick in the future, as set by...

Sabin: You'll grow up and ask me to marry you. You'll live happily ever after. How about we practice now? No, this isn't subliminal training. I'll give you a mountain apple later.

Sabin shows signs of intense creepiness, only to be exarcerbated in BKEWLO when he cheats on his wife with another woman, when both women are related to him (through adoption, thankfully).

It's unnecessary and not really related to the proper sidequest, but I thought it was awesome how the family shows up and provides all these callbacks to the Family Tree sidequest of the last game. Honestly, I got a little nostalgic talking to them (except Hawqal. Fuck that guy)

But they aren't the proper reward. No...

First, let me say that Quzman gave me three things over the course of this quest. The Beast's Shackles lower an enemy's offense, The Beast's Collar lowers an enemy's defense, and The Beast's Shackles lower an enemy's resistances to status effects. I forget which order he gave them to me in, but obviously I get all three for doing the sidequest. They're cool and all, but not the real reward.

So I'm sure by now you know what to expect from the next pictures...

Ohhhhh yeah. I did it. I have no life am awesome.

I am finally ready for Tarazed.

Incidentally, the description for Pac-Mania is misleading. You don't just have to feed Pac a Power Pellet, you have to feed him every single one of the 147 quest magnus that he can eat. The Power Pellet just happens to be one of them that is thematically appropriate.

With that said, we have the option of giving Pac back to Quzman. Furthermore, bear in mind that I gained about ten levels doing this quest so everyone's sitting at level 59 or 60.



Decision Time!

Should Pac-Mania accompany us to Tarazed?

> Yes

> No