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by dscruffy1

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Original Thread: A Series Of Unfortunate Bat-Decisions. Let's Play Batman: Arkham Knight!



Previous Bat-LPs: Arkham Asylum - Arkham City - Arkham Origins

By contractual obligation, it's time for Batman: Arkham Knight!

It's six months after the closure of Arkham City. The Joker is dead, the crime rate is down, and everything is...quiet. Halloween is coming up, and aside from Calendar Man maybe doing his thing, what's to worry about?

Arkham Knight is the hotly awaited sequel to Arkham City. Rocksteady is back at the helm as developers, Kevin Conroy is back as Batman, and the system is as solid as ever. Combat has been revamped, the Batmobile is a thing, and Gotham is larger than ever. Not everything went off without a hitch. The game had one of the highest profile botched PC releases in quite a while, and the new mechanics are not universally loved. Luckily I'm playing on PS4 this time around so I can avoid at least one of those. I enjoy this game, I'm decent at the combat (not as much as in Arkham City, but eh), and I will finish this series.

The usual policies apply. I'll be doing 100%, I'll go through the DLCs, and NO SPOILERS. I'd prefer not to even have those winks and nods and "oh man just wait until". I assume some people are either coming into this without having played it or as Bat-virgins. Let's keep the dream alive, huh? Feel free to talk about earlier games though, they're done with.


Full Playlist

Typical Halloween/Polsy/GEMA Approved!

A Busy Night/Polsy

The Clothes Make The (Bat)Man/Polsy

Previously, in Blüdhaven.../Polsy

The Bat-Curse of ACE Chemicals/Polsy

The Predictable Cliffhanger/Polsy

Trouble In Bat-Paradise/Polsy

Fighting Firefighter Fighters/Polsy

Batman In Wonderland/Polsy

Back On The Trail/Polsy

Taking Back Miagani/Polsy

A Real Scorcher/Polsy

Just Riddler Things/Polsy

The Shadow War/Polsy

Knight Night/Polsy

The Blüdhaven Assist/Polsy

Stagg Airlines/Polsy

World's Best Boss/Polsy

A Matter Of Family/Polsy

Earning Your Wings/Polsy

Going Off-Script/Polsy

It's Easy As A-P-C/Polsy

Screwing Around, Mostly/Polsy

Under The Surface/Polsy

Full City Access/Polsy

Tanking Sucks/Polsy

The Dent Fixer/Polsy

Second Time In Theaters/Polsy

So That Happened/Polsy

The Original Dynamic Duo/Polsy

Clipping Plot Threads/Polsy

Riddle Me That/Polsy

The Man Who Was Bat/Polsy

This Little Pyggie/Polsy

City Of Fear/Polsy

The Silver Lining/Polsy

In From The Cold/Polsy

Breaking (Limbs) And Entering/Polsy


A Cult. Why Not?/Polsy

An Assault Or Two/Polsy

Unmasked 2: Electric Boogaloo/Polsy

Everyone Is Wrong/Polsy






Audio Tapes/Polsy

Extras and Errata/Polsy

The Red Hood/Polsy

Flip of a Coin/Polsy

GCPD Lockdown/Polsy

Catwoman's Revenge/Polsy


Race 1: 1966 - Penguin Dockyard/Polsy

Race 2: 1989 - Joker Parade/Polsy

Race 3: 2008 - Ashes/Polsy

Race 4: 1966 - Batcave Set/Polsy

Race 5: 1989 - Cobblepot's Causeway/Polsy

Race 6: 2008 - Cataclysm/Polsy

Race 7: 2016 - Batmobile Proving Ground/Polsy

Race 8: 2016 - Waynetech Loop/Polsy

Scarecrow Nightmare

Scarecrow Nightmare 1/Polsy

Scarecrow Nightmare 2/Polsy

Scarecrow Nightmare 3/Polsy

Challenge Maps

Combat: Gotham Knights/Polsy

Predator: Revive And Shine/Polsy

Combat: Azrael's Atonement/Polsy

Predator: Terminal Velocity/Polsy

Combat: Combo Master/Polsy

Predator: Smash And Grab/Polsy

Gotham City Stories

Cargo 1 2 3
Fixation 1 2 3
Wonder Tower 1 2 3
Just Jack 1 2 3
Poison Chalice 1 2 3
False Dawn 1 2 3
Showtime 1 2 3
On The Prowl 1 2 3
White Noise 1 2 3
Keep Your Friends Close 1 2 3
Taking Out The Trash 1 2 3
Legacy 1 2 3
Change Of Heart 1 2 3
Lab Rat 1 2 3
Prodigal 1 2 3
Fallout 1 2 3
The Trap 1 2 3
Power Play 1 2 3
Burn Notice 1 2 3
Social Outcast 1 2 3
Down The Rabbit Hole 1 2 3
Critter 1 2 3
Masquerade 1 2 3
Contingency 1 2 3
The Mission 1 2 3
Resolutions 1 2 3
Dollotron 1 2 3
Faithful Servant 1 2 3
Homecoming 1 2 3
Frozen Out 1 2 3
Payback 1 2 3
Revenant 1 2 3
Scar Tissue 1 2 3
Guardian Angel 1 2 3
The Fall 1 2 3
A Close Shot With Deadshot 1 2 3
Office Romance 1 2 3
The Demon's Head 1 2 3
Visiting Hours 1 2 3
Wallflower 1 2 3

Showcase Images

1966 Batman
1966 Robin
1966 Catwoman
1966 Combat Batmobile
1966 Race Batmobile
1989 Batman
1989 Race Batmobile
2016 Batman
Classic Harley


Information - Bio - Attributes

The man of the hour. Gotham's in some pretty deep shit this time, and he's here to clean up the streets.

Bruce Wayne
Information - Bio - Attributes

Still a better disguise than Clark Kent. Supplies a lot of good shit to GCPD.

Information - Bio - Attributes

Finished the job Killer Croc started on his face. Voiced by John Noble, a.k.a. that guy from Fringe!

Commissioner Gordon
Information - Bio - Attributes

Seems to have lost muscle mass since Arkham Asylum. Probably out of his depth.

Information - Bio - Attributes

Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara Gordon. Still crippled. Still smart as hell. Has a thing with Robin.

Information - Bio - Attributes

The Wayne family butler. Not as sassy as he could be, sadly, but still absolutely loyal.

Poison Ivy
Information - Bio - Attributes

Not very interested in Scarecrow's plan. Not very interested in these dumb meat sacks either.

Aaron Cash
Information - Bio - Attributes

Still the baddest ass. Properly working at GCPD. Could probably take care of Scarecrow single...handedly.

The Riddler
Information - Bio - Attributes

Delightfully neurotic this time around. Less Jigsaw, more unhinged.

Jack Ryder
Information - Bio - Attributes

Rarely has so much been captured in one picture.

Lucius Fox
Information - Bio - Attributes

The source of all of Batman's wonderful toys.

Information - Bio - Attributes

We're still on Robin #3, Tim Drake. He is dating Barbara, as compared to it being Dick Grayson in comic continuity.

Arkham Knight
Information - Bio - Attributes

And then there's this guy. Has a game named after him. Knows Bat-things.

Information - Bio - Attributes

If you don't know him in this series by now then UHHHH I don't know what to tell you.

Christina Bell
Information - Bio - Attributes

Joker's obsession with Batman, taken to an extreme.

Johnny Charisma
Information - Bio - Attributes

Joker's sense of showmanship, taken to an extreme.

Albert King
Information - Bio - Attributes

Joker's violence and sadism, taken to an extreme.

Henry Adams
Information - Bio - Attributes

Joker's...wait, this guy seems pretty normal. Joker's cure?

Chief Underhill
Information - Bio - Attributes

The missing Fire Chief of Station 17. Seems to be a big hit with his fellow firefighters.

Information - Bio - Attributes

A damsel in distress. How empowering!

Kirk and Francine Langstrom
Information - Bio - Attributes

I feel like WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE is an accurate description of a lot of Batman's villains.

Information - Bio - Attributes

He's back, he's still on fire, and he's still flinging around puns.

Information - Bio - Attributes

Still rocking the broken-bottle-in-his-eyesocket chic from Arkham City.

Information - Bio - Attributes

Batman Junior! Don't call him that though. He'll get pretty pissed off.

Simon Stagg
Information - Bio - Attributes

CEO of Stagg Pharmaceuticals. A people company!

Information - Bio - Attributes

Duality, coin flips, scarred face, you know the story by now. He's robbing banks!

Information - Bio - Attributes

Before the fall, you might say. This game would probably be better if she was in it more, that DLC was pretty good.

Harley Quinn
Information - Bio - Attributes

Shockingly competent after Joker's left the scene. Maybe someone was holding her back?

Jason Todd
Information - Bio - Attributes

Probably the most disliked Robin, considering he was voted off. I still think Stephanie Brown did a worse job.

Information - Bio - Attributes

Well that went quickly. HI HUSH BYE HUSH

Information - Bio - Attributes

That could have gone worse, really!

Information - Bio - Attributes


Professor Pyg
Information - Bio - Attributes

It's like someone looked at Mr. Zsasz and said "we can do better". I'd say he's cut your skin off and wear it kind of creepy, but Batman already has one of those villains.

Red Hood
Information - Bio - Attributes

Everyone who knows some stuff about Batman probably saw this one coming.

Deacon Blackfire
Information - Bio - Attributes

Callouts to C-listers like this guy are something I've always liked about the Arkham series.

Information - Bio - Attributes

He's back. Don't get your hopes up.

Thomas and Martha Wayne
Information - Bio - Attributes

Still dead.

Vicki Vale
Information - Bio - Attributes

I guess this qualifies as a cameo? She's pretty much just there for the ending and...that's it.
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