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Part 19: Episode 18: Joker the Immortal

Episode 18: Joker the Immortal

This is it, the final showdown in the game between Joker and Batman. Will Batman be able to outwit Joker with the poison slowly killing him still running in his veins? Will he be able to save Talia? Will I ever learn how to avoid people with guns? Watch to find out.

It would be really neat if people waited until tomorrow to post details about the end of the game. Spoiler Tags are totally cool, though. The ending is one of the best parts of the game and I don't want people to read it before they see it if at all possible.

There's still more post game stuff, most notably the Catwoman mission that I tease after the credits, as well as the DLC I've mentioned and a couple predator rooms with Nightwing and Robin.