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Arkham City Stories

A New Robin
A Cold Start (1)
A Cold Start (2)
A Family Business
A Sick Plan (1)
A Sick Plan (2)
A Sick Plan (3)
Aaron Cash
The Abramovici Twins (1)
The Abramovici Twins (2)
Arkham City Medical Team
Arkham Island Sold
A Killer In The Sewers
Black Mask
Brokering Deals
Buried On A Sunday (1)
Buried On A Sunday (2)
Calendar Man
Catwoman and Two-Face (1)
Catwoman and Two-Face (2)
Catwoman and Two-Face (3)
Close Arkham City
The Cobblepot Feud (1)
The Cobblepot Feud (2)
The Cobblepot Feud (3)
The Cobblepot Feud (4)
The Cobblepot Feud (5)
Compulsory Purchase
Election Time
The Falcone Family
Gordon vs Sharp (1)
Gordon vs Sharp (2)
Holding Grudges (1)
Holding Grudges (2)
Holding Grudges (3)
Hugo Strange's Experiments
Hugo Strange's Storage Vault
Illegal Operations
The Mad Hatter (1)
The Mad Hatter (2)
The Maroni Family
Maxie Zeus
Open For Business
The Payphone Killer
Poisonous Intent (1)
Poisonous Intent (2)
The Ratcatcher
Scarface (1)
Scarface (2)
Seismic Disturbances
Strange Goings On
Studying the Bat
Talia's Guard
Titan On The Streets
Vicki Vale
Wonder City (1)
Wonder City (2)
Wonder City (3)

Character Bios

Bruce Wayne
Info - Bio - Attributes

Billionaire playboy and philanthropist. Does not accessorize well with regards to matching suit with bracelets. Noted critic of Arkham City.

Alfred Pennyworth
Info - Bio - Attributes

The Wayne family butler and Bruce Wayne's caretaker as a child. Batman's ear back at the Batcave during his night time forays. Hell of a good butler.

Info - Bio - Attributes

The hero of the story. Waging a long war against crime. Detective, expert martial artist, master of stealth. Really scary in a dark room.

Info - Bio - Attributes

Catburgler with a heart of gold. Whip and catsuit enthusiast. Frequently found on both sides of the law. Outrageous flirt where Batman is concerned.

Harley Quinn
Info - Bio - Attributes

Psychiatrist with a minor in psychopathy. Has an insane romantic attraction to the Joker. Excellent gymnast, totally devoted, surprisingly cunning.

Black Mask
Info - Bio - Attributes

One of Gotham's crime bosses. Terrible business acumen. Hates Bruce Wayne as much as he hates Batman. Really loves torture. Torture torture torture.

Info - Bio - Attributes

Some guy who's been staring at us from rooftops. Has a weird arm sword and keeps leaving symbols. Probably a big fan of tall bushes and open blinds.

The Penguin
Info - Bio - Attributes

Scion of what was formerly one of Gotham's richest families. Didn't take well to the lowering in stature. Not a big fan of the Wayne family.

The Riddler
Info - Bio - Attributes

Probably not Matthew Lesko. Asks a lot of questions. Very smart. Very condescending. Very prone to throwing fits. Keeps losing trophies everywhere.

Vicki Vale
Info - Bio - Attributes

Gotham's most trusted name in news. Sometimes a love interest for Bruce Wayne, sometimes totally ignored. Riskily interested in getting the story.

Jack Ryder
Info - Bio - Attributes

Not Gotham's most trusted name in news. Journalist, reporter, and TV host. Not typically watched in Arkham City. Has an alter-ego who does not appear.

Hugo Strange
Info - Bio - Attributes

Warden of Arkham City. Psychiatrist with a chinstrap. Knows Batman's shameful secret. Really wants to be Batman. He could be your hero baby.

Info - Bio - Attributes

Former Gotahm District Attorney. I'd make a split personality joke but he'd beat me to it. Really likes coin flips. Kind of OCD on interior decorating.

Victor Zsasz
Info - Bio - Attributes

Good old slicey. Likes counting. Bodycounting? Still really creepy. Currently fixated on making prank calls. The prank is that you die at the end.

Info - Bio - Attributes

A walking cautionary tale against steroids. Was pretty much a plot point in Arkham Asylum but would prefer that the point get buried. A helper!

Poison Ivy
Info - Bio - Attributes

The green plant-like chick who's a sex machine to all the dicks. Previous first place winner for "Best Gotham Houseplant". Killed all the judges.

The Joker
Info - Bio - Attributes

The Clown Prince of Crime. Told a really funny joke once, never let go of the shtick. Currently suffering from drug side effects. Don't do drugs.

Info - Bio - Attributes

The World's Greatest Assassin. Shoots a lot of bullets and hits most of them. Frequent team leader of the Suicide Squad. Wants to die in spectacular fashion.

Jim Gordon
Info - Bio - Attributes

Commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. Seriously outclassed. Uncorruptable, according to reliable sources. Has a few marriages behind him.

Info - Bio - Attributes

One smart cookie. Used to be Batgirl, then she got fridge'd. Spends a lot of time in a wheelchair and on the internets. Probably a goonette.

Mr. Freeze
Info - Bio - Attributes

A pretty one-note villain, but it's a good note. Winter is his favorite season. Loves his wife. Really loves his wife. Madly loves his wife.

Solomon Grundy
Info - Bio - Attributes

Born on a Monday. Christened on Tuesday. Married on Wednesday. Took ill on Thursday. Got worse on Friday. Died on Saturday. Buried on Sunday.

Info - Bio - Attributes

Not the first Robin, and not the last Robin. Robin #3, to be specific. Pretty accomplished detective in his own right, as recognized by Ra's Al Ghul.

Calendar Man
Info - Bio - Attributes

A one note villain given a second note by the Long Halloween. Everyone remembers the second one. Favorite year is 2004, has every calendar from that year.

Killer Croc
Info - Bio - Attributes

Sir Not Appearing As A Boss In This Game. Tends to move around, never really beat him up in Asylum. Went from one sewer to another, which works, sure.

Talia Al Ghul
Info - Bio - Attributes

Ra's Al Ghul's daughter. Totally has a thing for Batman. It's reciprocal. Made a test tube Batman baby, then wound up killing it later. Long story.

Ra's Al Ghul
Info - Bio - Attributes

Everyone's favorite eco-terrorist. Wanted a boy but settled for Talia. Wanted Batman but settled for something else that just didn't work out.

Quincy Sharp
Info - Bio - Attributes

The mayor of Gotham City and former warden of Arkham Asylum. Totally claimed responsibility for stopping the Joker. Apparently it worked!

Nora Fries
Info - Bio - Attributes

A real cool customer. Mrs. Freeze. Apparently she became a villain with fire powers when she got thawed out? Comic books are weird. She's hot and she's cold.

The Mad Hatter
Info - Bio - Attributes

A man with a love of fine hatwear. Probably a goon. Creepy around women, believes he deserves an Alice, peacocks with hats and odd dress. Definitely a goon.

Info - Bio - Attributes

Cosmetic advertisement gone terribly wrong. Origins vary on if he was always clay-based. Maybe he was born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline.

Info - Bio - Attributes

Bruce Wayne's childhood friend Thomas Elliot. Probably would be better off as a librarian. Doesn't like Wayne or his family. Likes mummies.

Other posts of interest

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

I also feel that I'm obliged to share this.

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

The guy with the cut off face only reminds me of one thing.

Kurieg posted:

It's like they tried to encapsulate every terrible character design idea they had into one image.

"Give her handcuffs, because she's playful." "Show more skin so we can give her a piercing." "She's been crying to smudge her makeup." "Why is she wearing pants? We need more skin."

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

I had to look this up to make sure you weren't screwing with me.

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

Since Scruffy mentioned The Long Halloween, I should note that there is one point during that comic where Batman beats up Solomon Grundy on Thanksgiving while accidentally chasing a criminal he was after into his lair. He laments the fact that he has to do it, since Grundy is operating purely on instinct.

So later on...

Nalesh posted:

The main villain of Arkham Knight is gonna be the carpenter, calling it now.

Or is it Sputnik posted:

It really is. Morrison picks back up on the "Joker continuously reinvents his personality" from the "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth" one-shot. After "Batman" shoots him in the face, the Joker turns into David Bowie "The thin white duke of death". I especially like this part from Batman R.I.P. just before Final Crisis.

The part about building boxes around his foes is apt, since Batman just got out of a straitjacket while inside a coffin and bench pressed the coffin lid up through the earth.

JamieTheD posted:

Okay, so, as noted, there are two main Azraels. One, Jean Paul Valley, had a very interesting beginning with "Sword of Azrael", in that he was the son of a guy also named Jean Paul Valley, both of whom had been part of a secret Knights Templar based organisation called (Gets a bit generic here) the Order of St. Dumas, who trained both Jean Paul Valleys using a regime of hypnosis, genemodding, and other incredibly human-rights ignorant stuff that they just call... The System

An awesome comic.

But, ignoring that somewhat generic sounding name convention, the first Azrael we see is killed by an arms dealer called LeHah, and Jean-Paul (formerly a student of some description) gets conscripted into what's basically a holy war against this guy. He and Batman come to blows, LeHah goes seriously nutso and calls himself after a demon, and...

Look, no matter how generic and grimdark and whatnot it sounds, it is actually quite awesome, has some cool lines, and has a happier ending.

That costume from that not-so-awesome part of an interesting comic.

Then Knightfall came along and shat all over that, because of that "Different writers" thing going on (EDIT: The rationale being that the Batsuit triggered flashbacks to Jean-Paul's "System" training, which was murderous as fuck). Jean Paul Valley does grow as a character, and in his own comic line, we find the System is a lot nastier than we were originally led to believe (Jean-Paul's a test tube baby, for a start), but is killed off at some point. Michael Lane is his replacement, and... He goes through a very similar fucking arc: Gets conscripted, does nasty shit, batman beats him up, he realises the Order of St. Dumas are a big ol' pile of shitheels, and tries to atone.

All singing, all dancing, all... Not actually that new Azrael.

There's your Jay's Notes summary of Azrael.

CuwiKhons posted:

So that was a fucking long video, I had almost forgotten how long we talked, and among the many things we talked about, this is the one I most wanted to bring up again:

This is Stephanie Brown trying to talk to Riddler who is apparently having a really bad mental health day. Two of the riddles in particular stand out.

Stephanie asks why her father, Cluemaster, left clues to his crimes. Riddler answers "One bug is wrapped in a web, therein to die. Another bug is wrapped in it's own web, therein to be reborn." Cluemaster is the second bug - he started leaving clues because he didn't like the person he was and was trying to be something greater, but Riddler is the first bug, unable to escape from the traps of his own psychological problems and knowing that it's killing him. And of course, the last one Riddler gives, not in response to a question but a demand. Stephanie wants one straight answer, just one. "I am the number you can't count on your fingers." Zero. He can't give her a straight answer, he's just not capable of it. He couldn't even offer her a fucking drink without making it a puzzle (and notice that after she solves the puzzle, he has no problem with explaining it to her) much less respond to questions with straight answers. It's why Riddler is my favorite supervillain - he's as much a prisoner of his psyche as others are to his traps.

Then of course, Rocksteady turned him into Jigsaw

Tuxedo Ted posted:

Thanks for such a comprehensive LP scruffy. Sure there's a little bit more to go, but that was the bulk of it out of the way and soon it will be time to bail out.

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

I think Scruffy's finished all of the sidequests with villains and stuff, so here's the Game Over quotes.


Harley Quinn (Might have HQR Game Over quotes [I can't check due to video issues.], but they shouldn't be spoilerish.)

Mr. Zsasz

Poison Ivy


Solomon Grundy

Black Mask

Ra's al Ghul

Mr. Freeze

Mad Hatter


Hugo Strange

The Joker + Clayface Joker


The Riddler

TwoPair posted:

Batman was actually only in the Sinestro Corps for like 5 seconds. He was able to take the ring off and refuse because a.) he has a strong will and b.) because Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) let him try on a green ring one time. It's for the better, because the Sinestro Corps isn't really a peacekeeping organization, it's more Sinestro's private army, and they don't really take no for an answer normally.

(fun fact: later on, Scarecrow gets a yellow ring. He fuckin' loves it. It doesn't last long though.)