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Part 61: The Stinger

Video: Geldoblame

Music: Evil's Origins – A Prelude to Treachery

Senator: Good heavens! Is that you, Master Geldoblame? You're alive! Thank the stars! We thought all hope of rebuilding the Empire had left us! Please – you must stand up on behalf of your fellow citizens, as Alfard's new emperor! You're the only person left fit to rule! I promise you'll have the Senate's undivided support!

Me...the emperor? Heh hah hah, bwah hah hah! Me! The emperor?!

Very well. Let's see if Baelheit's legacy can't be put to better use. I accept! If Alfard needs a ruler, then I, Geldoblame, shall gladly rise to the task! There are still five pieces left in the world. Find them! All five of them! I want those End Magnus, no matter what the cost!

Senator: As you command!

Wait. Before that...

Senator: Hm?

Heh hah hah hah, mwah hah hah hah, bwaaaaah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah!!!