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Part 5: Episode 5: Mr. Freeze has Left the Building

Episode 5: Mr. Freeze Has Left The Building

This time around we head out to see Mr. Freeze, who has apparently taken refuge in the morgue of the Gotham City Police Department. Too bad a couple of our enemies sent people to get to Freeze before we could. I also kick off a Riddler sidequest to fill out the episode.

The Story So Far

Catwoman has made a deal with Poison Ivy to rob Hugo Strange blind, though Ivy seems to be carrying a bit of a grudge from a past event.

While Catwoman was hashing out her deal, Batman got a transfusion of Joker's blood. Not exactly being a licensed medical professional, Joker forgot to filter out the Titan poison that has been killing him. Batman is actually pretty OK with just dying at his rival's hand if it means the Joker can't terrorize Gotham anymore (he really hates the guy), but Joker reveals that he's been dispatching samples of his blood to hospitals all over Gotham City, meaning a number of innocents are suffering from the Titan poisoning as well now. In light of this, Batman agrees to help the Joker find a cure. Batman is more or less very skilled muscle in obtaining this cure, Mr. Freeze was apparently very close to finding one before he stopped responding to the Joker. One question left unasked about that arrangement is why Freeze would help the Joker?

It also turns out Batman's assumption that the Joker had a hand in Protocol 10 is just plain wrong, or the Joker is lying when he says he's never heard of it. Strange is still counting down the hours until it kicks off and Batman is no closer to understanding what it is, and now he's on a deadline of his own, there is no telling how soon the Titan poison in his veins will take to kill or incapacitate him. He needs to find Freeze.