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Part 59: The End

It's time to escape Tarazed! Let's hurry up before the place crashes with us in it, hmm?

Video: The final banter

Sagi, are you all right?!

I'm...all right. But I can't – my heart -


No response. This device, does it do something to people's hearts?

I think so...If we don't intervene, Sagi's heart will be destroyed.

We can't let that happen!!

Wait...There! That must be the control system for this device!

This is the engine that controls Tarazed. Basically, it's the fortress's nerve center. If we can get inside and halt its functions, the trap holding Sagi and Meemai should release!

You can do that?

Yes...I'm pretty sure. Just give me a minute. I'll try.

Music: The Broken Manas and My One and Only

What? You should be focusing.

I know. Would you just listen?


We've been taking digs at each other constantly since the day we met.

Where did that come from? Move your fingers, not your mouth.

Hee hee. I was jealous of you. You've always been by Sagi's side. have you.

I know I have! But...all I ever did was watch Sagi. You were the one who protected him. I was there...but it always felt like the exact opposite. I envied you, because you never had to think about protecting Sagi. You just did.

What are you doing, Milliarde?!

There's not enough machina in this engine to lock it down. But I can make up the difference. For the first time, I'm happy my body's the way it is. Finally, I can be the one to protect Sagi.

...What's with you? You're all clammed up! Isn't this the part where you say “Not even a fluffpup would go sniffing in there!” Hee hee!...

Bye, Guillo. You don't have any tact – but I always loved that about you. Sorry I picked on you.


Music: Keen Moon, Night Rain

I'LL make up the difference. If it's machina you need, my body should work just as well.

No, Guillo! You're not made to synchronize with machina! Let me! I can synchronize with Tarazed!

You can try. But there's no guarantee it will work, is there? And even if it does, you'll become a part of Tarazed. You'll die, Milliarde. Am I wrong?


Sagi needs you more than me now. And you need him. That's why. Don't look so sad. Not even an olifant with a trampled trunk would make a face like that.


Our bickering had to come to an end sometime.

Wait! Guillo!

I didn't find you so offensive, either. Just so you know. So long, Milliarde. Take care of Sagi.

Aaaauuuuggghhh! Guillo...! Oh, Guillooo...

Sagi! Guillo...Guillo is...

I know. I was conscious the whole time. I saw.


Don't cry, Milly. Guillo's still alive. I'm sure of it. You know how stubborn that puppet can get. Now let's hurry up and get out of here, or else Guillo's sacrifice will be for nothing.


All right.

The two start to walk away, but Sagi turns back and reopens the door (somehow)...

...but we don't get to see exactly what he did in there.

I didn't want to interrupt the scene proper, but if you didn't watch the video, I just want to say that Shanelle Workman (Milly's actress) poured her heart out in that scene. It sounds kind of weird to say, but I've never heard an actor (live action or voice work) cry so well. I just thought I'd add that.

Music: Shogyo-Mujo

Shogyo-Mujo only actually plays in the city part, but it's one of only two times the song plays in the whole game so I thought I'd use this as an excuse to go ahead and link it.

The rest of the escape is remarkably uneventful. If we had fought but spared Valara, Heughes, and Nasca, then they would get individual scenes where they help Sagi and Milly escape Tarazed. Since we killed them instead, those scenes simply do not occur. This is where Heughes would have appeared to save the day. I will put in the dialogue for their scenes later, but for now let's just play through our “real” escape.

This is where Nasca would have helped out.

Video: Mira

The Sfida's gone!

Don't tell me it got swept away! Our wings of the heart won't carry us back from this high up!

Dammit, how can this happen now?!



Are we...Is this the end?

...I don't know.

Sagi...don't let go...

Music: Strange Bedfellows

Suddenly, the Sfida!

We're saved...?

Let's go home, Milly. Everybody's waiting.


(this is where Valara would normally be)

An unspecified amount of time passes...

Music: The Semblance of a Horizon



You don't mind? You really don't mind...having me along?

What are you saying? You're the whole reason I want to go!

But...what about your mother?

I'll go see Mom once things have settled down. Don't worry. body...

Why should that matter? I know what your heart's like, Milly. That's all I need.


Besides, I talked to Lolo. With a little work, she can use the Celestial Tree's fell-branches to make you a body just like anyone else's. She said to contact her once we get to Mira.

WHAT?! Sagi! You told Lolo?!

Huh?...Well, yeah. Was I not supposed to?

Of course not! Why did you tell her?! Now that Lolo knows -

...Everybody else is sure to find out?

Shame on you two! Trying to sneak off without a word to your friends. See? Look at all those grumpy faces.

I could've arranged to send you on the Mindeer, Diadem's finest ship!

I came running when I heard about the wedding...but it looks to me like you decided to elope. What's the big idea, Sagi?

Lolo, I know you're back there. Come on out!

Heh...Don't be mad at her, Milliarde. Thanks to Lolo, we all have a chance to see you off. So...I'm told you decided to go to Mira?

That's right. We'd rather live a quiet life, someplace far from prying eyes. Mira seemed like the perfect choice.

I see...Well, I'm certain Duke Calbren would be delighted to have you. I shall let him know you're on your way.

Thank you.

And Meemai? I guess he's going with you?

Meemai and I decided – we're always going to be together.

No matter where life takes us, or how long the journey lasts. Let's always be together, Meemai!

Sagi, the sun will be up soon. We'd better go.

Oh, whoops. Thanks, everyone, but we should get going.

OK, have a safe trip! I'll send you some fish from Nashira! Fresh off the hook!

Great! Thanks, Gibari. We can't wait!

I'll go visit you sometime. Just watch for the whirlwind.

I will. Meemai and Milly, too!

Milly, don't forget to write!

Don't worry, I won't!

Take care, everyone!

Thank you all so much!

And so Sagi and Milly fly off to Mira to get married and settle down. Good for them, I say.

The credits roll here, but I plan on making the credits their own little thing. Then, after that...

Music: Two Lights, Watching On

All right, I think that about does it! I've still got to do the Machina Vanguard stuff and I have a little project for the credits, and...I guess that'll be it. See you all then!

The ending isn't over.