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Part 4: Episode 4: Catwoman Returns

Episode 4: Catwoman Returns

This episode starts with me being pretty down on Catwoman. I'll straight up admit that I have trouble navigating as her because she depends so much more on being close to buildings all the time, and instead of going from spot to spot you have this combo system to get her going places. Because of that the first few minutes are me just bashing Catwoman. I suggest sticking around for at least the first part of the Batman stuff because there are important story items in there before I go start all the sidequests I can in the space of like a minute.

The Story So Far

Tracking down the Joker to the old Steel Mill, Batman fights through waves of enemies and saves a doctor who claims the Joker is incredibly sick. This confirms what the henchmen from all camps had been saying just before Batman made it so their jaws don't work (hope Strange is dropping liquid food into the prison). Batman's pitted against the giant one-armed Mr. Hammer and wins, granting him access to the Joker's private rooms in the mill. There he finds his oldest enemy dead. In a frantic rush to save him, Batman doesn't pick up on the real Joker's attack until it is too late and he's gassed with some sort of knock out drug. Yes, Batman fell for the old "fake Joker" trick and is now at the mercy of one of the most unrepentant psychopaths in Arkham City.