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Part 7: Episode 7: Night at the Penguin's Museum

Episode 7: Night at the Penguin's Museum

We finally enter the Fireworks Factory Penguin's Museum which throws a couple new objectives at us early on that give us a reason to continue on even if we complete our main objective of freeing Mr. Freeze first. I also go around to hit just about every unique bit of Penguin VO present in the museum, which was one of the reasons the museum got split into two episodes.

The Story So far

Penguin has captured Mr. Freeze and is keeping him in his museum/fortress. Batman's first attempt at entry was turned back when it was revealed that Penguin had set up military grade signal jammers in the area. For a walled in population of convicts there are an interesting amount of guns, military tech and general gadgets going around in Arkham, which means that someone is probably arming these people from the outside. Batman destroys the jammers easily enough, dispatching a number of goons along the way and makes his way inside the museum to track down Freeze and get a cure for the disease soon to infect Gotham.