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by dscruffy1

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Original Thread: The Real Arkham Horror. Let's Play Batman: Arkham Origins



The Batman: Arkham games are a good series for good people. Rocksteady Studios managed to do something even Superman couldn't do: make a satisfying superhero game that's actually faithful to the hero in question, and it's still a very good gaming experience. Arkham Asylum in 2009 and Arkham City in 2011 garnered multiple Game of the Year awards for very good reasons.

Arkham Origins is neither of those games.

Batman: Arkham Origins is the 2013 prequel for Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Developed by Warner Brothers Games Montreal, many things changed and many things stayed the same but a little worse. Don't let me throw you off too much, Arkham Origins is solidly okay. But it's not up to the standard set by Asylum and City. Most of the additions to the game are well done, but the base framework is unpolished. There's quite a few baffling bugs that sometimes throw the playability into question, such as sinking into the ground in the middle of a combat challenge map. The PS3 version I had crashed whenever I use the fast travel system at launch. And there's also 3v3v2 multiplayer for reasons, which I won't be doing anything with.

I won't might be getting 100% but this game doesn't really deserve it. I will be doing all of the side missions, including the Riddler challenges (yeah he's back). I will try to complete the Dark Knight Challenge System but I make no promises. I will be doing all of the challenge maps, probably a good mix with different characters. I'll also be doing the DLC, Cold Cold Heart.


A (Prison) Break/Polsy

The Enigma Riddle/Polsy

Loose Lips Gets Kicks/Polsy

Vigilante Piracy/Polsy

A Stroke Of Danger/Polsy

Lacey Things/Polsy

Bringing Order To Anarky/Polsy

GCPD Blue/Polsy

Escape From New Gotham/Polsy

Unboxing Day/Polsy

Man Of Many Hat/Polsy

No One That Matters/Polsy

Shiva Me Timbers/Polsy

Steel Cut Bats/Polsy

Weird Coppery Taste/Polsy

Another Shot From The Dark/Polsy

The Worst Rides/Polsy

A Baneful Experience/Polsy

Meanwhile, At Blackgate.../Polsy

Towering Failures/Polsy

Cosmetic Masque/Polsy

A Swift Aside/Polsy

A Little Bird Told Me/Polsy - Blackmail tapes: Bane 1

Battle On The Big Bridge/Polsy

A Prison Break...In?/Polsy

The Final Insult/Polsy

Setting The Table/Polsy

Enigma Escapades/Polsy with Discendo Vox - Cyrus Pinkney diaries

Enigmatic Escapes/Polsy with SaffronKit

Enigma Solved/Polsy

The Extortion Tapes/Polsy

Cool Party/Polsy

The Ice Age/Polsy

Ice To Meet You/Polsy

A Cold Reception/Polsy

Challenge Mode

Combat Challenge: Intensive Training/Polsy with Batman

DLC Predator Challenge: No Money Down/Polsy with Bruce Wayne

Predator Challenge: Breaking In/Polsy with The Long Halloween Batman

Combat Challenge: 25 To Life/Polsy with Deathstroke

Campaign Challenge: Siege/Polsy with Injustice Deathstroke

Combat Challenge: Overflow/Polsy with Bruce Wayne

Predator Challenge: Easy Money/Polsy with Deathstroke

DLC Campaign Challenge: Rite Of Passage/Polsy with Bruce Wayne

DLC Combat Challenge: Hundred To One/Polsy with Black Lantern Corps Batman

DLC Combat Challenge: Lot Full/Polsy with Vigilante Bruce Wayne

Predator Challenge: Checking Out/Polsy with Red Son Batman

Combat Challenge: Panorama/Polsy with Judas Contract Deathstroke

Predator Challenge: Quiet Waters/Polsy with Batman: Noel

Predator Challenge: Wrecking Crew/Polsy with Batman, Dark Knight Of The Round Table

Combat Challenge: Death Sentence/Polsy with Gotham By Gaslight Batman

Predator Challenge: Hard Time/Polsy with Thrillkiller Batman

Combat Challenge: Panopticon/Polsy with New 52 Graphic Batman

Campaign Challenge: Destroyer/Polsy with Bruce Wayne

Campaign Challenge: Gothic/Polsy with The Dark Knight Batman

Campaign Challenge: Cataclysm/Polsy with First Appearance Batman

Campaign Challenge: Shadow of The Bat/Polsy with Brightest Day Batman

Campaign Challenge: Dark Knight, Dark City/Polsy with Earth-2 Batman

Campaign Challenge: War On Crime/Polsy with Earth-2 Dark Knight


Miscellaneous tags and info

I'm going to forget about most of these as they come up, I apologize in advance.

Ace Chemicals
Amertek Industries
Carmine Hotel
Dixon Docks
Furniture Company
GCPD New Gotham Precinct
Gotham Casino
Gotham City Cinema
Gotham City Daily
Gotham City News
Gotham City Royal Hotel
Gotham Light And Power
Gotham Merchant's Bank
Lacey Towers
Mendo Soap
Monarch Theater
Hamilton Hill
Sionis Steel Mill
Soder Cola
Solomon Wayne Courthouse
Trident Labs
Wayne Enterprises
Wonder Tower

Crypt of Cyrus Pinkney
Cyrus Pinkney School Of The Arts
Gotham Rail
Jezebel Theater
Old Gotham Cathedral
Pioneers Bridge
Pioneers Statue - Jezebel Plaza
Solomon Wayne Courthouse Statue

Character Bios

Bruce Wayne
Info - Notes - Profile

Billionaire not-yet playboy and philanthropist. An angry young man with a grudge against the world. Voiced by Roger Craig Smith this time around.

Info - Notes - Profile 1 - Profile 2

The cowl that Gotham fears. Dangerous vigilante, if you believe the stories. Probably a myth. Psh whatever, our brave boys in blue don't need his help anyway.

Info - Notes - Profile

Ever-loyal Alfred, the Wayne family butler. Not sold on this "Batman" thing. Believes young Master Wayne would be better off enjoying Christmas ham.

Warden Joseph
Info - Notes - Profile 1 - Profile 2

A non-dedicated city servant. Probably just trying to get his pension and put his kids through college. Compromised morals and eyeball.

Calendar Man
Info - Notes - Profile

Gotham's favorite (only, surprisingly) holiday killer. Also known as "won't be seen past the first video man".

Vicki Vale
Info - Notes - Profile

One of Gotham's citizenry not currently on the take. A young reporter with a hot head and weird "conscience" issues with her news stories.

Black Mask
Info - Notes - Profile 1 - Profile 2

One of Gotham's crime lords. Not a big fan of the Batman. Facebook profile lists "torture" under hobbies. No other hobbies listed.

Commissioner Loeb
Info - Notes - Profile

The wrong man for the wrong job. Corrupt as a Warcraft character. Probably the reason the police department is as corrupt as it is, trickle-down corruption.

Killer Croc
Info - Notes - Profile

The first of eight assassins hired to kill the Batman. Needs dental work. Must have done some workout and bulking up between now and Arkham Asylum.

Info - Notes - Profile

Super-l33t 720 no-scope sniper. Skilled, arrogant, deadly. Cockiness will be his downfall. Probably!

Info - Notes - Profile

A would-be ninja. Heightened speed, strength, and perception. Skilled with a variety of weapons. Military super-soldier program gone wrong, but not Captain America wrong.

Info - Notes - Profile

Street-tough turned...street tough. Not a real high profile assassin but when you've got the touch, you've got the power.

Info - Notes - Profile

A new twist on an old favorite. Copperhead's an assassin who's normally known as a man. Recognizable from cartoon series as a guy dressed up as a snake.

Info - Notes - Profile

A man with a jetpack and a flamethrower. It's about as dangerous and effective as you'd think. Despite being a guy who gets off on fire, not super creepy.

Lady Shiva
Info - Notes - Profile

Martial Arts master named after the Hindu god of destruction. One of Bruce Wayne's teachers. Card-carrying member of the League of Assassins.

Info - Notes - Profile

Luckily, a Knightfall take on Bane. Criminal mastermind. HUGE. Runs a gang who all want the gift of Venom. Just maybe they'll get it!

Info - Notes - Profile

Some mysterious man with some mysterious vendetta against Gotham and the Batman.

Info - Notes - Profile

Cockney as all hell. Proper naughty. A berk out for bees and honey. Penguin's second in command.

Info - Notes - Profile

The result of the economic downturn. Serves as one of Penguin's assistants. Job probably doesn't have many perks.

Info - Notes - Profile

A short crime boss with a tall shadow. Has his fingers on the pulse of Gotham's underworld. Currently in an arms race with...everyone.

Alberto Falcone
Info - Notes - Profile

The heir apparent of the Falcone crime family. Nervous and hesitant at best. Refugee from a chopped storyline from the Long Halloween.

Info - Notes - Profile

Liberal/Marxist/Communist/Anarchist/really angry at this city man. Surprisingly strong hand-to-hand combatant! Has been known to help Batman. Rarely.

Captain Gordon
Info - Notes - Profile

You know him, you love him, he hates Batman. A good cop on the right side of the law, he doesn't take kindly to Batman's vigilantism.

Info - Notes - Profile

A valued member of GCPD SWAT and corrupt to the core. With Commissioner Loeb gone his prospects are uncertain, but he'll do his best to find a new one.

Ricky "Loose Lips" Leblanc
Info - Notes - Profile

One of the Penguin's gun-runners. Considers himself a somewhat of a gun sommelier. Might have an idea of what he's talking about but y'know, whatevs.

Barbara Gordon
Info - Notes - Profile

Captain Gordon's daughter. Maybe adopted, depending on the continuity. A smart gal with a good head on her shoulders. Totally crushing on Batman.

Mad Hatter
Info - Notes - Profile

Look at this man. Just look at him. Now look away, it is not a pretty sight. Just replace the bio pic with a fedora and you're good.

The Joker
Info - Notes - Profile 1 - Profile 2

The game would love to tell you more about him but it's having trouble talking around the Joker's dick in its mouth.

Cyrus Pinkney
Info - Notes - Profile

An architect responsible for most of the Gothic influence in Gotham City. Contemporary of previous Cobblepots and Waynes.

Info - Notes - Profile

One of Bane's three lieutenant's from the comics. Taught Bane everything he knew about Gotham in Santa Prisca. Sort of an odd choice!

Harvey Bullock
Info - Notes - Profile

A crooked cop but probably not a totally bad guy. Captain Gordon's partner. A man who holds the Batman in contempt.

Harleen Quinzel
Info - Notes - Profile

A junior psychologist working at Blackgate Prison. Responsible for the psych report sending Calendar Man to the gas chamber.

Miscellaneous Extras

Hobgoblin2099 helpfully collated all the game over screens! (Firefly) (Bane) (Cold Cold Heart) (Kirigi) ("Black Mask") (Killer Croc) (Enigma) (Penguin) (Deathstroke) (Anarky) (Howard Branden) (Mad Hatter) (The Joker) (Shiva) (Copperhead) (Deadshot)

Hobgoblin2099 posted:

My favorite gifmaker Mzbundifund commemorates a few moments.

Mzbundifund posted:

Gotham Space Program

Mzbundifund posted:


Mzbundifund posted:

I find your lack of faith disturbing

Tuxedo Ted finds Batman's first attempts at high altitude.

Tuxedo Ted posted:

Up, up, and away!

Kloro identifies a few choice moments.

Kloro posted:

All of this is ignoring the real reason we can't touch the Joker. He's got diplomatic immunity.

Kloro posted:

"Rewind. Enhance."

Rigged Death Trap notices Batman is vulnerable to people playing possum.

Rigged Death Trap posted:

"Oh god oh god im still concious please dont notice please please please"
Gorilla Salad identifies Batbot.

Gorilla Salad posted:

In the final cutscene with Alfred, it looks like Batman has smoke coming out of his neck.

It's supposed to be his breath, but it's definitely not coming out of his mouth.

Crabtree remembers a day when Batman was a stone cold killer.

Crabtree posted:

Look, people in the 1930s were intimidated/impressed a lot more easier than people of today. The man in that costume also went around killing thugs left and right. You ever hear of the Mad Monk? No? Well that's because after realizing he was a wizard and a vampire, Batman figured he'd never take him out in a real fight and just murdered him in his sleep.

Kal-L reminds us of Joker's Patriotism.

Kal-L posted:

Say what you want about Joker. At least he's not a filthy Nazi!

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